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  1. >>Wish I could share the eggs with you all.
  2. >>Woodbadge is not to train you how to run a troop it is to develop leadership skills. Not Scout Leadership skills. >In all due respect, the proglem is not that the Wood Badge course is missing the target, the problem is you misunderstand what the target is. >Experience can only build confidence if the individual has a thourough understanding of the tools and what they are supposed to be accomplishing with them. Bad experience can even help make a better leader, but only if they recognize that it was a bad experience.
  3. Hi All I'm a little lost on what National wants of WB. When I ask, I get different answers. I did not think the old Boy Scout Wood Badge contributed much to helping adults run a troop. I had fun and took away a few new ideas from the old course but I went in with several years of Troop experience and was only looking to build on my experiece. It was not a mountain top experience, but an addition of training. I feel Wood Badge was design for those with some experience to bring perspective to their WB experience. On the other hand the Cub Scout WB sounded more like the type a of train
  4. Aero Engineer for the Research Division of the FAA. Barry
  5. >>If you do not know what the troop needs, your ticket is going to have to be written either for the council or the Cub Scout side. You would have to be in a troop for at least a year to see what needed to be improved.changed/fixed. I would suggest you wait
  6. >>The trouble spot is middle school. Middle school (ages 12-14) is the time when "coolness" becomes life.
  7. >>If we could register another dozen men like him the program would be infinitely better off. But I really don't know where we could find even one more, at least right now.
  8. >>Putting people into the class on a mandatory basis would only serve to alter the Sprit of Wood Badge in a less than positive manner.>Maybe there is a SM or SPL for woodbadge reading this and can take my criticisms and use them to make their program better.
  9. >I think having a female den leader makes the boys learn respect for women. My cubs treat me with the greatest respect as I do them. < Hi All When I reverse roles and think about my daughter learning how to be a woman of character and integrity from a man, I cringe. I have no desire even attempting letting her learning womanhood from a man. We humans learn 80 to 90 percent of our behaviors from those we see and want to duplicate. A boy will respect the woman for her skills, but that will not have the same impact on him as man with the same skills because we naturally duplicate the
  10. Hi all I agree, the course is well worth the price and I have applied it to my own personal life. But, we have been told that eventually any adult who wants to be a SM will be required to take the course. Boy, I know some SMs in parts of Oklahoma that can't handle that cost. Can the perceived cost prevent good adults from considering the job? If the course eventally becomes required, I believe something will have to be considered at the Council level. I don't know what, maybe scholarships, discounts or even free admitance for the SM. It's a tough call for me because I think this new
  11. I just got a good deal on the Dana Design Glacier Internal Frame Pack from Northern Mountain. It is a $300 pack for $179 and well worth it. But we went on a Philmont shakedown last week and I borrowed a Dana Design Terraframe for my son who outgrew his Jansport. During the hike, he complained the Terraframe was too small, so we traded packs. Wow, Very comfortable and now I'm thinking I should have saved $80 and bought it instead of my internal Frame. I've also notice that Sierra Trading Post was selling the Kelty Tioga for around $85. That is another great pack for about half the price. I
  12. >>What I would like to know is why woodbadge cost is so highcompared to other similar length courses. Can someone explain a basic breakdown on course costs?
  13. >>Many kids just don't know what it is about. It needs to be packaged and sold. Good grief, people used to buy Pet Rocks because of advertising. If you can sell a rock, you can sell scouting
  14. >>As for wearing a uniform so as to not be hassled, if wearing a uniform is a hassle, then the discipline and pride question just answered itself.
  15. >>Maybe my 38 years of military experience has warped my thinking, but a uniform should make a statement. It should be a source of pride and discipline.>I definitely agree with the MANDATORY and AFFORDABLE.
  16. >>The jackhammer seems to be a straight forward case of safety. You have to intervene as a scouter, as a parent you have to intervene if your own kid is involved.
  17. Hi 1hour In general adults should only aid a any scout's performance in anything he does when his maturity and experience isn't enough to attempt the task. You said the Troop Guide does seem to have control, so it sounds like he is OK. Where you and other adults may be needed is in helping the TG learn and develop his job. One idea would be to meet a half hour before of after the meetings to ask the TGs how they are doing. Let them talk and express themselves. Then help them think of ideas to improve. Let's say all three TGs are having trouble controlling the scouts. Give them two d
  18. Hi All Some good advice is being given. I am surprised though, I have never heard of a scout being asked to leave along with the parents. I agree, I think only the COR can ask you leave, and it make sense that council has to be notified. But to ask the scout to leave? Is there more to this story? Barry
  19. Hi All One common misconception that comes to mind is many of the Scoutmasters in our District sign merit badge cards after the scouts completed the requirements. Policy is the SM signs it before the scout calls and meets the counselor. Barry
  20. Hi I'm a little confused, but I think you are asking if you should fill the empty slot with an adult or scout. I'm always for giving a scout a wonderful experience, but I also enjoy giving a father the opportunity to watch his son in action. You need to evaluate if the adult will add or take away from the crews experience. I had three crews go to Philmont three years ago. Two of the three crews had complaints about the adults. In one crew, five scouts quit our troop after the trek. Yes, he was that bad. The one crew that had no problems only had two adults who were not active l
  21. You can also check out this site to see if it has something that will work for you. http://users.aol.com/coffeeweb/LO/pl.htm Barry
  22. Well I was hopeing. This is a big issue around here. A local church had a van that crashed and killed several youth on their on a Mexico Mission Trip. It appears the driver feel asleep. While it was no fault of his own, the organizer of that trip is a father of three scouts in our Troop. We have a large group of older scouts and we had to set some kind of policy the adults could feel comfortable with. Our CC felt certain she saw a BSA policy of 21 somewhere but couldn't find it. Kind of hits close to me. My older son is almost 20 and was thinking he'd help drive to Philmont this summer. He wil
  23. >>but not with other scouts in the car,unless they are over 21 and are listed on the tour permit.
  24. I've been on a couple forums for about 8 years, I hope you don't mind some ideas from them. -SPL handing out advancment patches to scouts at end of meetings. -SPL introducing scouts to the BOR. -Troop Guide Program -New Scout ASM -Older scout program -Camping without Patrol Boxes. -Night Camporee Barry
  25. Heres the deal, Boy run and the three aims only works when scouts are mature enough to learn from their experience, good or bad. I liken this situation to putting a 12 year old in charge of a mature boy run troop 80 scouts. Nothing good would come out of that because the 12 year old doesn't have the maturity or experience to learn from his performance. Most folks who know me call me a boy run activist, so it's not that I am against boy run and letting the methods work. Truth is the methods work best when there are role models to demonstrate the program. We learn 80 to 90 percent of our b
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