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    Perhaps the mothers would like to give us the title Unich. Short for Unit Chief.
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    I vote to borrow the term "Advisor" from the old Exploring and now Venturing program.. With new emphasis that the adult Scouters are there to "advise" the "Leaders" who are the SPL and PLC. The do not decide, they do not dictate, they facilitate. The advise the program that the YOUTH decide on, and ensure safety and adherence to the GTA and GTSS. In the decades that I have been associated with the program, I have seen the gradual "helicopterism" taking over such that the youth merely sit there and wait for instructions from the adults. You don't sign me up for a MB University, I don't earn MB. You don't spoonfeed me advancement and sign me off because I sat there and listened to a lecture, no rank. No direction, no action taken. It's the way we are raising them, and it's wrong. I have family members with "kids" pushing 30 who still can't function as adults. It's sad.
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    If that comes to pass BSA will have jumped the shark... We as a nation have truly lost our minds and common sense.
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    But here's the rub, more kids American families are not scouts than are. And BSA has protected its brand so aggressively that mentions of anything with our organization's trademarks are extremely rare. The uniform is scrubbed from the bulk of political rallies. The culture being defined by this post-modern nomadic generation -- nearly two generations -- of Americans is not "weird" about scouting lingo, it is generally ignorant of it. They don't find it unnerving, they find it novel. I think there is a simple reason why ... There are precious few alternative words that will describe someone who will walk your child through a decade of development -- in increasingly regular periods of 24 contiguous hours or more -- comfortable with, as @TAHAWK just described, downing the occasional burnt pancake. Most teacher's wont. Coaches wont. Caseworkers wont. Clergy wont. Most youth leaders wont. Rafting/climbing guides wont. Bus drivers wont. There are simply precious few words for that one person in a hundred who does that because those people are, well, one in a hundred. So, if someone's ear finds "cubmaster" and "scoutmaster" a little odd when they first hear it, it might just be because the person with that on their patch is not the least bit common.
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    I just want to be able to down vote some of the ads!
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    This EXACTLY makes the point. Sisyphus had more success rolling his rock than we should expect to have attempting to justify 'master' because the audience is not our leadership trainees but rather all the others we wish to attract. Among ourselves questioning "Scoutmaster" sounds silly, I completely agree. But to expect showing others "how the term 'master' has been used as titles" is preposterous. I'm on board with scoutldr's suggestion to appropriate "Advisor".
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    Don't get upset. Learn from it. I know you don't want to hear me say it, but if your son can't recruit a few friends to help him with his eagle project, then he is not ready. He hasn't developed the necessary people skills. I don't know why he asked the scoutmasters to contact scouts to work on the project. The scoutmasters aren't supposed to recruit volunteers. Your son is. Most of all, don't blame it on other people. They don't owe it to your son. They don't have to help your son if they don't want to. If you are seeing a pattern (that people don't seem to be willing to help your son), find out why and fix it. Then your son will have learned a valuable lesson, and can be a true eagle scout.
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    Another sad reminder that the only way to grow Scouting is organically: strengthening existing units so that they grow and give birth to strong new units that grow. And the only way that happens is through active, high-performing units with strong outdoor programs. Those units attract and retain youth without gimmicks and without flavor-of-the-week activities. If BSA at all levels would stop tinkering with the program content and new faddish programs and focus on improving delivery of the existing program by existing units, membership will grow.
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    The slogan during that time period was Boypower/Manpower. It was during that program that I transitioned from being a scout to being a scouter. I do have several items from back then with the slogan on them, including this old patch, a bolo tie, and more.
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    Pads are more than padding, they're also insulation. Also, the bottom of the sleeping bag doesn't provide any insulation when you smash it flat. IF it's cold out you need a pad with insulation. So, whatever pad you'd use on the ground, put it on put on your cot and you'll be warm.
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    Sleeping on a cot is fine, summer time the air flow is good. cold weather, put a foam pad on the cot, there's your insulation. Sleep bag on the pad. Bob's yer uncle.
