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    Camp Shands

    While we haven't been down for summer camp yet (DH's boys get to start going this year as Webelos), we have been to Shands for our Cuboree and other council events. It is a really nice place. There isn't much around, though--it's not a quick trip to the corner store kind of place. Our scouts, in the pack,that went the last two for Webelos said they had fun, and stayed busy, but it wasn't the "hurry up, we have to go now now now" that they get at Cuboree. They don't have their Cub/Webelos information posted up yet, but you can get the BS guide on here. http://www.campshands.org/
  2. CCbytrickery

    Pack First Aid Kit

    We carry a first aid kit with us, in addition to the one the Pack has. The Pack one is small, red with white cross on it, and I keep it stocked with our personal supplies. It hangs in the trailer by the door, so it is accessable. Ours is in a plastic tackle box (bought new). (The husband does home hemodialysis and we get sent a massive amount of tape, gauze, alcohol pads, iodine pads, gloves, masks, etc---more than we could use in a month. The company won't send us less than the full order unless I get the clinic nurse to sign off on it, and the position has spent more time empty than full.) I usually carry: iodine/alcohol pads; gauze (2x2, 4x4, wrap); paper tape; Bactine; anti-itch cream; ibuprofen (adult and child); benadryl; non latex gloves; masks; non latex bandaids; moleskin; scissors; nail clippers; tweezers; cold medicine (adult and child); pepto; blue chuks; ankle wrap; instant ice packs; Tegaderms (2 sizes); safety pins and thermometer. Probably more stuff than that, I'd have to check, but the hubby has it in the car right now.
  3. CCbytrickery

    Toy guns at scouting functions

    Dean Airsoft should NOT be allowed to anyone under 16 and in protective gear. Some of those guns can leave a pretty nasty mark. Airsoft guns at Walmart are the bottom of the barrel, but can still leave a good welt. Paint the orange tips on them, and they look real. My husband was in an Airsoft league for a few years---grown men out in the desert and swamps (NV and FL), playing war. He had the top of his head split open by a single BB. One guy in DH's league had his...sac...ruptured by a hit. They wear a lot of protective gear---goggles are the minimum, face masks are better; body armor is the norm for a lot of these guys (mostly current or former military or police). No toys at campouts outside of tents--except for younger siblings. No guns or knives (real or fake) at campouts ever--except if you have your whittlin' chit. That solves a lot of our problems before they start. BTW, I don't have a problem with guns, real or fake. We own 5 rifles/handguns/shotguns (DS has his own .22 rifle); DH has 6 or 7 different Airsoft guns (and they all look real--no orange tips on these); DS has a Daisy BB gun (hasn't put his eye out yet), 5 or 6 Nerf guns and 3 water guns. My favorite Nerf gun shoots the green disks--DH will be sitting in his chair in the living room, and DS will shoot the green disk Nerf down the hall, bounce it off two walls and then it will hit DH. I don't care, at home, if DS is playing cowboys and Indians with his buddies, as long as they aren't using anything with a projectile (nerf/water being the exception).
  4. CCbytrickery

    Medical Forms for Family Overnighter

    We require a medical form for each person attending any portion of a campout or event. Adult, sibling, scout....all need a form.
  5. CCbytrickery

    Pinewood Derby Cars

    Our pack holds a Pinewood Derby workshop on a Saturday. We have 3 or 4 parents with woodworking tools--they bring them up to our meeting place. They run the electric saws/drills/etc. The boys decide on their designs, the adults cut them out. The boys can then sand them and paint them at home. It's not required, it's just something we like to do for those who have non-handy parents (like my son, haha).
  6. CCbytrickery

    Thank god your here......

    (Don't take this as an attack. Just my angry opinion) I wonder..do those adults that are coming up to you thanking God for Boy Scouts because of the gay leader issue....are they at all upset or angry or worried about the PEDOPHILE issue? Ya know, the guys who were molesting boys.....not the gay men, who are in commited relationships with other adults, but the guys who like to diddle kids? Or are they all just "OH MY GOD< TEH GAYS ARE HERE!!!" I wonder if any of them stepped up to voice their support for the boy in school coerced into a relationship with his teacher or the girl whose father was raping her? Or are they just concerned with the morality of a gay man/woman? Does it really matter to you what someone else does in their bedroom, as long as they with another consenting ADULT? Why should it matter to them? People seem to have this misconception that being gay means you'll do anything. As long as they (by they, I mean anyone--even you BD) aren't having sex in front of me or my kids, I couldn't give a rats bottom for what anyone does in the privacy of their own home with another adult--gay or straight. I have several gay/lesbian friends...and their relationships are more honest than many of the "straight" married people we know. Less cheating, more open affection. I'd rather my child see a loving, honest relationship between two men or women than the marriage between a man and woman that involves cheating, schemeing, lying, anger, abuse. (Not saying those don't happen in gay relationships either, but as I said, the majority of our gay friends have better relationships than the straight ones.) (Ok, I'm done now. I was going to say I hope I didn't make anyone angry, but truthfully, I hope I made someone angry about the discrimination gay/lesbian people face. People being hypocrites bothers me, and for all the talk of love thy neighbor, a lot of people act like it's love thy neighbor unless he is gay.)
  7. CCbytrickery

    So there is a couple of scout parents.............

