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  1. Hi all Quality or Quantity is pretty much up to the unit leader. In most cases the adults control how the scout works toward Eagle. That is a given and it's been that way since the beginning of Boy Scouts. But what has changed is direction of National on our program. Until 20 or so years ago, scouting was about skills and leadership. Use to, scouts learned skills to be good leaders and those who wanted more (about 2% of the population) went on to get Eagle. I remember well when First Class rank was considered it's own honor because that was proof of maturity in the troop. Now it means the
  2. >>As long as National encourages and does not require, we will not look like a BSA training video. I'd like to have a fully-uniformed Troop, but without a BSA hammer, it's only wishful thinking.
  3. >>"Two-deep leadership. Two registered adult leaders or one registered leader and a parent of a participant, one of whom must be 21 years of age or older, are required on all trips and outings.
  4. Good morning All A lot is always assumed and said from adults about scouts should wear the Uniform. Sometimes we can get a different perspective on things by asking the same questions from in a different way. 1. Uniform is one of Eight Methods that help us work toward the Three Aims of Scouting, Character, Fitness and Citizenship. What traits of Character, or Fitness, or Citizenship does the Uniform help us give the boys? 2. I'm not sure how many here have read it, but the Scout Handbook section on Uniform tells the scout what a Full Uniform should have and when to wear it. If
  5. I can't but help feel that everything happened the way it did for a purpose. I love this scouting stuff. Barry
  6. Hi Rooster I am not sure I understand what you are saying. I worked differently with my SPL Rooster. First I will start by saying that out of the thousands of PLCs I've attended, I never saw one where the scouts discussed in some way hurting another scout. I'd be curious if someone on this forum has. As for always being present at the meeting, well I worked in the "teach them, trust them, let them go" style. If you don't trust your scouts to perform in an expected manner, then you train them until you build that trust. Eventually most SPLs master running meetings. The rest of the of
  7. >>If you take the position that only a parent can know what information is important, aren't transcripts of all our conversations the logical conclusion? Otherwise aren't you making a judgement as to what you do and don't tell a parent?
  8. >>MW, what if your disclosure resulted in the child receiving a severe beating from his father who tuned out to be a closet child abuser? You had no idea about the father, but the child knew, and thats why the child came to you.
  9. >>I would violate that confidence therefore not being trustworthy. And to me, my word is far more important that a rule.
  10. Hi All There is another part of this that needs to be looked at. The adult has to be seen as the person of wisdom. Wisdom being lifes experiences. I know from experience that boys will have a higher respect for that wisdom when they know its limits. One of the limits is no secrets from the parents. I don't even feel it's a "don't ask don't tell" type thing, it's a moral relationship. A policy of no secrets actually takes away barriers and opens up the SM and scout relationship. While many here think scouts will view this as the adult telling on the scout, I found the boys viewed the relat
  11. >> Cooking on stoves is here to stay, but knowing how to build a fire and cook on it is pretty important and not as basic as it may seem.
  12. >>Needless to say our troop of soon to be Tenderfoot scouts beat these "older Scouts" hands down.
  13. Hi David Lots of great ideas. Eagle74 gave you a great start. I will point out the first one, even the second annual planning are the hardest because it's. It can be hard for the SPL to maintain control when he doesn't exactly know what to expect, so keep the expectations of this one very simple. 1.You may not see it this first time, but as you grow you will see that goals are the rails that keep good program and track. Bob gave good advice to start with goals. I would suggest for this first time, have your PLC set only a few goals so that you guys dont get lost in the details of wha
  14. My SM had a way of getting me set higher goals. I liked myself when I was around him. When I got my job at the FAA in 1995, my building was across the street from him. But when I looked him up, he had passed away six months before. Barry
  15. >>Mark: >>I wish everyone saw it your way and did what your troop >>does. Most do take the summer "off." I wish it were >>otherwise. Like Mark, I'm a little surprise also. We take a week off after summer camp. Otherwise it's pretty much business as usual. This is typical for most of the units in our area. We may change the meeting agenda when the Venture Crews are out because that's usually most of the PLC. This is very interesting. Have a great weekend. Barry
  16. Camp Slippery Falls in Oklahoma Camp Arrowhead in Missouri Camp Pioneer in Arkansas Camp Alexander in Colorado Camp Frank Rand in New Mexico We learn a lot about Camp Spanish Peaks in Colorado while using it for a backpacking base camp. A Kansas Council owns that one. Our Troop is going to Camp Hale in Oklahoma this year while I'm at Philmont. Barry
  17. Eagledad

    New books

    Hi All >>Ah, yes the 13th point of the Scout law for adults - be flexible.>Let's just say that I love the scouting where the rubber hits the road. I enjoy inter-acting with the volunteers who are doing what's best for the boys. I respect the heck out of the national and regional offices, but I'l stick to local council operations. The good, the bad, and the ugly.
  18. Eagledad

    New books

    Happy Days All Does anyone know if there are any changes to the advancment requirments or a 180 degree shift in the context of the material. If not, I don't think you have much of a problem. When the Boys Scouts changed their books, they looked completely different and the order of the topics changed. However the context of topics and subjects changed very little. If the advancment requirements don't change in the Cub books, I don't think a scout buying the old book this year will have be a big problem. I would suggest that the den leader ask all the scouts in the den get the same book to
  19. Great advice Ed. Also you guys need training. I know, everyone says that. However I'm not saying that because I'm compnay guy, but more because I was once where you were at. The first thing we did was Eds advice, close all accounts and start over. Then we looked for help and training. You need to learn the business end of your Pack program pretty fast. Sign up for training, that is a given. But I would also suggest you find another Pack with a solid program and ask them for little guidence. District and council training are important, but a big brother is worth it's weight in gold.
  20. >>Why assume that character and integrity are gendered?>Surely it's not that we (as a society) take character and integrity for granted in women and find it so rare in men that we have to hunt for examples! :-)
  21. >>Don't be afraid to totally "roll your own". If you have a solid camping program, you can do this!
  22. Have you looked at the Pecos trek sponcered by Camp Frank Rand. Our scouts feel Pecos was best and most challenging backpacking trek our Venture Patrols have done. Rand gives you a guide with any patrol gear you don't have. You can add or take what ever gear you prefer. They get their food from Philmont. The Pecos Wilderness is very large, so you can pick as challenging Trek as you want. And there is some routes with fishing. I don't think you will be disapointed. Great trek. Anther one we liked was Spanish Peaks at Camp Spanish Peak near Walsenburg Colorado. They also include a guide and
  23. Hi All Call your DE and ask if there is a troop these boys would fit in. We had a local troop that would take these boys, but it was not well known to the general public. A Troop like that may be waiting for your call. Barry
  24. Hi All One aspect of scouting I like to teach adults is that bad behavior is not a reflection of your program performance, How you work with the scout is. Adults should never take a scouts behavior personally. Bad behavior is part of scouting and are opportunities to be a scout leader, not embarrassments. Developing habits of behavior Is our Job. Behavior is the main product of Teach-me, Trust-me, Let-me Go. I learned that every time adults get excited about misbehavior, the scout is held less accountable because the adults take the burden on themselves. Its the scout's responsibility, le
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