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  1. You do not need to respond to me but if you were taken across state lines and sexually abused/assaulted, there is no SOL under the Mann Act. The FBI has begun pursuing cases against individuals including corporate/religious entities under the Mann Act.
  2. And I am quite sure the TCJC is aware SCOTUS recently denied a petition filed by numerous California Roman Catholic Archdioceses to overturn California's look back window for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Search - Supreme Court of the United States This strengthens the hand of those mixed-abuse claimants in open states including TCJC survivors. They will face us survivors in mediation, arbitration, litigation, and any other gation you can think of.
  3. Below is a post I made a while back on this forum regarding this issue. You can now include the Roman Catholic Archdiocese since they also withheld information from the police but also sided with "our" abuser which resulted in 1 survivor/scout/classmate getting kicked out of BSA. This is why a judge granted us the ability to seek "punitive damages" and not just compensatory damages. There is a big difference between the too. In my case, my abuse was 200% preventable but BSA, the LC and Archdiocese were too concerned about their prestige and reputation.
  4. I believe I have watched this trailer at least 30-40 times since I found out about the documentary. I sure wish I could have had the same outcome as the survivor who received confirmation from the police, that his abuser admitted guilt. Instead, I was told by the police detective, "at least he knows someone talked. Maybe he won't do it anymore." I was left speechless and heartbroken as I watched the detective leave my apartment.
  5. Gulf Coast Health Bankruptcy Plan Rejected Because of Releases (bloomberglaw.com) Gulf Coast Health Bankruptcy Plan Rejected Because of Releases The plan improperly provides that third parties would be releasing non-debtors from liquidation claims without those claimants’ consent, Judge Karen B. Owens of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware said at a hearing Wednesday. Owens said she would have otherwise approved the plan. The plan would have allowed creditors to recover more than they would from a Chapter 7 liquidation, passin
  6. There is a max under the Independent Review/Neutral path: "Notwithstanding the foregoing, any amount of an Accepted Settlement Recommendation or Allowed Claim Amount for an Abuse Claim that proceeds under this Independent Review Option in excess of a multiple of five (5) times the Maximum Matrix Value in the applicable tier set forth in the Claims Matrix... At least that is the way it looks to me, the max award a claimant could receive is $13,500,000.00 (Max tier in TDP $2,700,000.00 x 5). Maybe I am wrong. The way this stuff is written.... There is a time limit for a survivor t
  7. I know this NPR article is a year old regarding the PG&E Ch. 11 BK and Trust Fund set up to compensate 67,000 fire victims but it's probably an idea what survivors/claimants can expect with the BSA BK Trust Fund (likely similar to other mass tort BKs as well). Trust will rack up huge attorney fees with slow payout to victims: PG&E Fire Victim Trust Racks Up $51 Million In Fees As Survivors Wait For Help : NPR It really never ends does it....the greed that is....
  8. I have studied this from almost day 1 because it is my story. My abuser was not only my troop leader but a lay teacher at my catholic elementary school as well as my coach for after school sports. BSA wasn't paying his salary when I was in his class nor was it paying him to umpire local youth baseball games. For me, there is a guide post so to speak, when I was getting abused at school activity vs a BSA scouting activity. In fact, the TDP itself reflects this situation known as a mitigating factor (value of your claim is reduced) because the survivor had a relationship with the abuser ou
  9. Looking at the updated numbers, it shows 22,004 survivors opted out of granting 3rd party liability releases. That's almost 50% of the total number of survivors who voted. I would think a district court judge and maybe JSS would consider this as not overwhelming support for the plan. At least as it relates to BSA trying to bring their friends Tom, Dick and Harry to the party. And for the indirect abuse claims, the percentage is much higher who rejected the 3rd party liability releases....
  10. TCC made a video going over the 3 settlement options: 1. $3,500 expedited payout 2. TDP (with scaling and mitigating factors) 3. Independent Review (IR) The video is timestamped so you can go right to the section you need but I encourage you to watch it all. My interpretation of the IR is that it will only be made available to survivors in open states that can meet the criteria for the IR; See Timestamp 35:20 for requirements. Burden is shifted to survivors to provide a lot more detailed data than TDP. Another thing that is not mentioned is the IR valuation is
  11. United Methodist leaders urge congregations to reject proposed settlement with Boy Scouts United Methodist leaders urge congregations to reject proposed settlement with Boy Scouts – Baptist News Global In one such North Texas meeting, Bishop Michael McKee told leaders of the region’s 80-church Metro District that the rejection was being pushed for two reasons: Insufficient recompense for the survivors of past sexual abuse by BSA leaders. Increased liability for United Methodist congregations that have sponsored Scout troops, past and present.
  12. I already commented on my LC's contribution to the Settlement Trust in a previous post. My abuse occurred in a open state (No SOL). Under my LC's proposed contribution, each survivor would receive just shy of $5k which in my particular case does not include my attorney fees. If the plan was approved as-is, my LC would keep $10 million plus and be released from all liability. I received my paper ballot in the mail last week. I am a client of AIS but ceased being a member of the Coalition a couple months ago. I returned my completed ballot earlier this week. I voted NO on the plan, refused
  13. I received a text message urging me to watch this video and vote "yes" on the BSA's 5.5 plan. After watching it, I was strongly reminded of that movie "V for Vendetta." Just like High Chancellor Sutler instilling a climate of fear to keep the totalitarian regime in control and power. I promptly sent an email to the TCC notifying them of the Coalition's latest fear mongering maneuver. The TCC confirmed receipt and thanked me for forwarding this information to them. I also attended the Coalition's 1st town hall meeting. I left after 41 minutes. Again, I was reminded of a Russian state contr
  14. As a survivor and one of many victims of the same abuser who carried out his deeds across multiple boy scout troops, what gives the BSA, my LC and CO any right to complain about anything. PERIOD! I did go to the police and my case was turned over to a unit that specializes in the exploitation of children. And when law enforcement came knocking at BSA's and my LC's doors, they were told nothing to see here detectives. Guess what...24 years later I learned through this bankruptcy, BSA and my LC banned my abuser from scouting 11 years prior to me reporting him to law enforcement. So my path
  15. No need to apologize. I was a member of the Coalition but terminated my relationship with them. I find it disgusting they are using our pain and suffering so they can amass millions of dollars while their clients get paid pennies on the dollar. Their attack on the TCC is even more damning.
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