    It bothers us also. "We don't have the time" when asked to help with knot-tying, but they can sit at the meeting and spend that same amount of time playing on their cell phones. Our den dues are $1 a week. Last year, it went to snack and we just used the supplies that we had bought when DS was a Tiger the year before that. (I spent probably $100 on supplies for the group the first year.) Out of 24 boys, 14 brought dues this week. My husband is on the kidney transplant list, and we drive a falling apart 2000 minivan. We do have cable but that is our only vice--no drinking/smoking or vacations. They complain about not having enough to get their nails done (or they get their nails done and complain about not having food). We pay our dues and camping fees and everything else because we want our son to understand that bills and obligations come first. And we have parents who complain that our dues are too high, but won't do the popcorn sales to help fatten the coffers so that we can subsidize their costs. Responsibility...it's a dying art.
  8. CCbytrickery

    What are the biggest issues in your Pack keeping Cubs?

    At the beginning of this scout year (Bear), DH's den lost a boy due to his dad's change of station; one boy to sports; and one boy who didn't really want to be there or follow instructions, so he and his mom bailed. (from last years Wolves) He started with 17-18 Tigers. Lost 5 or 6 by Wolf start, added a few more, and is now sitting on 28 Bears. We'll lose at least 4 of those this week (signed up and paid but never showed). We've lost them because of parents (being involved/not being involved/bringing in boyfriends that despise scouting). There has been only one boy that my husband wishes he could have kept (well, two, but one came back this year), and he left because mom was bouncing back to ex-husband #2 (not his dad) in another state. Still breaks my heart when I think about him.
  9. CCbytrickery

    NC Scout dies after falling off cliff

    All our thoughts and prayers to his family and troop.
  10. CCbytrickery

    In the Scout Shop today...

    I believe our pack is striving to do so, and our dens mostly do. There is a bit too much bookwork, IMO. DH is having to decide if he wants to teach them fiances or how to write a letter--not really what we envisioned we said "let's send son to Scouts". But, at our pack meeting on Tuesday, we had the reptile guy come, with turtles, monitors, skinks, a small gator, and lots of snakes. Made me /shudder but the kids ate it up! We have a one night campout coming up, to teach parents/scouts who have never camped before (or never scout camped) how we do things. Then we have Cuboree and 2 more campouts planned, then our big meeting at the USS Midway. Doing the big meeting once a year, my goal is to set places our boys may never go without their families--I'm resisting the parent's urges to go to Disney or SeaWorld...
  11. CCbytrickery

    How Much to Charge For Joining A Pack?

    SP: We charge $65 for the Webelos, as they are earning both belt loops/pins and badges (or whatever they are called at the Web level). Also pays for their AoL stuff. They attend Day, aquatics and Webs camps, so they can earn a lot of things. We charge $45 for the Tigers, because their parents are coming in needing to buy uniforms for the first time--and every little bit helps. Most will not attend day camp (as the hours are not conducive for working parents) so their belt loops/pins will be lower. We charge $55 for the Wolves/Bears because we figure they will be earning more belt loops/pin than the Tigers. This is where they start hitting their stride at day and aquatics camps. BD: It's no harder to track than what level they are. We use PackLedger and can assign what is due at what level. Easy peasy. The dens do not receive craft items from the pack. They must be purchased or given by the parents/den leaders. That's why most of our dens have dues. The Tigers do a craft a week, it seems. The Wolves do fewer, but the Bears start back up, with the more expensive things. My husband's Bears this year are doing: bird houses, tool boxes, electric motors, crystal radios (we hope), weather stations, plus carvings from soap and florist foam. (This message has been edited by ccbytrickery)
  12. CCbytrickery

    Pack Dues For 2nd Year Webelos

    We charge the full amount for Web 2s. $55. They do not pay the advancement fee, however--they don't need another new book, necker/slide or set of colors. In addition to their getting the belt loops and pins for a 2nd time, they also get their badges (or whatever they are called at this level). Plus their Arrow of Light stuff.
  13. CCbytrickery

    Getting New Parents Involved in the Pack

    We have a core group of parents that just always help out. However, this year, they are gone (moved to BS last March) and the support is lacking. We've relied on the den leaders to lead things. This year, we can't--the Web2 DL has a daughter whose a senior in high school this year--lots of college trips and other events. My husband (Bear DL) was just placed on the transplant list for a kidney, so we cannot commit to leading anything for the next few years...when the call comes in, we have to drop everything for 6-8 weeks. We have made it clear to the parents that if they DO NOT step up, then activities will be cancelled. Basically, I try to get to know the people before I need them--find out what they are interested in or what they are good at. Then I simply take the sign up form with me and flat out ask. I have the DLs ask (two do so with no problems, and I think this year Tigers dens are going to step up, they were asking all kinds of questions and stepping right in). If all else fails, I send in the CM. No one says no when he asks.
  14. CCbytrickery

    How Much to Charge For Joining A Pack?

    Our pack dues: Tiger 45 Wolf/Bear 55 Web 65 This is IN ADDITION to the fees from BSA. All get a book and pack tshirt. Webelos also get their colors. Rank, belt loops/awards, pack meeting activities, PWD car and Christmas gifts. Also, we are able to take care of part of every campout (except our big May Event---that is full cost)...so a campout that can cost $25 a person is only costing them $10. Also, we purchase supplies that we need, such as a new coffee maker for campouts or a dining fly. There are extra den shirts available to purchase at $10 each. We make a $3 profit after shirts and printing. For returning boys, they pay the above fees plus a $10 advancement fee. This gets them the necker, slide and book. Dens can have den dues to cover their costs or they can have parents supply the items needed. I found it easier to have the dues and get what you need all at once--then you know you have it and it's all the same.
  15. CCbytrickery

    Getting Dens Started

    We've always had a parent or two step up for Tigers. Until they are on their feet and running, a council member (CC, AC, or secretary usually) helps get things rolling. We usually just add the new boys in with the old boys. Only if it grows too big, will we split them...and then it's lottery to see who goes in what den. Usually a parent or two steps up for this as well.