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  1. I agree and disagree. There are plenty of exclusive private and public universities that admit only the best high school students. They have an important place in our society. I teach science at community college, whose mission, in part, is to provide second (or more) chances to students that did not do well in high school. Every quarter I have one or more single mothers who are often my best students. Most of my students are in the so-called lower middle class, supposedly the main Trump demographic. Some of them work hard and some continue the habits that put them and their families in
  2. Sorry I am late getting into this thread. I am opposed to the DRP (I don't believe in it the way it is written). I am totally OK with making this requirement part of the "local option". It doesn't bother me if a troop wants to restrict its membership so long as those members lose the authority to force everyone to. That has been the problem with the membership restrictions all along. Jim
  3. I am very excited about girls joining BSA. Eagle scout 1969, former OA lodge chief (1971). Philmont Staff Association lifetime member. Currently ineligible for BSA membership due to irreligious views.
  4. If the current youth membership stands at 2.7 million what has accounted for the decline since 1999?
  5. I do know that Boeing continues to gift match employee contributions to any BSA council. I don't think they ever stopped contributing to the BSA.
  6. I don't think Trump wanted to win in the first place. He is as surprised as everyone else that he did win.
  7. http://www.cnn.com/2017/07/27/politics/boy-scouts-trump-apology/index.html I don't see why the BSA should be the one apologizing......
  8. I am not sure of the date but I am pretty sure we had female staff members at Philmont (including rangers) before 1974....
  9. So Tampa, you are saying that the DRP is only minimally enforced? Although I have not been a BSA member for a long time, it seems to me that this varies from CO to CO. It looks to me that some are enforcing it very rigidly.
  10. As far as I can see nobody on the left telling the religious COs they have to leave the BSA or that they even have to include anyone they don't want. The Mormons are making their own decisions which seem to me to be based on losing this authority over everyone else. Opening the BSA to the irreligious and girls will be the best thing that can happen.
  11. So therefore, is Trail Life USA in violation of the charter? Hasn't the BSA successfully shut down other organizations using the charter as their authority?
  12. If I join a Unitarian church as a means of having "religion" and make sure my CO knows that there is no deception. And in my case the CO is the Unitarian church.
  13. I consider myself agnostic, and to me it means irreligious. This is why I asked the question. I do enjoy scientific inquiry into the supernatural.
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