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National Jamboree Welcomes Visitors - But When?

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Every day, beginning Wednesday, July 27, and continuing through Tuesday, August 2, the jamboree will be open to visitors. Hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Visitors will be permitted to stay until 11 p.m. only to attend the arena shows on July 27 and 31.


On entering the jamboree site, guests will be directed to the public information tent in the main parking lot. There they will receive directions to regions, subcamps, or activity areas

This was in the Troop Leader Guide Book, and is what I have told all our parents.

Today I received the May-June 2005 Scouting Magazine, in News Briefs it states:

Plan to visit between Tuesday July 26 and Tuesday Aug 2, 2005.

Now I really am confused!!


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One of the risks the BSA took in holding the Jamboree on a military base is that the home security "color code" could very easily change when visitors and even anyone may enter or exit the base. While I think it was a risk worth taking, it is a risk none the less.

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According to what I have read and seen, national says that visitors are welcome from Wednesday, July 27 through Tuesday, August 2. Most days the hours for visitors are 9am to 5pm. However, on days with the big shows, like July 27, the hours for visitors will be 12:00 noon to 11pm.

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Ah, Jambo.


I guess I am going to miss it this year.


I have made both of the two Jambos since I crossed over from Cubs.


In 97 I was a visitor and in 01 I was a troop member.


I had hoped to do 05 as staff.

However my council needs me at camp, and so I will be at camp. Of coarse camp does end on the 23rd of July, so perhaps I could take an end of summer road trip. Eh, who knows.


Too bad Jambo staff has to be there so much earlier than the start date.

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