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  1. There are many great points being made in this forum. I do appreciate the responses to this forum. One point stands out to me. I agree, if I am unwilling to look a person in the eye and say something, then I should not type it either! We are all Scouters here. Our common bond is our interests in our Scouts well being. Another crucial point, I feel, is that the adults must enjoy themselves as much as the boys are. I have often stated to my circle of Scouting Buddies that it is very important to keep mom and dad happy. If they are not having a good time, they won't be driving back. That's
  2. This is all good stuff! My thoughts are that a Scouter with goodness in their heart may be offended and leave the forums. The forums can be a great resource to us and fellow Scouters. I recently sent a friend of mine in search of ideas to Scouter Forums. He felt as though he was being chastised and did not appreciate the suggestion to go to Scouter. Just because it may be acceptable to behave differently on the net, I still feel as though we should visit with one another as though we were face to face. If someone takes offence to a statement and is clear in their reply that they were offended,
  3. Great information being shared in this forum! One snipit of information here. Baden-Powell on patrol size. The Patrol System is the one essential feature in which Scout training differs from that of all other organisations, and where the System is properly applied, it is absolutely bound to bring success. It cannot help itself! The formation of the boys into Patrols of from six to eight and training them as separate units each under its own responsible leader is the key to a good Troop. The Patrol is the unit of Scouting always, whether for work or for play, for discip
  4. I believe opening a tent flap is ok if, you have two deep leadership while doing so and that there is a legitimate reason to do so. Shouldn't outa ever snatch a mans sleeping bag out from under him. I would imagine that this would tee off a fella! Kinda hard to work with the same fella the rest of the day. Had a horrible problem at summer camp a few years back. Three Scouts told me that one of the Scouts was in his tent hurting himself. Grabbed another Adult Leader and went to investigate. After calling him repeatedly there was no reply. The other adult and I opened the tent flap to
  5. What a delima to be in! I feel for you having to go through this. I have a non scout related story to share. Although it is not scout related, I feel as though it may be appropriate. Before the story, I would like to say that I feel as though the input here is right on the money! Eamonn is dead on target with his comments. About 9 years ago the pastor of our church was called to pastor a much bigger church in Texas and had to leave on short notice. A new pastor came along and did well. About 2 years into their tenure, the pastor and about 1/2 of the congregation decided to start a ne
  6. Pray for guidance. Is the SM asking for support and assistance with this issue? What a tough predicument to be in. Please forgive me if I am wrong. I thought the Eagle board was to consist at least 3 and no more than 7 folks, 1 must be from the troop, 1 must represent the council. The remaining can be of the committees choosing, Scouts requests, SM's request, etc. You stated that the troop was not to be represented at the board of review. That doesn't sound right. I am going to spend a few minutes researching this. Been a while since I was involved in an Eagle Board of
  7. emb021, When was the last time I told you that I love you? It has been too long hasn't it? Knotty
  8. "Often, someone may state something that is not exactly right, yet their intent is clear and somebody is waiting to pounce!" I stated the above in my original post. The issue of etiquitte or netiquette is a perfect example of what I mean. The intent of the statement is clear and it was pounced on! Its "netiquette", not "netetiquette". How can we have a forum if someone makes typo's! I think we should take knotty out behind the barn and beat him with everythnig we got. Perhaps not, it was typed incorectly twice! I think this is a killin offence. I've been on-line for about
  9. You did not bring it down! Thanks for the post.
  10. Wingnut, What a wonderful story! I am sorry to hear of your lose. Knotty
  11. grampye, I would love to hear them! Please share either in the forum or send me a note. Knotty
  12. Eagleinky, That is too funny!!! emb021, "What you are speaking of is something that is called "netiquette" (net etiquette)." No, I speak of etiquette! If I was speaking of netetiquette, I would have stated netetiquette! I am speaking of good manners, being kind to others. I love this stuff! Have fun, blast away, don't get personal! Knotty Fox (This message has been edited by knottyfox)
  13. Is it possible to have an entire forum with pleasant conversation where exchanging ideas and experience prevails? Is it necessary to bow out our chests and pound on it stating that I am the Hero to Scouting? So many forums turn ugly or challenging! Why do so many folks find it necessary to brow beat their views to others? Why is it so important to be right on an issue of grammer? Often, someone may state something that is not exactly right, yet their intent is clear and somebody is waiting to pounce! It may be a word that is incorrect or a sentance or maybe a complete statement. How many fanta
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