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    There were a lot of changes to the program, some major, some minor. Changes include the following: Doing away with Skill Awards Doing away with time requirements for Tenderfoot through First Class ( Part of Operation First Class which turned into First Class First Year) Promoting aged based patrols, i.e. New Scout Patrol, Experienced Patrol, and Venture Crew for older Scouts (which turned into Venture Patrol in 1998 when Venturing came out) instead of Traditional Patrols, aka Mixed Aged Patrols, and the Leadership Corps for older Scouts, Doing away with the Leadership Corps as a POR and creating Venture crews/patrols instead. Scouts no longer conducting Board of Reviews for Tenderfoot through First Class (although it did take a while for some troops to get the word) World Crest was no longer an award you had to earn, everyone could wear it (Grant you this mandate came from WOSM, still it ticked those of us who earned it, or were inthe process of earning it off. And they made the WOSM mandate effective when all the other changes occurred) Those are the ones I can remember off the top of my head. I believe there were more changes. Ideally Courts of Honor every 3 months, but most of the troops I've been in held them every 4: Usually April, August, and December. It is a very big deal with families invited, formal ceremony, and everyone brought some type of desert for the reception afterwards. The April one with reception usually lasted the entire meeting time. The August one usually lasted longer since it also included all of the summer camp merit badges and awards. December was usually the shortest and held in conjunction with a Christmas Party. In the troop growing up, par to that COH was the issuing of new troop t-shirts. The logo never changed, but the color of the ink and shirt did. The troop I am currently with now is quite small. Their last COH lasted less than 45 minutes. As for waiting, it depended upon when the BOR was. Some Scouts might wait 4 months, others might wait a week. Exception to that was Eagle. Eagle planned COH as he and his family wanted. Between the EBOR and my COH, it was 5 months. Grant you part of that was dealing with council's messed up records (5 weeks and 3 visits to the office) andpart of that was waiting for the word to come back from national (another 4 weeks).
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    Maybe not, but grits are mighty tasty when you boost up the calories by adding butter, chese, and crumbled bacon.
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    In all seriousness, Get you existing troop to purchase "Replacements." You still need to fill out an Advancement Report, and need to use real names ( I also put real dates they earned them) My Scout Shop supported a Direct Service Council troop. Their CO was a Fortune 500 company in my city, and they did quarterly orders for advancement which the company shipped. EVERY SINGLE ADVANCEMENT ITEM WAS A "REPLACEMENT." (emphasis). I had questions it and talked to my manager. She knew the story and it was OK'd.
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    That's the pre-1989 way of doing things; an "Attaboy" after the BOR and formal presentation of rank and all other awards at the COH. Believe it or not, there is actually reasons for the restrictions. One reason is that records need to be kept for verification purposes. Not every Scout shop follows the rules, and some do not require paperwork. So when the paperwork never gets turned in, there are problems later down the road. Then you get parents trying to buy their kids rank. Not so much at the Scouts, BSA level, but plenty on the Cub Scout side. Another is folks trying to make costumes for Halloween and Mardi Gras. We had 3 sorority girls from my university come to my Scout Shop and spent a long time shopping for a costume. When they came to check out, I asked to see their membership cards to purchase the uniforms ( yes once upon a time, you had to show your membership card to buy your uniform. It was mentioned in the book still, but not enforced)
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    If BSA caves, then Eagle Scout loses even more luster than it has already. It's one thing for her troop leaders to sign off on that stuff. sadly I've seen the results of when it happens and National won't do anything about it. And i have a feeling that is what is going to happen here. But for national to just cave would be a travesty, There are THOUSANDS of female Venturers who did things by book, and who comparable experienceince in Venturing that could lead towards Eagle if they were male,.who would be dishonored by BSA caving in.
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    This will be an interesting test One would hope that with the extension the BSA has given the opportunity. If life (little L) experience becomes the standard, then it opens a tremendous can of worms. Why can't any camping nights count for advancement, not just those with a troop?? Why do you have to do your project when you are a Life Scout, why not now?? Prerequisites are for losers, I did something similar and mom signed off....
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    Well, they do have electricity, or possibly propane lanterns or candles still. 😉
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    No. But not for any petty "like / dislike" reason. The reason I wouldn't want to do that is because the council (and district) has several committees that interest me much MORE than training does. I love the outdoors and have some experience and education in nature and outdoor ethics....so the conservation committee would make better use of those skills. I've also got a degree in computer science and a long career in technology, so the STEM committee would also be a better (and more interesting) use of my time and knowledge. I'm not a teacher and most BSA "training" bores me to tears, but STEM and Conservation always trip my trigger. I'd encourage scouters to take a look at what committees and other volunteer opportunities are available in the district or council and see if one of them fits your own interests.
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    I guess our troop never built up that backlog. Therefore, our immediate recognition was an "attaboy" at our troop closing. (Most BoR's are completed during troop meetings.) Then, we would disperse patches at the next CoH. We never used advancement pins. I don't think I've seen one in all our area. (Northeast Region Area 4 scouters, correct me if you have or know of a unit who issues pins.) As far as cost, we factor in the average cost of advancement into the youth dues.
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    This is where Sydney starts to loose my support. This is one push too far. BSA has now given her the opportunity that she has been asking for, too be able to earn Eagle Scout even though she will turn 18, and now she wants her Eagle now. I understand the frustration she (and a number of Venturers I know) have about not being able to count camping and activity they have already done. But the fact remains that she didn't complete ALL the requirements, which include signatures from council, and being a member of a BSA troop. Webelos do not get credit for camp outs or activity they do before they join a troop either. Sydney should thank BSA for giving her the opportunity to EARN Eagle, and then work on it next to the thousands of other girls starting today.
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    Hopefully BSA won't cave in. It will set a very bad precedent if they did. And I bet her dad and the other Scouters in the troop she has been tagging along with will give her credit for the work anyway.
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    First off my name isn't "Dude" Please show some respect and no I am not joking!!!!! I never said what he said I did and the Quote proves that as he still has not showed where I said that. I said disciplinary regarding the revocation of a Membership. I said nothing about a knife violation or two scouts getting in a fight or not agreeing with their patrol leader. I am so sick of you people taking everyone's posts out of context and adding your own spin and then bashing them. I thought you people were Scouts and Scouters. You act like a mob culture. Again Show me where I said it!!!