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    • The temporary transition rules very clearly state that "all requirements must be completed while the individual is a registered member of Scouts BSA, or after achieving the First-Class Rank in Scouts BSA (as specified in the BSA Guide to Advancement, an individual after earning First Class Rank in Scouts BSA may transfer primary membership to Venturing or Sea Scouts and continue to work on Eagle Scout requirements)."  All requirements means all requirements. The part about "after earning First Class Rank in Scouts BSA" refers to how Scouts can transfer their membership from a troop to a Venturing crew or a Sea Scout ship and continue their Scouts BSA advancement there as a qualified Venturer or Sea Scout as long as they meet the age requirements or get a time extension (GTA sections and The transition rules also state that work done (including nights of camping) while a registered Venturer, registered Sea Scout, or while participating unofficially prior to joining the Scouts BSA program do not count.  It is clear that national wants all female Scouts to have a level playing field and start at the same place. The transition rules also state that "Eagle Scout requirements are set by the National Council and cannot be adjusted by a troop, district or council."
    • Oh yeah, another "no" vote on a Webelos 3 type group. Get the girls involved FROM THE START with the planning. This is super important. Adults can take care of the boring stuff like charter paperwork, but the Scouts need to be presented with their books and then "Ok, figure out how you're going to accomplish this and what you want to do first. We'll be over here in the corner to answer questions. Let us know when you have a plan and if there's a problem with the plan you create we'll help you work through it."  I'm doing my homework to see which camps in the region still have space for the summer and what the cost will be (I think our local council camps are full) but that's only going to come out if the girls say "we think we want to attend a Council camp." I want to anticipate questions and have some answers ready because we're so short on time for the summer; but I still don't want to take the wheel. 
    • Some believe that self-servingness in the desire to be first does not represent the noble image of the Eagle. You may not agree, but is that opinion sinister?  Is agreeing to disagree agreeably really so hard?  LOL!  Silly me, I already said that.  Barry
    • I don't think that is valid. Are suggesting that a Canadian female scout from Canada that completed work equivalent to First Class in 2018 would not be eligible to have that work considered if she moved to the US in 2019? If so, is there some verbiage that would support that interpretation? I am open to being incorrect but I've not read anything that would suggest that. Thanks. Let's please not infer something sinister about her motives, please.
    • Like @Eagle94-A1 said, if you are with a troop, then you would typically wear the green on tan unit numerals (at least, according to the current BSA Guide to Awards and Insignia).  However, some troops do their own thing.  Cub Scout packs and Venturing crews usually wear the white on red unit numerals. Also, there are 2 different shads of green for shoulder loops.  One shade of green is for troops, the other is for Venturing. https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2014/07/30/different-colors-scouting-shoulder-loops-mean/
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