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  1. Hi Eagle Foot What ever you choose, stay or not, you have improved the program by bringing this problem up front. I hope you stay. My prayers and thoughts are this burdon will be taken off of you. Barry
  2. Hi Bob Good discussion. On the First year scouts to first class, you push pretty hard for the SM to control this part of the Scouts experience. But I think this is off topic and we can continue it under a different subject. On the Youth Protection, there we several different responses to the one question. Most gave the same text reference to their own answer, but no one seem to have THE answer and it was left to how each individual interpret the text and their training. I think this is the best you can expect nationally and I think that is expected by National as well. So if w
  3. >>I have never seen an eagle factory that was lead by youth. Eagle factories are the by-product of adult egotism. You cannot have the majority of your scouts working on the same merit badges at the same time, and running merit badge classes during troop meetings while making any claim to being a functioning scouting program.
  4. >>A good trainer teaches the BSA program not the program they lead as a leader.>or if they did get chosen, the topics they presented were controlled by the training coordinator.
  5. >>When the boys know there is always going to be an adult there to "bail them out" or worse, override their decisions, they tend to get lazy or disinterested.
  6. >>Why do you think homosexuals should or should not be banned from Scouting?
  7. >>. I also think it builds more positive relationships between the youths and adults. Shouldn't "...help other people at all times..." apply to us, too?
  8. >>Just look at the wide variety of methods expressed on this board from similarly trained leaders all using the same book. The reason I believe is that too many trainers each alter the course "just a little" then the person who is trained alters it a little more, and so on down the line until what happens at the unit level resembles scouting in uniform only.
  9. $89.99 at Campmor. A little pricy for a stove and we only bought two at first to try them out. But after six month testing by the Venture Patrol, we got one for every patrol. Well worth it. They make up for the prices that you can use them for your high-adventure treks. We had so many problems with the Coleman Dual-Fuel Camping stoves. We had several fires from over pumping where no one was hurt, but they sure woke us up. We converted to propane for safey, but they still seem to require constant maintenance. We had to take a spare every campout. About thsi time the troop wanted to get aw
  10. HI We also use the 2 burner Expeditions. Our Troop converted to Troop Light five years ago to get rid of the patrol boxes. We wanted to be a troop that could pack everyting to our campouts. We have use seven of these stoves every month for four years. They have also been to Philmont, Pecos Wilderness, Spanish Peaks and a few other Backpaking treks, Northern tier Canoe trips and loaned out for personal campouts. They have worked well at 12000 ft and 10 degrees below zero. They have been stepped on, kick on, tossed around, left in the rain and dropped in the lake and all seven of our
  11. >>Small Scouts & big knives don't mix well.
  12. Good Morning Ed. What safety issue do they state? I once ask a camp director in another council about the sheath knife restriction. He said it was a Council Policy and did not know why. Nothing was said about safety. We once had a discussion on the safety issue of sheaths hanging on belts, but it was brought out that many adults and scouts are allowed to wear the pocket tools, even flash lights in sheaths. I not challenging you Ed, but saying safety doesnt make sense. I feel it must only be a response to image. I rarely carry a knife and only a small pocket knife if Im alone in
  13. Hi Purcelce We had a district that did something like this under the backpacking theme. All the patrols got up, packed up and hiked to different events with the last event setting up camp again. I wasn't there, so I don't remember the events or how they judge the scouts, but each patrol got in a two or three miles in the day at Slippery Fall Scout Ranch. It was planned and led by backpacking Ventruing Crews. Scouting Cheers Barry
  14. >>The summer camp we attend has a ban on sheath knives.
  15. I saw where the question was specific to Bob White and Desteele. I was not trying to grandstand, so please accept my apology. I await your wisdom as well. Scouting cheers. Barry
  16. Hi All We all agree that the best YP is two deep. That was not fboisseau's question and I wanted to understand National's intent because his question effects us at so many levels. I asked a trainer lastnight and she siad this: These discussions need to include Merit Badge Counseler training because it doesn't teach 2 deep leadership, but that a scout needs a buddy. TWO-DEEP leadership applies ONLY to trips and Outings. YOUTH PROTECTION applies all the time. TWO-DEEP says there must be 2 adults present for trips and outing. YOUTH PROTECTION says that an adult mus
  17. Hi all Along with some of the ideas already mentioned, in the last six months of our Webelos program, I had my Webelos meetings at the same time and place as the troop. I did it with the intentions to get the Webelos more comfortable with Boy Scouts. The only time the Webelos and Scouts were together was for openings where the Webelos would stand in formation as their own Patrol. After that we seperated from the troop and did our own program. My Webelos were surprised to learn that the Troop openings were almost identical with their own openings they had been doing for the last year.
  18. Hi mk When I was new to scouting and naive, I used to think the SM was THE position with the most influence on the scouts. Since then I've learn the adults behind the Scoutmaster who see the big picture and think outside the box are the real influences in great troop programs. I wished I had you standing with me when I we were blazing trail. They cant see it yet, but like the new super-fast rollercoaster ride that we hesitate to get on, everyone will be smiling from ear to ear when its over. Your troop will never be the same. Man I love Scouting Stuff. Barry
  19. >>During the meeting the SM acts as the Sargent at Arms. He or she is there to make sure that no one interrupts the flow of the meeting and to insure the rules of Scouting are not violated.
  20. I feel this is a PC issue. More of perception than utility. A boy walking around with his knife strapped to his side is not as PC as the scout with a knife hidden in the pocket. There is the percpetion that sheath knives a much bigger than the folding knives. I carry one of each while hunting and my sheath is very small and light. I use it when I need a tool put under a lot of stress like hides or bone. My experiences with scouts and knives is that sheath knives are safer than folding knives. When used under a lot of stress, some cheap folding knives can fold back into the fingers o
  21. Webeloree, that's kind of hard to say. I'll bet it is the same thing. We have great success with it when planned well and it's basically Troops demonstrating and teaching skills to the Webelos in a Camporee setting. We've had a few Webelos Woods (Webeloree) that were ran better than our Camporee and the Troops felt were more fun. Of course that is a different issue. Many districts use Webelorees to train adults while the scouts are working with their Webelos. Barry
  22. >>Wouldn't you rather see Webelos at a Camporee on council property getting to see scout skills being performed as a competition than taking them on a primitive campout in the boonies with a latrine trowel and running them away for good?
  23. Wonderful Day All I had an interesting experience this morning. We took my almost 13-year-old daughter to the bus for camp. Not a scout camp, a church camp. I know, I forgot too. There are other camps besides scout camps. Anyway, this is the first time in a long time that I was not one of the adults in charge or responsible for this group, much less even going. I was just a parent standing and waiting for the bus to shut its doors and leave the parking lot. It was fun watching from the other side. Same as scouts, there are two different groups huddled together laughing and talking at worl
  24. HI MG Dsteel beat me to the punch. As a parent you are obligated to protect your son, and I blieve the other scouts in your Troop. In a similar situation, we had an adult who knew he had a bad temper. But he felt his actions toward scouts (physical and mental abuse) was not over the edge because the SM was the only adult confronting him. Since the Troop Committee appeared not supporting the SM, he thought they didnt feel his behavior to be dangerous or abusive and the SM was just over reacting. The problem with the CC was hoping the problem would go away because this adult was a ver
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