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  1. The Scouts in our Troop are disgusted by this stupid behavior. And then the lying to top it off. Do they really think anyone will buy such BS? This story is all over the news, just as we start our fund raiser! It's time for them to man-up and admit they did wrong and will face the consequences. Does anyone know what Troop they are from? I'd really like to write them a letter.
  2. On a winter camping trip, setting up camp at 4F, in the dark, whilst it's snowing and a bit windy, is anyone really thinking about sex? Seriously? They may be thinking about God, but not whether they like boys or girls. The most important things really do matter when life is on a knife edge. Survival at quite low temperatures shows us down the most important things. I really do try to make every camping trip - regardless of the time of year - so intense and so focused on Scoutcraft and campcraft that no one has anytime to even think of such things.
  3. Do you have a sponsor? Get that taken care of now, as well as all the paperwork needed to bring the Troop into existence. Work with the sponsor to find a space you can meet in and the best time to have your meetings. Once the foundation is in place, get the word out. Let the Scouts you know, as well as your contacts in the Cub Packs, know that they now have an option to attend a Troop in their own town. Some may be delighted, other may want to stay where they are. Most of your Scouts may end up coming from the Cub Packs. Once you have a group of Scouts, set up Patrols and a Pa
  4. This is really silly -- they just lower it in a cage! I thought they really tossed it! But I think this one is worse... http://www.nytimes.com/2012/11/13/us/vermont-college-euthanizes-one-ox-spares-another.html http://www.cattlenetwork.com/cattle-news/Commentary-The-oxen-goeth-179370001.html?ref=001
  5. A sad day for Scouting... http://www.kellyclarkattorney.com/files/
  6. Here's what I'd tell him: "Big deal, so what, who cares? I don't want to know, and neither does anyone else. Why in the world do you even need to make such an announcement? We have better things to do in Scouting than bring up issues like sex or politics! Get off your high horse, you're really not that important! Shut up and go build a fire without any matches! Go out and identify all the trees around camp. Lash a tripod to hold up the wash station. Identify that bird up there. Teach those younger Scouts how to tie the rescue knot with one hand. You're the Patrol cook, so get
  7. Still, the Bacon Explosion is tempting... and what better way to actually manifest a shortage?
  8. I've seen similar things happen with our local sports teams. Scout can barely pay our annual $30 registration fee, and cannot go to summer camp unless the Troop provides a campership. But football, baseball, or soccer fees and uniform costs that are easily 2 or 3 times summer camp costs are taken care of without a problem. Not that I have a problem with sports -- I believe in a well rounded teenage boy. But I know that these same parents wouldn't even think of not paying the required sports fees in full and on time.
  9. Had a similar situation as Basementdweller at round table several years ago with regard to summer camp. They had a large white board at the front of the room with all the individual units listed. One by one we had to come forward and write where we were going for summer camp. Those that were going to our council camp were given a prize, applauded, and given nods of approval by District officials. Those, such as myself, that put down an out of council camp were treated to a stoney silence and looks of disbelief by District officials. It was very uncomfortable. I was embarrassed and felt l
  10. Here's a tasty & healthy recipe that you might want to make sooner than later... http://www.bbqaddicts.com/blog/recipes/bacon-explosion/
  11. Bacon really is one of my favorite spices, especially with beef stew! I think I'll survive the alleged shortage, as I don't need large quantities, but it is a critical ingredient.
  12. After writing the rather bleak message above, I thought I'd check the District website and print out the calendar for our upcoming 2013 planning session. No calendar. Last time the web site was updated was April. Oh well. Alone again, naturally.