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    Cool name, Phantom Scouts. Black capes. Theme from Phantom of the Opera. Rod Serling narrating BSA commercials on Creature Features and Dark Shadows. If BSA had done that, and created a Phantom Scout division in 1968, they might have actually achieved their goals.
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    On October 17, 1968, the Boy Scout organization launched a new membership initiative called “Boypower 76.” The ambitious program set national goals to be achieved by the US Bicentennial Celebration of 1976. Specifically, (1) Expand membership so that one of every three American boys is enrolled. That would require adding 2 million new Boy Scouts by 1976. (2) Double council budgets to a combined level of $150 million. New members would be recruited through two efforts: establishing troops in inner cities and retaining older boys by allowing girls to participate in the special-interest, career-focused segment of the Explorers program. The national slogan for Boypower 76 was “America’s Manpower Begins with Boypower.” Membership Quotas Councils were given strict monthly and annual membership goals to keep them on track to achieve the expansion envisioned in Boypower 76. The Controversial Collapse of Boypower BSA canceled the Boypower program two years early, amid widespread reports of inflated membership numbers. Articles in the New York Daily News, the Central New Jersey Home News, and many other newspapers enumerated the problems. The Chicago council was accused of selling one-month memberships for ten cents; other councils for inventing names to register. At least 13 major cities were discovered to have falsified records, involving some 30,000-40,000 “phantom” scouts. Furthermore, only about half of the $65 million fundraising goal was met, and much of that was from long-time donors who directed their gifts to the national organization instead of the local council.
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    “The greatest teacher, failure is.”
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    Oh no I didn't!! I was drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic's!! But sadly, the perfect hair is long gone 😥
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    You forgot Werewolves of London.
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    AAAAAOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo Man, that felt good 😜
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    Yes, but who heard of Scoutmaster back in 1910? Just because she hadn't heard of the term doesn't mean the culture is all weird about it. And if someone hasn't heard the term before, which seems odd to me, they just learned something new. That's all. There are lots of things I never heard of when my daughter joined Girl Scouts. I didn't think that was odd. I just didn't know. There seems to be this concern (fear?) that the SM is assumed the "Leader" when the position is supposed to be something other than a leader. Really! Something other than leader! SOMEONE has to assert the program and protect the vision of the program goals. If leader is so bothersome, then what do you want call it? When your child comes home and says I don't like that program because it makes me feel bad about myself, what title do you want to use to find the person who is responsible for the program. Guide! Call the position what you want, but lets be honest in what the position actually requires. And, let's not blame this on culture, "master" is not offensive to normal people when used in the correct application. Barry
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    I couldn't disagree with you more. Boys get enough of this stuff at school. Boys are told to be docile. Girls are encouraged to be assertive and empowered. It's enough to make a person sick. Scouting should be an opportunity for boys to break away from these feminizing influences. Go on an adventure. Have a blast. Lean your head back and howl at the moon.
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    It's a hundred year old program with hundred year old titles, oath and law. What's more, I first got into it just about 50 years ago. So, that makes me old and I've never really thought about the titles. I honestly don't care whether the titles change or not. If it works for new scouts and parents then we should do that, as it's for them anyway. I'm not sure they would care so who knows. While we're here I would like to add a 13th point to the scout law, however. I think Humble would be a good one. Maybe the assumption is that in order to be all of those other things like courteous and helpful, one has to be humble so there's no need to explicitly say it. It would just be easier to talk to some scouts, that are too full of themselves and starting to annoy everyone around them, that humility is a good thing. But that's a different topic.
