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In answer to many requests, we established a separate forum for these topics. Those not interested can skip this forum instead of spending time reading unwanted messages to identify content.


    • Not Bozo. He never put me into a clown suit. He took his clowning very seriously, and felt that only skilled actors should don the fright wig and big red nose. His clown character had a pet chicken, so I would often be assigned to the big beak and yellow feathers, where I was less likely to lay an egg.  
    • Years ago, my nephew handed me his red beret with all his scout patches and things in a box, as I was already an avid collector, and he said I should have it;.  Two decades or so later, he had a son in cubs and he asked me if I still had his stuff.  I had simply put it away as he gave it to me, and he was thrilled to get it all back.  My grand-nephew became an Eagle and is now in a ROTC college program at the USF.  He has kept his stuff, including all his dad gave him and I suspect, if he has a son (or now even a daughter) they too will be in the program.  I still am trying to find out where my stuff from the fifties and early sixties that was put in a box has gone.  It was in storage and the storage was cleaned out by my brother.  I think somewhere in the mountain of unopened boxes in his garage in Vegas is what I hope to relocate.  But, I did find a lot of it, as it never went into the storage.  You never know for sure.
    • Glad to hear he was not offended.
    • I was motivated by the Scout slogan. He was not offended in any way to receive my phone call - it's just that he is apparently not the sentimental type when it comes to Boy Scout patches.
    • You, and you? Or some other Bozo? 
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