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    • There currently is no planned/organized presence for the OA at WSJ. To my knowledge the OA was not invited as it is a uniquely a U.S organization.
    • So, I'm reminded that no matter what the deadline, there will always be people who push it.  If national said "you can finish you tenure as an adult". Someone will start their 6 months of tenure the day after their 18th birthday.  There would then be an article about the great Scout who had to complete his tenure as an adult, but was denied the rank.  If you keep saying "we'll make an exception", then it will never end. It stinks, but it's reality.
    • And a few hours ago I sat in the front row as the only vigil on the team, a 20 year old ceremonialist in the role of Meteu draped a Vigil " cookie " over his father's head, and told him that he needed a new sash. 
    • I went to an engeering school like RPI.  I am an engineer today.   There is a lot if truth to this.
    • When unread “technicality” I immediately thought something like a Merit Badge was completed but not recorded properly, or paperwork was turned in but a signature was in the wrong place, or maybe he had an extended illness that delayed him. Those are technicalities beyond the Scouts control. There are remedies for those situations. But the time in rank is a well known and well documented requirement. That requirement nearly caught up with me more than 3 decades ago, it has nearly caught up with several Eagles I have mentored. It did trip up one I mentored. It is not a technicality, it is a requirement. And it’s not one I hear people complain about being unfair. I do not feel sorry for him, he had a good Scouting experience based on the article. It looks like he has good character based on his comments. I say congratulations on what you have achieved. Nothing is preventing him from continuing as a Scouter, most Scouters are not Eagles. If he chooses not to become a Scouter based solely on feeling slighted by not earning his Eagle then he probably shouldn’t have earned it in the first place. If he does become a Scouter he will have a significant life lesson to pass on to his Scouts. It’s not a technicality if you show up for a college exam 2 hours late and fail the test. It’s not a technicality if you fail to take a licensing exam prior to your deadline. It’s not a technicality if you don’t complete a project by the time the client needs it. If there is some technicality, like I listed above, then I would support National In giving him some more time, but I don’t see that in the article.  Eagle Scout is not a participation trophy given out because you tried hard or you are a good kid, it is earned based on then prevailing rules. Congratulations to this young man, it appears he has a bright future with or without having earned Eagle.
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