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I have about had it with BSA's national leadership. I am seriously considering whether I can remain a member of this organization. I have been a scouter for 15 years, pack committee, Cubmaster, troop Committee Chair and for the last 8 years I have been an assistant scoutmaster. I have been crew advisor on 5 high adventure treks. The scouts that joined when my son aged out have just aged out themselves. Most earned Eagle. I have continued in scouting for the boys but I am increasingly uncomfortable with the out of date membership policy. At work I have had to be increasingly cautious about with whom I discuss my involvement in scouting. Eagle92 said it best, we are becoming a "Cultural pariah." Some would say we already are.


I guess I will hold on to May but if BSA does not change the policy I will fulfill whatever commitments I have to our troop and then leave. I am tired of explaining my continued membership to my friends, my co-workers and--most importantly--my wife.

MomtoEli: the area I live in is probably mor progressive or liberal than where you live. We had a star scout quit about ten years ago stating that he objected to the membership policy. Our membership has shrunk somewhat over the years but that probably is not because for the policy. Based on the conversations I have had I would say that more of our parents oppose the policy than support it. Many of our scouts have gay friends.


Lately, people i know seem more interested I discussing the policy than the good things scouting does for youth and the community. It is sad that scouting is becoming more identified with its membership policy than its program.

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Merlyn, while I am fairly certain you will disagree, the reality is that if Dale had not happened, the groups noted above would have found other excuses, because their goal has nothing to do with the benefit of the group, and all to do with their agenda. And, while you will claim they have no agenda, it is fairly clear to most of us that they do. Have a nice day.

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I just returned from a meeting of SR Area 4. Many angry Scout Executives at the meeting. They are not happy that the National office left them twisting in the wind. We left the meeting with a May 15 deadline to survey or gauge the opinions of our Council. How to do that was left to each Council.Seems difficult to ask an opinion when the proposed changes wording hasn't even been written.


The vote will be secret ballot and only those who are National Council members can vote. Each Council has a different number of representatives. Each is represented by the Council President and Council Commissioner. In my Council we have a 3rd member who is elected at the annual business meeting. The only way to change a representative is to have them resign and elect a new person to that position. Of course, they could vote however they wish at the meeting. They could vote their conscience or the wishes of the Council membership. It's going to be an interesting 4 months.

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