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  1. This past weekend I had the privilege to meet the following patrols. the seven elevens (a combination of troop one and seventy one) the flying pink elephants the mad cows and the bavarian cornhuskers as well as 11 other patrols with common names.
  2. We tried to help move the local Salvation Army to thier new storefront, and got turned down because they thought they should pay workers for this?
  3. Years ago there were a lot of teachers registered, I know I got Woodworking and Personal Fitness through teachers. Woodworking covered all the req. just had to get a B in the class, and supply a blue card. Personal fitness was through a gym teacher,he had all the info through the Presidential PF program. They already have the work done, if they would be willing to register. Later
  4. Gags, I collect these things 50 golfballs, used bowling pins, etc etc, then create patrol games that the patrol that works best together will shine. It ends up like a mini JLT outdoor course, for the fall camporee.Last year was around 70 boys, some games just don't live through it LOL It's all fun
  5. See that is what scouting used to be. I love it!! Scout skill camporees are okay but turn boys loose with a bunch of homemade games and lookout. Supermario thats great..
  6. Thanks guys!! Eamon I like the pipe idea, I was at a loss as to what to place the balls on, I think that will work. Now I have a garbage bag full of ball pit balls, and a 20 x 30 foot nylon net, with 1/2 inch holes in it??? Fun fun fun seeya
  7. A while back I asked what could be done with 180 tennisballs. Well I figured it out, I wrote out the scout laws ,motto, and slogan on 111 of them I'll make a board to seat the letters on dump the balls in a storage tub and see how fast they can unscramble them?? Fall camporee time again.
  8. We stayed at the group sites on the battlefield.Nice place, you have to get on the list Jan. 1 or you won't get in. but we weren't travelling from Chicago either. Good luck, listen to a tape of the book, On Angels Wings, on the way there, it puts things in perspective when you get there.
  9. Scouting has tried to involve the parent in all of a scouts projects from Tiger. It could be that the parents think the Eagle project is like any of the other activities the scout has been involved in. Our first Eagle project were conducted completely by the family of the scout, approvals and all, and I being on second shift,was not around to see the problem develope. So it was refused and we redid portions of it with the troop involved, and it passed. The home troop has to inform all life scouts , and their parents as to the rules of the requirement before work or planning begins. My 13 year old is alresdy bouncing ideas off me as to what his project will be, It's not my project.
  10. Campfires are a big part of the program here.During summer camp there are opening, closing, and the OA tapout on Wed. Real fires and all. the opening is run by the camp staff, The OA on Wed., and All the troops on Fri. It's a riot. We even had opening and closing campfires at the district fall camporee. A lot of the opening campfire was a scouter telling of the native americans that lived on camp property at one time. It was so popular he continued the story the second night. after the boys had performed several skits. Why would you pay people to perform at the local level when the boys like doing it, so much.
  11. dozer

    laser tag

    But the way the pamphlet reads, it's like a secretary was taking notes, while the insurance company was dictating what they would, and would not cover. If you follow it to the letter, a scout can't hang streamers, with a step ladder for your red and white, without a climbing instructor? This is excessive, and it's my interpretation, not gospel.
  12. dozer

    laser tag

    Okay okay, I give, sorry for the rant. I was listening to T Kennedy tear down our troops on FOX while I was responding. I have read G2SS, and it seems they have taken logic to excess, but I will and do adhere to it. As far as the OSHA thing, when you get to the climbing part, the similarity between OSHA regs. and G2SS are unmistakable. Bob White, my appology sir. I didn't mean to single anyone out. I'm just afraid, that if this continues, we won't be allowed to tent when it's below 40 degrees outside.
  13. dozer

    laser tag

    So a group of boys want to play laser TAG, they shouldn't because BSA says it's detrimental to their mental health. Prove it, Didn't you play cops and robbers, cowboys and indians. They'll teach you how to shoot rifles and shotguns, and the Eco people tell you not to shoot animals to put food on the table. I'm surprised that you don't have to wear helmets to push/pull a klondike sledge. Knock it off, boys learn from experiencing their mistakes. Don't climb that tree, we don't have a BSA certified climbing instructor. Who wrote the book on climbing safety? Probably somebody that climbed and learned how. OSHA, insurance companies, and parent lawyers, have stifled a once exciting program. Next we'll be hiking with a rope between us, someone might get lost. We'll teach you CPR but don't use it the victim could die and you could be sued for trying to save them. Mr White loosen up, did you write G2SS or what? If Johnny gets a bruise, it will heal, and he will be more careful next time.
  14. I love patrol competitions. The tougher the better, but no scoring by judges allowed. I ran a pioneering station at a klondike 3 years ago that required you to score things like patrol spirit, how well did the PL do? I want absolute scoring that comes from times or scores and require the entire patrols cooperation to be completed. Doesn't the score reflect PL skill and unit participation. Some leader scoring 1-10 on the quality of a square lashing doesn't reflect a whole lot. Now lash a ladder that I can climb up and ring a bell ten feet up a tree. score 1 point every time the bell is rung tied and untied in 20 minutes.
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