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  1. We use to use and liked the timberlines. Good quality, easy to set up and you can backpack with them. But you won't see that many used by troops in Oklahoma because they don't hold well in our big winds. We really liked the Timberline 4 and the back door is great, but that one is so tall compared to it's footprint that it was impossible in the wind. Most Domes will hold up pretty good in the winds. The couple things we have learned from the different tents we used are get a four corner tent because the round ones waste a lot of space. When found that four scout can fit comfortably in a f
  2. >>A troop can complete the outdoor activity requirement for the Quality Unit award by doing a week at summer camp and 5 hikes, or other outdoor activities.
  3. >>Barry, I think I aught to leave defending you to you. Sorry if I've misrepresented you in any way. You haven't said that, but I know I've been acting as if I understand your position. Hope I wasn't too far off. Mark
  4. >>after reading my post then you missed the whole point of my post and I am quite chagrined and vexed in my inability to lucidly delineate the context of my essay.
  5. >>But please, can we get over myth FCFY demands artificial advancement?
  6. Great response Mark I agree with most of your reply. I don't know if what we really have here is conflict of presentations or respect of possible solutions. I do believe a forum is an avenue of presenting lots of ideas allowing the adult to determine the best possible solution to their situation. On this subject, Pack899 is concerned that the advancement is going to fast thus the quality of the program is not giving the boy the best possible program. There could be cause for concern if the scouts are not learning the skills that are presented in the advancement part of the program b
  7. >>Eagledad, Your entire post is based on a false premise.>Nowhere in the BSA resources or in any post I have ever written on this topic have I said anything that puts advancement before program.>I have begged for leaders to follow the program and the adventure and youth leadership promised them in the Boy Scout Handbook. If you provide the program that the Scout Handbook promises to boys the advancement would happen constantly and naturally>The vast majority of posts on this forum are from leaders who want to change the program or complain about the program, when in deed they
  8. >>BSA does not have any specs on ice climbing.
  9. >>Units that use it see the difference, units that don't whine that kids have to many conflicting activities.
  10. Ah! That makes since Rooster. Still, isn't our job to help them through their struggles. I'm one to not hide tempation, but help them develope the disapline to deal with it. I don't disagree with your approach, we all have our own styles of doing this scouting stuff. Thanks for the explination. One other question, I think I've seen our scouts with them, but what are these magic cards? Scouting Cheers Barry
  11. >>Second, I would not allow the game playing (Magic, cards, etc.) until after the last merit badge session.
  12. Hi all Dsteeles words are golden, read his post several times. I like summer camp for new scouts because it is really their first experience learning independence. The only rules that I asked our SPL to strickly enforce were to always have a buddy and let your PL know where you are at. Other than that, this is your place to learn, play, adventure and grow. Let me ask, why are you worried about down time? What do you think down time is? One persons passion to fish is another to watch the clouds. Encourage the older scouts to work with the younger ones on advancment, but as dsteele poi
  13. Wow Sharon, I just read your last post. I think your Troop choose their SM wisely. I love this Scouting stuff. Barry
  14. >>When a Scout is told to police the area around his tent and says, "No" is that the same as when a Scout is told to like the SPL's boots and says, "No"?
  15. >>My question, in this long diatribe, is HOW do you train the parents to allow the SM to handle the situation when it arises at a troop function/event? HOW do you teach the boys the Golden Rule when the parents of said boys have no conscience? HOW do I teach the boys hazing is wrong--and not a joke?
  16. Good Scouting Morning All When a boy says no, that is when the line has been drawn. The Philmont staff was showing there frustration this year because back country staffs can nolonger require the trash being dropped off to be condenced to very small sizes. They were told that such a request was on the verge of hazing. Of course it's alway someone who has gone too far the forces such a change. Apparently some staff were intertained by tearing the small bundles appart and ordering the crews to start over. Scouting Cheers Barry
  17. Hi Dan We've been to Quetico twice and love it. I hope you get a boat ride to Hook Island, that is fun also and it sure helps you get a good start. Be sure and say hi to Canadan Ranger for us. She is interesting to say the least. Mark explained how we also select crew leaders. Usually its the guy who pushed the idea of the trek in the first place. In your case if one hasn't been selected, I usually ask a scout who I think is capable, but needs leadership experience. He needs to understand the responsibility and the pressure that goes along with it. It can be a long week for someone
  18. >>My frustration last night had more to do with parents blaming ADD or ADHD for their childs behavior.
  19. >>you are not doing this boy or his family a favor by sweeping it under the rug. I guarantee you, his outburst/plea for attention will be louder and possibly more dangerous the next time.
  20. Hi Mark It's been a little while, but my understanding is that 16 is the only BSA restriction which you can find on the tour permit. Any other restriction is a unit restriction. Our Troop has a 21 rule which prevented my 20 year old son from driving to Philmont this year. I think your son is legal at 16 and above to take anyone as far as the BSA is concerned. Check you personal insurance. Barry
  21. Hi Laurie Our guys have been trained to expect their favorite meal, usually ribs for our older son, and Chineese for the younger son. And sleep as long as they want the next day. I have been trained to expect other things, but this is about the boys. Hope to hear some great stories. You must be a wonderful mom. Barry
  22. >>So,until FOG either changes his behavior (which I do not expect), or until Terry and the other board operators choose to rid us of FOG again (as they did when he violated the board rules before), I see no need to continue to feed him on this board.
  23. >>I wish our council still did the WRC the way they do in your council. Unfortantly our council built this really nice Cub Camp next to the Boy Scout camp and now the WRC program has been trashed.
  24. My daughters pillow. We worked out a deal a few years ago where I would take something of hers so she could feel included on troop on campouts. It started as a Snow White pillow. Now its just little flowers. I love this scouting stuff. Barry
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