  13. During my first 10 years of being an SM, I drank the Kool-Aid and was very active in our District. Never missed a round table, participated and staffed many District events, and went University of Scouting year after year. I think my burn out and current low involvement can be traced to three name and border changes to our District over 12 years. Our large District was cut into thirds just after I got involved. Then these were bisected again into 7 smaller Districts a few years later, then after four years we merged into one even bigger District. At no time was I contacted to see what
  14. In our Troop, less than a third of the Scouts have a parent either on the committee or as a Scoutmaster. I do not see that the other two thirds suffer or are less successful in Scouting because their parents are not an official BSA registered leader in the Troop. Having an active participatory parent is helpful, but not always a guarantee of success. I've seen many Scouts of "drop-n-go" parents make it to Eagle just fine. Bottom line: If a parent is not a leader, for what ever reason, the Scout can still participate and excel in Scouting! It happens! The gay leader issue focu
  15. Alas, the point of my post was neither to have a tantrum nor to accuse an offended Cub Mom of something she didn't do. It was to point out that it's not about her, but about her son. And should she be offended by being told that folks like her can't be a leader? Yes! And of course it'd understandable that she would feel like taking her marbles and going home. But how does that help her son? To pull him away from his friends, so he can sit at home or in front of the TV while they have all the fun? Sorry, but there are all kinds of things in this world that offend, but sometimes we just n
  16. CalicoPenn, as far as I'm concerned, I do not want to know what someone does in their home, in their bedroom, in their very own bed! It's not only none of my business, it's nobodies business! Who they love is their very own business as well. I do not need or want to know. I concur, "Its not the end of the world if there are gay leaders!" And things will likely change to this effect. But right now, here and now, the rule of BSA is that gays cannot be leaders. The point of my rant is that that doesn't have to exclude the sons of gay parents her and now. Yes, we may all want to ch
  17. Im getting really tired of this whole "gay & the Scouts" issue being caged as some kind of a monumental civil rights issue. When it comes right down to it, its a bunch of selfish adults who are throwing a temper tantrum because they cant be a leader! So I have a very simple message for these folks: Guess what? Its not about you! Its about your son! So what if you cant be an official Scout Leader! Big deal! Who cares? Get over it!! You can still be an active parent! Your son can still be a Boy Scout and experience all Scouting has to offer. And you can be there to help him d
  18. Two Scout families who had moved to another town ~20 miles away stayed with our Troop despite several Troops in the towns they moved to. The had to drive though rush hour traffic both ways, yet continued to attend on a regular basis and participate in activities and camping trips. Recently, after his parents divorced, a Scout decided not to move to a beach town with his mom, but instead stay with his dad (how is barely supportive of Scouting) so he could stay with our Troop. There's a Troop in the town his mom moved to, but he did not want to leave our Troop.
  19. When my daughter, and several daughters of other Scout Leaders were in the Girl Scouts, I became the Troop Camping Adviser, and was a registered Girl Scout Leader. The girls were all very jealous of their Boy Scout brothers and wanted to go camping just like the Boy Scouts. So we did go camping 4 times a year, although our winter camping trip was in a cabin, it wasn't camping to me, but since they had to use the outhouse, it fully qualified for them! Especially on one trip at -9F!! We took the girls to the same camping places we took the Boy Scouts to, and they loved it. Girls like to
  20. Camping is sleeping outside. When we go winter camping, we will sometimes rent a cabin at a Boy Scout camp for cooking and safety sake, but all Scouts and most leaders (save for 1 or 2 fire tenders) sleep out side in tents. We have used Adirondacks too, and at 4F, it qualifies as sleeping outside as far as I'm concerned. But sleeping inside a cabin is not camping.
  21. A rank a year works just fine. Why rush it? Scouting is more than advancement!
  22. I was vexed by this when I became Scoutmaster as well. I was a bit overwhelmed with all those Scouts and wondering what to do with them week after week. At that time, our outings were sporadic, no PLC existed, and there was no activity schedule. I instituted a PLC and a monthly outing on the second weekend of each and every month through out the year. These two changes, although they took several years to really become part of the Troop culture, have made all the difference in what we do as a Troop. The monthly activities drive what we do in our Troop meetings. Out of the four mo
  23. We are very active in the summer, and use the time kids are off from school to take extended camping trips. We usually extended our June camping by a day, coming back Monday afternoon. In August we have a six day five day camping trip, leaving Friday morning and returning Wednesday afternoon. This year we established a base camp on the weekend and then did a three day backpacking trip, returning to camp on Tuesday before heading home on Wednesday. I can't imagine not camping in the summer, 'cause this really is the time to get out and stay out long enough to really do some camping!
  24. I appreciate the advice, and will look carefully at the Sawyer Squeeze -- it looks good! I think the Scouts would like it, as they are always squeezing the other Sawyer anyway! It also sounds like we need to do more to pre-filter as well, so I'm going to work on modifying the big Katadyn base camp bag with a cloth or coffee filter to get the big particulate out before it goes to the Sawyer. I reckon that will be far cheaper than buying the $50 replacement filter!!
  25. Well, this was our second year taking an extended 6-day August backpacking trip in the wilds of West Virginia, and I'm compelled to report that both our Katadyn Base Camp Water Filter and Sawyer Water Filter slowed considerably due to some rather turbid water. I was able to do a field-level back flush with the Sawyer, and keep it going at a slow but acceptable rate, but the Katadyn clogged to the point it was non-usable. Once were were back to running water, I was able to properly back flush the Sawyer filter, and it now runs at a good rate. We're now we are faced with a decision - do
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