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    Seems like there is an attempt to separate the past BSA from the future BSA. These new changes, or proposed changes, make todays Scouting sound like something completely different. And maybe that is what the culture wants. That is what they did to Canada Scouts. It is very little of what it was 20 years ago. But, so is the membership. In fact, maybe "Scout" is a condescending term for today's youth. Let's go all the way and change the program to The Environmental Guardians. They can still call it an outdoor program, while unloading the burdensome weight of god, ideals, and personal accountability, all in one swoop. Earning the Eagle can be something like saving a whale or polar bear. The title alone is noble. I don't know, just thinking out loud. Barry
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    Good advice, with the exception of no smores! That combination of puffed sugar, melted onto a chunk of sugar, and sandwiched between two wafers of sugar is every Scoutmaster's favorite thing for his/her scouts to consume just before bedtime! 😂
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    Note to moderators: this is in the wrong category. Scouts BSA for girls is not "Girl Scouting"
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    No quibble with the tools as you note; just have issue with the, to me, foolish and narrow minded concept that the term "Scoutmaster" is out dated or negative, or somehow derogatory to the scouts. Surely we have more serious concerns, say for example, making the best parts of Scouting visible and prominent to the communities they serve, and doing it well enough that the crazies that are trying to destroy it just give up. There was a reason that the Rockwell Scouting themed paintings were popular and still are, or that major advertisers used Scouts and Scouting themes in their ads, or that in times of stress, like disasters and the world wars, scouts were at the forefront and called upon, respected by the public in general. They still have the same basic foundation, it is just that society has lost its own compass. JMHO and last comment.
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    "Advisor" is the better term and more accurate toward the intention. I've always thought the term scout"master" caused misinterpretation. And long term, adults forget their role because they keep hearing "master". I was once thinking "coach", but I've seen too many coaches with a military general command-n-control complex too. Language meaning changes over time. Acceptable words from 100 years ago now mean very different things. IMHO, it's fully acceptable to update words to reflect the desired intention. Changing to "Advisor" fixes both a politically-correct issue and a misinterpretation issue. It may even help perception distance the scouting program from past abuses. IMHO, it would be a very good update. Sadly, I see many long time scouters having issues with the change. But, it's a change that is needed.
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    Law Enforcement Exploring is a specific program name like Sea Scouts, Cub Scouts, Venturing, and Scouts BSA. Hence the capitalization.
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    June 25, 2020 To our Law Enforcement Exploring community, national and local agencies, adult advisors, Explorers, and their families: As you know, for over 60 years, Law Enforcement Exploring is a proven, successful program that offers youth career opportunities in law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Perhaps the most diverse career field in Exploring, Law Enforcement Exploring serves a community made up of young men and women from many cultural, ethnic, and economic backgrounds. This is one of the many reasons why Law Enforcement Exploring serves as a positive influence in helping break down barriers, misconceptions, and prejudices. The program builds relationships and bridges the gap between law enforcement agencies and our communities while creating the next generation of diverse personnel. It would be an understatement to say the last few weeks have been very challenging for our country, the black community, as well as the law enforcement community for whom the oath “to protect and serve” is a solemn vow. As a national program we recognize that the actions of a few have cast a cloud over the many whom we know to be good and caring people. Additionally, many of us may also have family members who serve in law enforcement or have children or grandchildren in schools protected by School Resource Officers. While our personal reasons for believing in and supporting Law Enforcement Exploring may vary, as dedicated volunteers and professionals working together, we are committed to serving over 28,000 youth and over 8,500 adults each year, through 1,700 Law Enforcement Exploring posts throughout the country. There is no place for racism, not in Exploring, not in policing and not in our communities. Exploring stands with black families and the black community because we believe that each of our youth and adults deserve the opportunity to be heard and supported during these difficult times. This is not a political stance or an endorsement of any organization; rather, it is specifically aimed to address a human rights issue in which we all have an obligation. This is a time to listen and support the youth and adults in which we serve, regardless of our profession. We also stand with our law enforcement community. Law Enforcement Exploring is made up of national and local agency adult advisors, who day-in and day-out, sacrifice their lives to afford us a safe place to live and work. Exploring also stands with you and appreciates your selflessness to protect and serve our homes, schools, communities, and our country. Additionally, as adult advisors in the program, we recognize that you go above and beyond by investing your time and energy into our Explorers. We all see the benefits of breaking down barriers and differences within our communities and working together to bridge the gap. You are part of an important legacy that has accomplished this for over 60 years. We are committed to doing more by listening, learning, and communicating with a focus on promoting a culture in which every person feels a communal sense of belonging, respect, and value. Law Enforcement Exploring Advisors are invaluable to the program and make every aspect possible in becoming better versions of ourselves while helping our youth “Discover their Future.” We would like to thank you for your service, and it is a privilege to continue our partnership in making our communities stronger. Standing together, we will continue to make a positive impact for the youth and adults we serve! Tim Anderson National Director Learning for Life and Exploring
