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93 Days Till We Board The Bus

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Jamboree Troop 412 met tonight.

The more time I spend with this bunch of Lads the more I like them, they are going to have a super Jamboree.

This is my last try at serving as SM. Hopefully I'll get it right this time!!

We are going a day early to avoid the traffic jam that day one might turn out to be.

All the Medical Forms are done.

Name Plates are ordered.

Troop and Jamboree T-shirts are ordered.

Gateway is 75% done.

Patrol Flags need work. One Patrol is done one Patrol is on the way and two Patrols need a nudge. I will E-mail the SPL later.

Swim tests are done.

All patches are ordered.

No more fund raising - Hooray!!

Plans for the shakedown will be finalized at the Jamboree Committee meeting. Our 11th Committee meeting.

Loading the truck is going to be a pain. Trying to get all the gear on while there are still Lads going to camp after the shakedown is hard.

I still have to work with our Home Town Reporters.

Still need to order the Emergency Preparedness Awards.

But so far so good.

It's going to be great.

I'm going to have a blast.


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Very Cool! You should have a great time.


I went to the 1973 Jamboree in Idaho when I was a boy. It was lots of fun.


One bit of advice I'd give based upon my experience as a youth is to do as much as you can to get the patrols together beforehand so they have time to get to know each other, to bond, and to gain that "patrol" mentality. It doesn't have to be camping - it can be several one-day activities that have patrols work together on skills or goals, much like a Klondike Derby.

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