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  1. My daughters pillow. We worked out a deal a few years ago where I would take something of hers so she could feel included on troop on campouts. It started as a Snow White pillow. Now its just little flowers. I love this scouting stuff. Barry
  2. Hi All I have experience on all sides of this subject. First, I agree the ideal number is about eight, give or take. As the CM of a pack of 100 scouts, I was always dealing with numbers. I had one group in which my younger son was part of, a soccer team of 12 boys who all wanted to be in the same den. From the experiences of other large dens, I pretty much insisted on a split. The parents of this group are pretty close and I found two that would each take a den with the help of the other parents. The parents and boys were still not happy about the split, so I told them if it didnt w
  3. Hi smaster101 I have worked with a few scouts like you desribe and the responses from the other adults here are very good. I can only add that I look for some outside interest that these guys enjoy and try to find or make up a troop job where they can apply that interest. I had one scout who absolutly hated scouts but was forced to come because his father had dreams of Eagle. After several months of struggling with this scout, I found he was a computer geek and asked him to work with our Web Page. From that time on he looked forward to attending every PLC meeting until he moved away a yea
  4. Hi sctmom This is the best place to recruit cubs. I was brought in a few years ago to train our packs the importance of recuiting at open house. You are getting the ideas to attract the scout which brings the parents. That's when you grab them and ask if they are part of the Cub Scout experience. Tell them the virtues of the program and get their information. I teach the leaders to have a information sheet ready to fill out. You want to get every family's address, cub age, phone number and one little box for you to check if the adults could be leaders. You need to ask the question if they
  5. >>I'd agree that the NSP practice is one that should be particular to the needs and size of the troop. It works in some circumstances, in others it might not.
  6. Hi All Just for the record, I got my pack down to 28 lbs. before water, crew gear and food. I think I did a pretty good job of getting down to only what I needed except I did take a camp chair, 20 ounces, a book to read which I didn't and a note pad for a log, which I didn't do very well. I did take Two pair of socks, three liners, two shorts and shirts. One pair of long pants which were my rain pants. One pair of polypro top and bottoms, and a fleese pullover. So what did I not use out of all the gear, well as I said, the book and note pad and the polypro top and bottom. But that i
  7. >>My point is just because it's in the text, does not mean it should work? But Since you have the responsibility to deliver the BSA scouting program shouldn't you make an attempt to know, understand, and use the program you were given to deliver?
  8. Hey Mike Where are you stopping thru the first night? Anywhere near OKC? Boundary Waters is one of our favorite treks. Using an outfitter are ya? Must be using kevlar. Barry
  9. >>It's the scouting program. It works, but only when you use it all. You cannot change the recipe and get the same meal. I see so many troops go back and forth trying different things to solve their problems. Their problem is they don't follow the program.
  10. >>We truly have some exceptional, caring, older scouts in our troop, and are very fortunate to have a way to retain them with the VP program.
  11. >>I am always amazed by SM who tell of the numbers of boys they lose to gasoline and girls, and yet when asked if they use the venture patrol they invariable say no. Even more interesting is the number who say they dislike it so much that they never tried it.
  12. >>He's now in the uncomfortable position of having to direct the activities of an older/higher-ranking Scout. Can they do it? Sure. Will the older Scout submit to his authority? Yeah.
  13. >>Barry I agree with most of what you said. The thing being that since we started a Venture Patrol within the troop about 6 months ago, we haven't lost any more older scouts.
  14. >>As Bob White has pointed out, there are Venture Patrols and there are Venturing Crews. A Venturing Crew is a BSA unit separate entirely of Boy Scouts. A Crew may be all male, all female or Coed.
  15. Hi All I have a saying that our district is starting to repeat. If you cant run a program without the Venture Patrol, what makes you think you can run one with a Venture Patrol? Please dont misunderstand, Im not a glass half-empty guy, but I believe that the proposed Troop Venture Patrol by National is the most destructive part of a troop program in the BSA because it is applied as a fix to a problem instead of an additional opportunity to enhance program. After a few years working with other troops, our district Venturing Chairman now agrees. Btps, you need to understand that a Tro
  16. >>you can go to any carpet store and buy a few feet of non-skid material. This is the stuff that carpet installers put underneath an area rug.
  17. >>We see the board of review differently. I see it as a review of what scouting has shared with the scout and what the scout has shared with scouting. Some see it as a challenge or gauntlet for the scout to run. Others use it to see if the scout can think on his feet.
  18. HI All You have to motivate scouts to do something, or not do something. We allow scout to talk so long as they don't disrupt other scouts. Once that happens, they get a warning. From there its a matter of creativity. The best thing that worked for me was a midnight hike. No one yells or gets upset, we just ask the scouts to get their shoes on and go for a hike. Along the way we talk about the stars, night critters and so on. Eventally at a quiet place far from camp (about a mile for me) we sit and spend a few minutes on Friendly, Curtious and Kind. And obediance. You know. Then we hike back
  19. Hi Bob, Thanks for the reply. >>I have never pushed hard for Scoutmasters to do the First Class emphasis program..... The BSA pushes hard for it..... I push hard for Scoutmasters to manage the BSA's program correctly.
  20. Hi All One of the adults in our crew was complaining how he keeps sliding off his Therm-a-rest. I've seen this brought up before, but since I don't use one, I don't remember how to fix that. Andy Ideas? Barry
  21. Hi Mike Just for fun, would you mind giving us your list for a 10 day trip. I would enjoy comparing. Do you have any tricks to shave a few ounces? Barry
  22. >>i feel like I shouldnt have to constantly remind them what they should be doing
  23. Hey thanks guys. I might be able to trim a little fat off that pack if I look hard, starting with an LCD flashlight. But I was just looking at the Philmont guide and it suggest 20 to 25 lbs with basically the same gear. They also suggest max pack weight to be 30% of my body weight. Hmmm, I think I feel my knees starting to hurt Mark. These are great days. I love this scouting stuff. Barry
  24. Hi All I've never weighed my pack in past yearse, but I guess I'm getting old and I'm watching the ounces a lot closer. Our Philmont crew met lastnight for a final pack check. Without water, food or Philmont crew gear, my pack weighs about 35 lbs. Is that good, average or bad? I'm guessing another 15 to 20 lbs for the rest from Philmont. Barry
  25. Hi Ryan Good Stuff Bob. Also, what is your program? Sixth graders require a busy FUN program, not long lecturing ones. Are you setting any kind of goals for the group? For example, what would you like to improve in your Patrols and patrol leaders? Setting up camp, breaking camp? Teach them how and then have games to see who does it the best and the fastest. Can they do this on their own or do they require a little pushing or pulling. What about meals, or knots or lashings. Pick a subject, I was just reading about orientation and five-mile hike. That can even be a meeting. So, sit down wit
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