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We had everything planned and ready for the Troop to arrive at the Jamboree on Monday. There has been a change of plans and we will now arrive on Sunday.

The invite to arrive early had nothing to do with my extremely good looking knees, but was made so as to help keep things moving on the Monday.

I think it will be better for our Scouts. They will have a little extra time to get the site set up and a day to go and explore, finding out where everything is.

One of the ASM's from the other Troop said that he could if need be keep his Scouts in their site till Monday!! I just raised my eyes toward Heaven.

I'm really looking forward to meeting as many Forum Members as possible. The Beaver is bringing bug juice and Bob White has a surprise. I just hope it has nothing to do with him singing!! Only thing worse would be my singing.


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E, if Bob White's secret is what he's doing, I already know, but I'm NOT sharing!! BUT, he shall be well-known by the end;)


I'm gonna have to make sure and meet as many as possible.


If anybody gets a chance, stop by the Rappel Tower in Action Center D (NER)


I'll probably be hanging out. If not, I may be able to make a few trips to different camps during my free time.

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We will be arriving at the Jambo on Monday afternoon. We have a tour of the White House set up in the morning and then will travel to the Jamboree. If anyone would like come and visit us in the Central Region, Sub-Camp 11, Troop 1113. I'll be the one sitting in camp enjoying the sites.


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