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  1. This particular law in Louisiana lengthening the look back period (down here we call it the prescriptive period) was ruled unconstitutional by the state supreme court. Will be interesting to see how it plays out now that the feds have taken over.
  2. Yes, that was the second one I mentioned. Lionsgate and Starz share common ownership.
  3. Apparently there are two more films in the works, one from Netflix and one from the owner of Starz. Stepping back from my role as a Scouter and looking as an investor, the subject matter is fairly compelling. Lots of mom and apple pie type "America's fall from grace" narrative, piggybacking on the MeToo movement and the CSA scandals in the Roman Catholic Church. Expect these to be more widely viewed than this one. At one of the legal briefings during the bankruptcy case an expert summed it up best. We had a sexual revolution in the 1960s, precipitated by the birth control pill's release
  4. It's interesting inasmuch as overall journalistic standards have declined in a way that dwarfs the membership decline in BSA. When your #1 interview subject is also a producer of the film, it is the cinematic equivalent of an infomercial. The imprimatur of Hulu and ABC News will obscure this for most.
  5. Agreed. Recall also from testimony that there is a bell curve of CSA claims, and it markedly dropped off in the 90s. We need to continue our YPT efforts, but I don't see it becoming a problem again.
  6. If memory serves the issue before the judge Friday is the sale of the scouting service center or something relatively minor. There might be an update on the ch. 11 confirmation, but probably not.
  7. One thing I noticed this week was discussion of the channelling injunction being extended. My understanding prior to this trial is that local council protection will end at the conclusion of the bankruptcy proceedings (Spring 2022) or the LC payments into the trust (Fall 2022), but if memory serves it was argued that protection should extend until the trust distribution process gets underway, or until the trust is exhausted (ten years?). Perhaps sharper legal minds than I noticed this and can comment on their recollection.
  8. I wonder as well. Judge Silverstein seemed annoyed during this exchange. I also wonder how long it will take to hear from the pro se claimants, one of whom made a brief but testy appearance on Friday. All of this plus closing arguments? Sounds like three or more days remaining.
  9. To her credit she is quite entertaining to the lay observer. Frequent misstatements, light joking with Rudman, etc. Even opposing counsel can't resist cracking a smile.
  10. Today's testimony from Charles Bates was interesting to armchair tort lawyers such as myself. Surprised to see how many claimants provided no information in their proof of claim: no unit number, no name of the abuser, not even a physical description. I'm not sure it had a substantial bearing on the case, and I noticed minimal objections from the creditors. His data was fascinating from an actuarial / finance point of view, however. If this continues tomorrow I suspect the number of Zoom participants may drop below 300.
  11. This is good news, as we need to hit the ground running once we get out of the woods.
  12. Recall that there is a fairly complicated set of formulae that determines contribution. It's not simply the number of claims, it's also the state laws, the distribution of claim types, and the financial health, among other factors. From my perspective in a smaller council, we got penalized because we didn't have much debt. On the other hand, the first pass of the formula capped larger council contributions at $5M, which struck me as low (since relaxed). The numbers don't explain the nuance, for example some councils making contributions despite having a negative number of financial assets,
  13. Just wanted to thank the moderators for keeping the threads separate. I've been lurking here for months but felt compelled to create an account to express my thanks for the information presented here, as it is much more than I am getting from the various teleconferences of the committees. It's nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Scouting will survive the BSA reorganization.
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