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  1. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals has taken case/oral arguments off calendar pending SCOTUS decision on Purdue Pharma:
  2. 3rd highest chartered organization with abuse claims getting a "free get out of jail card" in BSA bankruptcy but has contributed $0 dollars to settlement trust fund. They have also petitioned the bankruptcy court to recoup $1,000,000.00 in legal fees for their significant contribution. That million, if approved, will come from the trust fund for survivors. Deam straight I want SCOTUS to shine a light up the arse of "the plan" and non-debtor 3rd party releases. I too submitted my claim info to the trust fund yesterday,
  3. I don't know if this means the Trust has to stop operations, but the current appeal before the 3rd circuit is halted.
  4. 23A741 LUJAN CLAIMANTS and DUMAS & VAUGHN CLAIMANTS, Applicants, v. BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA, et al., Respondents. | PDF | Boy Scouts Of America | Fourteenth Amendment To The United States Constitution (scribd.com) Justice Alito is not a proponent of the equitable mootness doctrine and is requiring BSA to respond by 2/15/2024. Day before IRO deadline of 2/16/2024. Indication Scouting Settlement Trust will be shutdown pending SCOTUS decision in Purdue case. APP probably attempt to scramble the egg even more. 8-1/7-2 SCOTUS rules non-debtor releases are not authorized by bankruptcy co
  5. "This would mean that the two attorneys (representing Guam Survivors and the other various survivors in several States) would need to have their clients compensated at a level so that their Survivors are much better off than other Survivors in this Bankruptcy AND the non-settling insurers who object also drop their objections.. " What about survivors like myself who voted "no" on the plan because we didn't agree with the 3rd party releases. I saw no reason why sponsoring organizations should receive the benefits of a release. And likewise with the local councils. And their actions h
  6. Settlement Trust web site has been updated and revamped: Home (scoutingsettlementtrust.com) Check back regularly for updates.
  7. The new BSA Claims Administrator, Randi Roth, who was the Claims Administrator in United States v. Farid Fata (Eastern District of Michigan), March 2016 – 2019, assisted the Department of Justice with the claims review process in that case. You can view an archive of the claim portal/process here: U.S. v. Fata - Home (justice.gov) I suspect rather than re-inventing the wheel, survivors will see a similar claims portal and processes. Now what happens when we all get through "all appeals exhausted" the non-settling insurers decide to file bankruptcy themselves?
  8. You do not need to respond to me but if you were taken across state lines and sexually abused/assaulted, there is no SOL under the Mann Act. The FBI has begun pursuing cases against individuals including corporate/religious entities under the Mann Act.
  9. And I am quite sure the TCJC is aware SCOTUS recently denied a petition filed by numerous California Roman Catholic Archdioceses to overturn California's look back window for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Search - Supreme Court of the United States This strengthens the hand of those mixed-abuse claimants in open states including TCJC survivors. They will face us survivors in mediation, arbitration, litigation, and any other gation you can think of.
  10. Below is a post I made a while back on this forum regarding this issue. You can now include the Roman Catholic Archdiocese since they also withheld information from the police but also sided with "our" abuser which resulted in 1 survivor/scout/classmate getting kicked out of BSA. This is why a judge granted us the ability to seek "punitive damages" and not just compensatory damages. There is a big difference between the too. In my case, my abuse was 200% preventable but BSA, the LC and Archdiocese were too concerned about their prestige and reputation.
  11. I believe I have watched this trailer at least 30-40 times since I found out about the documentary. I sure wish I could have had the same outcome as the survivor who received confirmation from the police, that his abuser admitted guilt. Instead, I was told by the police detective, "at least he knows someone talked. Maybe he won't do it anymore." I was left speechless and heartbroken as I watched the detective leave my apartment.
  12. Gulf Coast Health Bankruptcy Plan Rejected Because of Releases (bloomberglaw.com) Gulf Coast Health Bankruptcy Plan Rejected Because of Releases The plan improperly provides that third parties would be releasing non-debtors from liquidation claims without those claimants’ consent, Judge Karen B. Owens of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware said at a hearing Wednesday. Owens said she would have otherwise approved the plan. The plan would have allowed creditors to recover more than they would from a Chapter 7 liquidation, passin
  13. There is a max under the Independent Review/Neutral path: "Notwithstanding the foregoing, any amount of an Accepted Settlement Recommendation or Allowed Claim Amount for an Abuse Claim that proceeds under this Independent Review Option in excess of a multiple of five (5) times the Maximum Matrix Value in the applicable tier set forth in the Claims Matrix... At least that is the way it looks to me, the max award a claimant could receive is $13,500,000.00 (Max tier in TDP $2,700,000.00 x 5). Maybe I am wrong. The way this stuff is written.... There is a time limit for a survivor t
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