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Venturing Program

Meet people from other Venture Crews and discuss program.


    • Can anyone point me to some guidance on how to communicate with my troop to address the recent publication of this program or the others that will likely follow?  While it's easy to share good news, it's honest to share the bad news as well so it can be openly discussed. Bob
    • COVID.  Lawsuit.  Twenty years of bad press.  ...   Scouting is in for twenty years of rebuilding.  AND, hopefully re-definition and re-discovery.
    • I see many LC's are posting 2021 annual reports lately on their web sites. You have to really search to find them. Comparing maybe 5-6 years ago, my LC went from 15,000 to 6,500 scouts.  What are other councils showing? Also spending is down a lot from prior years.
    • Several things from both a personal and professional perspective. 1. Envy (often misidentified as jealousy) is a huge driver of false accusations, especially when the accused is accomplished and, per your telling, above reproach. In today’s world, add to that being a politically conservative person of faith (politically incorrect in the minds of too many) and you become an easy target from many angles.  2. Be wary of “protesting too much.” Answer questions and provide the requested information. He will not serve his cause by getting out in front of the questions. Because this is not being played out in public, there is no “getting ahead of the narrative” and you never want to answer questions that were not asked.  3. As awful as this may sound, you can’t really fix this. It happened and if he did not do it, which I assume based on your posts, it’s a terrible thing. This is a ‘manage and mitigate damage’ scenario and not a restore to pristine condition. The latter is not in your hands because it is going on behind closed doors.  4. Be wary of what I would call the “scrub out the stain at all cost” syndrome. Many people become obsessed with clearing their name, which I completely understand. If it’s not fully possible and he is doing all he can, rest in that. God knows. He sees. “All the weights of the bag are His concern.” (Prov. 16:11b) Hang in there…
    • For your amusement July 5, 2022 Scouts in Britain have been told to stop referring to New Zealand and Australia as "Down Under" as part of a wide-ranging series of rulings, prompting howls of laughter on the West Coast this morning. Several British newspapers reported on the new Scout style guide, which now bans children from using the terms "falling on deaf ears", "man made" (Use artificial or synthetic instead.), and also "maiden name" and "Christian name". Source: https://www.odt.co.nz/regions/west-coast/woke-new-scout-style-met-laughter Style Guide: https://www.scouts.org.uk/volunteers/running-things-locally/local-media-and-member-communications/our-brand/scouts-style-guide/scouts-style-guide/
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