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No Medical? No camp. No Refund.

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    In regards to docs and forms, in my neck of the woods, it is SOP at the offices I'm familiar with that if you drop off the form after a physical they charge you a fee and it can take 1-2 weeks for them to fill out. I'm out in the boonies, we have a physician shortage, and that's SOP because they do get so many.

    Now this may be just my physician, but the last 2 times I went for the annual physical, because the paperwork was involved, it was coded as if it was an activity-related physical with forms filled out and not an annual physical. So my insurance wouldn't pay initially and I had to bug the heck out of physicians office to get it recoded. Helps to know coders who can give you the exact ICD-9 or ICD-10 code ( sorry don't remember which one it was) that is used for medical records and billing.

    But from what I'm hearing in regards to medical records, coding, billing, etc,I have a feeling that this will start becoming more and more of the norm. Medicare/Medicaid is getting really anal retentive on this stuff, and the insurance companies are following suit.

    Give you a hypothetical on some of the issues. Say a medical case involved XYZ disease and ABC procedure on the right lower arm. If the doctor's records code it as a 123.092 XYZ disease and ABC procedure on the right lower arm but the hospital's records say123.09 XYZ disease and ABC procedure on the right l23.09 XYZ disease and ABC procedure on the right lower arm, because neither the hospital nor the physician will get paid. AND if they did get paid, not only will they have to pay it pack, they will also have to pay a penalty for accepting the money in the first place.

    One reason I'm assuming why many physicians are selling their practices to hospitals.


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      1) agree on the premise that no form, no ride from the troop. That leaves it in the parents' court to fix

      2) make copies.... Our troop med form coordinator lost both my part C and my son's, and I was the one leading camp this year, which meant I was the one saying "no for, no ride" for the previous three months

      3) it doesn't look like the binder with out forms was ever opened by the camp staff....

      The last two forms were handed in at our gear shakeout for new Scouts. There's no reason the have them any sooned than that in my book.


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        This is what we do:

        (1)No form, no ride to camp. This includes campouts.

        (2)We will make as much of the form business easy on the parents. We will help you fill it out. Lots of announcements, email reminders, extra forms at meetings, notaries at meetings, list of local drug stores, etc and their physical costs. We also will accept scans, will ride to a person's house to pick it up, etc. So it aint like we try.

        (3) We scan everything and encourage parents to keep the original.

        (4) We have two hard copy notebook of everyone's forms. One goes with the SM or a ASM. The other stays with the "form Czar".

        (5) A 2nd person carries a thumbdrive of the above.

        (6) The "Form Czar" can also email or fax anyforms from "homebase" during camp. This helped on a midnight hospital run when a camp staffer took our form and promptly lost it. We were able to email a pdf right away.