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    • Would love to see it? Maybe worth a "show us your jac shirt" thread of it's own? I mean, if we are going to make a brag jacket, we might as well brag about it, right?
    • YUP!!! I always say "If you make 'em choose, you gonna lose!"  Do your sports and come to whatever meetings and outings you can. If you want an elected position...then it's a different conversation.
    • Position patches, maybe,. Places gone to, events visited,  horary stuff, sure.  This is the adult version of the "Brag Vest".   Be aware, there are SERIOUS patch collectors out there.  When you sew on, sew on TIGHT, and  keep track of the coat. PUT YOUR NAME IN IT IN PERMANENT INK.  Maybe a phone number , too.   I have heard stories of Scouters sitting at a big campfire event and realized SOMEONE was attempting to razor blade a patch off their back !  A Scout is ... but some may not be... Treat your jacket as a "work in progress".  Mine has enough space for a few more, as the mood and event strike me.  See you on the trail....     
    • Neat story. This is why local Newspapers are so important.    
    • Just to wrap this one up...in case anyone was keeping score....after discussions with the COR, the District Executive, and the Council Executive, this Scouter was asked to step down from any and all leadership positions in the Troop. It was painful because this person's heart was in the right place, but the decision was in the best interest of scouting. Thanks everyone for their input and guidance.
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