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    • I’m not completely sure what you want here.  It sounds like your boyfriend is free to come to activities, but he has to stay with you— is that right?  He’s not banned.  It sounds like he planned to go to the event with you for the day and then bring the younger children home for the night.  The Cubmaster’s request didn’t make this impossible.  I’m sure it was embarrassing— it’s hard to be reminded that he’s still a subject of gossip.  But by then refusing to attend when conditions were placed on him, he also contributed to the outcome.  You say his son will be a Lion next year— how much better for his son if his dad, who has a history, has already begun the hard work of proving himself to the Pack. You seem very focused on the unfairness of this.  Gently, I’d urge you to let that go if possible.  Your boyfriend’s worst moment was in the papers.  He’s going to have to deal with that and face the consequences, including the social consequences.  Why can’t he go to events?  Why should his embarrassment and feelings prevent him from supporting your son?  If he has changed, the only way for people to j ow that is if he shows them.  Refusing to attend events and comply with requests makes it seem like he will only be involved if his past is forgotten or swept under the rug.  He’s going to have to come to events, be involved, be positive.  That’s how you get people to move on, not by refusing to attend and staying home. I also think you are forgetting how quick this all is.  I don’t know when the conviction occurred, but he’s not even off probation.  You’ve been together less than a year.  I don’t know when his marriage ended, but he has a two year old daughter.  In ten years, nobody will think a thing of this.  Right now, it’s still very fresh.  Be patient.
    • "  Let's eat granma !"     "Let's eat, (comma) granma !" Boys' life,,,,     Boy's Life Scout Life , , , ,    Scouts'   Life , , ,    Scout's    Life , , ,  When the first Scout Handbook (" Scouting for Boys" was it?) was published by Mr. Baden-Powell,   why did the idea take off?   Why did  boys (and girls  don't forget ! ) flock to the idea of an organization that encouraged, taught,  idealized woodsy skills, self reliance,  patriotism,  world brotherhood (sisterhood?) . . .   a hundred plus years ago,  if B-P hadn't told his wife that she could start a female equivalent, but COULD NOT call it "Scouting", where might we be now ?    Perhaps this is all about doing right what should 've been done all along ?    I favor putting that comma/apostrophe in it's right place.    Make it    Scouts'  Life.    Write the letter/email. 
    • Actually the CSE very specifically said, on multiple occasions, the BSA is not going co-ed.  Are you saying the CSE lied to us? 😱
    • OK, but I'm curious as to what specifics put you off? To lead you a bit if TSA were to say they like the look of BSA and are going to remodel on you I can think of things that I think would work and would be an improvement and things I don't think would work. Things I'd welcome Your uniforms. (with the exception of the badge sash) Your shirts look much better than ours. Particularly the blue one for cubs. Bigger emphasis on the patrol system, would like to see it used more in the explorer section in particular Things I'd not welcome. Combining scouts and explorers to run to 18. Not sure it works with natural peer groups here. Chartering organisations. I wouldn't want to see scouting controlled by other bodies. Albeit we already have a small number of "closed" groups. Those are purely examples and not exhaustive. It's just a prompt more than anything! I'm certainly not trying to provoke an argument. I'm just curious as to what you see, whether it's actually accurate and what you like and dislike about it.
    • I didn't really intend to start a tangent, but the way that the family life merit badge requirement is currently worded, it leads me to believe that part of the intent behind the requirement is for the Scout to think about what makes an effect father in order to get the Scout to think about his own potential future role as a father. "7a. Your understanding of what makes an effective father and why, and your thoughts on the father’s role in the family." That's why, in my opinion (and I could be wrong), it doesn't ask about what makes an effective mother or parent - although it does ask about the Scout's understanding of the responsibilities of a parent in the next requirement.  That's also why, IMO, if they wanted to keep the same intent behind the requirement, it would make sense to change it to ask boys what makes an effective father and to ask girls what makes an effective mother - instead of the more generic "parent".
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