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    Thanks, it is pretty cool to see the transformation that has already happened. In my son's words to the committee when reviewing his project "I want to build a park, not a park bench"
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    If a down vote is mean spirited, why is it on a scouting forum? I thought we all agreed to disagree agreeably. Barry
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    I was priming yesterday - brushing Benjamin Moore Fresh Start, rag wipe off trim, brush drip, rag wipe trim,... and this morning I read about this flawless mural... What materials did you use to create this mural? I used Behr house paint. It’s 100% acrylic latex. It’s the best thing to paint masonry. It’s very resilient to the sun and weather. I use a satin finish. I’ve used it for years and years. How long did it take to create, and what was the creation process like? I did the sketches first. It took a few days overall to formulate the original idea. Getting it approved by the board of the church took longer than anything else. It took a couple of months. I thought we weren’t going to start it. It took about two weeks from start to finish to do it. The mural probably has about 10 coats of paint on it. Acrylic paint is something like watercolor because you have to layer it. You end up leaving a lot of color on the wall, particularly with skin tones. The gold medallion is a mix of yellows and golds. More including motivation and when painted at source: https://greenvillejournal.com/arts-culture/art-in-focus-boy-scouts-mural-greenville-sc/
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    Commitment against racial injustice...perhaps leadership by example, consider the rest of the story of the 2007 armed robbery of a Boy Scout Christmas tree lot. https://www.sent-trib.com/news/man-forms-unlikely-friendship-with-robber-12-years-later/article_da6b0f40-ed55-11e9-bb90-f3ae42f51121.html
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    I was a young Assistant Scoutmaster when the ISP and skill awards came to be. While things like camping, cooking, swimming and lifesaving were no longer required, the scouts in my troop, and I suspect many others, continued to earn them just because we did not change the way we operated our program. We were big on camping and hiking regardless of time of year, and if you were active in the troop those no longer required skills were developed and honed as a result. I did like the fact that for a while First Aid MB was required for First Class.
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    I was responding to MattR, who didn't say that his views on humility were based on his religion. They might have been. I don't know. I am not going to make any assumptions. My views are significantly influenced by the Muscular Christianity movement of the mid-nineteenth century, which was popularized by the Y.M.C.A. It did run somewhat contrary to my Catholic school education, which tended to emphasize the contemplative rather than the physical nature of man. I think there's room for both. I prefer to be contemplative at mass. I am annoyed by all the distractions that are added to Sunday services in order to make them more interesting and relevant to today's church-goers. I can't stand to see people dressed like slobs at church. On scout trips, I dress like a hobo and shout like a banshee. Great fun. Humility is fine at church, but sometimes a boy needs to be allowed to proudly puff his chest out and act like a boy.
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    It is possible that there is simply an auto-generated ad box at the top and that the ad is based on the content of the site and/or you browser or IP search history. I do not think the admins are picking these ads.
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    There are many here who are offended with any opinion that doesn't agree with there post. Some are identified by their constant rebuttals; probably believing they win if they can get the last word. But a lot of us don’t like to get muddy (comes from wrestling with a pig only gets you muddy and makes the pig happy). Some posters here want to be clever antagonist. Usually they start out claiming they are neutral or are a good guy (I’m religious), then they follow with offensive trigger words. Ironically, many of those posters don’t see their hypocrisy, so it’s easy to call them on it. I’m generally pragmatic. I like to get to the point and skip all the touchy-feely filler. Many folks find that offensive, including my wife. But, it tends to push the topic to a discussion based on facts or reality, away from grey area stuff that leads the discussion nowhere. Do you like the warm fuzzy Green up arrow? Do you require more words (praise?) from the poster? I notice a lot Red Arrows in reference to the tone of the post. That’s a good indication to try again with a different tone. Unless that tone was Intentional. The arrows work for folks who are in a hurry or don’t like to wrestle with pigs. But, if a poster truly wants a friendly tone, they will figure it out. Barry
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    Well said. I agree. I doubt it's the highest priority.
