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    To many, the highest 'rank' is Scoutmaster, and that would trump any other position.


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      While it really does not surprise me too much, I am saddened by those that simply refuse to allow the expediant decision of Local Option as the logical and workable compromise. What those now demanding total capitulation are doing is attempting to change not just BSA, but any Charter Organizations that would continue to not support the Agenda due to their organization's tenets. And that then puts the LGBT group into the same position it has challenged BSA on in the first place. It would no longer mean a child could not join BSA period, but rather they would have to find a group whose sponsor met their personal criteria. I guess the idea of compromise is now joining the simple premise of common sense. Someone recently stated that the LGBT groups would "never" stop until they destroyed the BSA, and I scoffed, thinking they could actually be reasonable people. And maybe most of them actually are, but the ones pushing things are not it appears.


      • AZMike
        AZMike commented
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        "The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of a passionate intensity. Mere anarchy is loosed on the world, and everywhere, the ceremony of innocence is drowned."

        Yeah, there should be room for compromise between reasonable people, but those who are pushing this for GLAAD, the ACLU, the LGBT Defense Fund, et al, have a different agenda than making Scouting better, and many probably don't care if they destroy the organization as long as they accomplish their goals. Those who are pushing for a local option on the other hand have the goal of helping Scouting, we just disagree about methods and results.

      • Merlyn_LeRoy
        Merlyn_LeRoy commented
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        You know, if the BSA hadn't been so pigheaded to begin with, maybe this would have never been an issue. After all, everyone in Dale's unit wanted him to stay, but the BSA forced him out.

        I really have NO sympathy.

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      Merlyn, while I am fairly certain you will disagree, the reality is that if Dale had not happened, the groups noted above would have found other excuses, because their goal has nothing to do with the benefit of the group, and all to do with their agenda. And, while you will claim they have no agenda, it is fairly clear to most of us that they do. Have a nice day.


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        Again you missed the point skeptic; the BSA insisted on kicking out gays, even when the members of that unit wanted to keep them. The BSA is ONLY being treated the SAME way they treated others.


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          I just returned from a meeting of SR Area 4. Many angry Scout Executives at the meeting. They are not happy that the National office left them twisting in the wind. We left the meeting with a May 15 deadline to survey or gauge the opinions of our Council. How to do that was left to each Council.Seems difficult to ask an opinion when the proposed changes wording hasn't even been written.

          The vote will be secret ballot and only those who are National Council members can vote. Each Council has a different number of representatives. Each is represented by the Council President and Council Commissioner. In my Council we have a 3rd member who is elected at the annual business meeting. The only way to change a representative is to have them resign and elect a new person to that position. Of course, they could vote however they wish at the meeting. They could vote their conscience or the wishes of the Council membership. It's going to be an interesting 4 months.