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  1. Thanks Scouter99. Yes, agreed, I may be giving more weight to the word "and". However, my troop does not allow MB session without two adults (i.e. "two deep leadership") and I am trying to find something in writing that says MB counselor and just youth (and a minimum of two is possible at times) is acceptable for a merit badge class in a private setting at our unit's meeting place. I have not found it yet. I have found policy statements that are close but nothing definitive.
  2. TSS_Chris, with all due respect, I think you are taking great liberties with how you are interpreting this very specific statement regarding Youth Protection and Safe Scouting. To say this doesn't apply to me because of some other situation that you "think" this is referencing is inaccurate. A personal meeting is really just a conversation between two people. It does not have to be about a discipline issue. It could be a personal discussion about how the scout was going to accomplish a specific MB requirement. And it would be covered under this policy statement regarding one-on-one cont
  3. Thanks Tim in NJ. However, the Safe Scouting policy is still contradictory. "One-on-one contact between adults and youth members prohibited. In any situation requiring a personal meeting, such as a Scoutmaster's conference, the meeting is to be conducted in view of other adults and youths" My read of this says the meeting is to be conducted in view of other adults AND youth. This implies an adult is necessary and mandatory. It does not say "other adults OR youth". Am I missing something?
  4. Can someone point me to a definitive answer on this question - Can a Merit Badge Counselor meet separately with two youth working on a MB (i.e. no other adults) each acting as the others "buddy"? I realize this is not the ideal situation however logistically it is very helpful at this time with limited adult help. The Merit Badge counselor instructions state the all meeting between Scout and Counselor must include a buddy which can be a parent, relative, or friend - adult or youth is acceptable. However, Youth Protection states that you need two adults at all times. Can someone
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