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    I support you. Beyond the long standing tradition of the terms, the terms can be creepy and easily misinterpreted.
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    Have you called your unit commissioner and DE?
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    Have you gone to the scouting.org website? The program you seek is Scouts BSA.
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    That sounds like a great and ambitious project and one that many scouts in the area would benefit from. I know many scouts who travel some distance to find good mountain biking trails. It makes sense to reach out to other troops to help, especially if it was on request. If the SMs didn't follow through on what they suggested, then it's their Eagle feathers that are drooping. Someone on another post was talking about down votes and their use on the board. I think we all need to remember that it is OK to air personal/parental frustrations and opinions on this forum among friends. Better to get something off your chest here and then be able to turn a calm face to your son and your local scout connections. We are losing places to do that. Good luck to your son!
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    It is not a black and white issue. Briefly, the more control that a franchisor exerts over a franchisee and the more that the franchisee can legally bind the franchisor, the more the franchisee looks like a division of the franchisor instead of a separate entity. Conversely, the more independence a franchisee demonstrates, the more it looks independent, rather than being a division of the franchisor. In Golden Spread Council, Inc. # 562 of the Boy Scouts of America v. Akins, 926 S.W.2d 287 (Tex.1996), the Texas Supreme Court considered whether the National Boy Scouts of America (BSA) could be held vicariously liable for the tortious acts of a Scouter (child molestation during Scout activities) who was, at the time employed by a local troop chartering organization as Scoutmaster. The court applied the standard master-servant relationship test [which comes down to control of the work], but ultimately concluded that BSA had insufficient control to warrant vicarious liability. (The Council was held subject to trial for its own actions in recommending the molester to the chartering organization despite prior reports of child molestation by the molester.) Interesting document filed on behalf of BSA in bankruptcy. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/805684_21.pdf
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    This is exactly how my wife handled our troop account. One word of warning, we learned to explain to the families that the money had to stay with the troop if the scout transferred to another unit. Barry
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    Not sure scandalous conveys the true stupidity that is The Summit. What was billed as a donation and 4th Crown Jewel is a grossly underused and over developed vanity project. Basically a development looking for relevance. Why is the BSA bankrupt? Look no further than $500 - $750 million shoved down a rat hole in West Virginia
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    I'm in favor of requiring Scouts to demonstrate virtue signaling, so long as it is done in Morse Code.
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    Hi everyone, it's me, again, a moderator. It seems that the temperature on social media has gone up in the past week. I've seen some really ugly things posted on facebook recently by scouters I know. Bad enough that I'm wondering why I should even be in scouting anymore, much less trying to keep the peace on this forum. But then I remember that scouting is good for the world and I try for another day. While things are not too ugly here, I see people talking past each other. Buried down in the core of this argument is something worth discussing but instead people get hung up on peripheral comments that were either not well thought out or taken the wrong way. Either way they aren't helping getting any sort of solution to the core of the problem. What is very clear to me is that before anyone can deal with bigotry they have to first master Courteous.
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    Since I believe it was my downvote that started the debate, let me just share my viewpoint of what those arrows mean. In my opinion, Upvote = Agree, Downvote = Disagree. Maybe that's wrong, but it isn't entirely clear what exactly an upvote or downvote is intended to be, if not those things. I don't use downvotes often, and if I do, you can be sure it's for something that I find exceptionally disagreeable. I'm not sure why this turned into a big debate. If the voting features aren't supposed to be used, or if some folks find the use of them to be "un-scoutlike", then why do we have them?
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