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Your most interesting SMC question

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I always ask if there's anything going on in the troop that bothers them or they don't like. Every once in a while something interesting comes out.


For the Tendefoot Scouts I always go over what is expected of them for their BOR. Some seem to worry about that.


I'm sure you'll do great. Good Luck!

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I like the 3-up / 3-down question myself...


What was the last Troop outing you attended besides a Troop meeting?


What are 3 things you liked about the outing and what are 3 things you would change / improve if you had the chance to do the outing over?


Another insightful question is... What things bother you the most about the troop? If you were SM, how would you change that?


I guess a view the SMC mostly about how the lad is getting on in the Troop and what he would change if he was in charge. Gives a good deal of feedback AND gives me insight into a scout's line of thinking and often gives a pretty good picture of what (if any) level of youth leadership he is ready for.

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Do you think the Troop has a bullying problem?


(Mixed Age Patrols)How do the older boys treat the younger boys? (from all ages--wow the feedback we get)


What is your favorite computer game? (they will not stop talking)


Do you like camping?


How is the boy leadership doing?


(all second hand from talks with SM)

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After they've been beaten over the head with in middle school by PSAs, DARE, etc. I ask potential 2nd Class candidates if drugs are bad and the universal answer I get is "yes." I then ask if they or their parents or siblings have ever been given drugs by a doctor, nurse or their own parents. Usually the answer is yes and I ask them if that is bad. "No", is the answer I get. I'm not trying to down play the dangers of drug abuse but I want them to begin to start thinking about their responses not just parrot back what they've been taught.


,i>Participate in a school, community, or troop program on the dangers of using drugs, alcohol, and tobacco and other practices that could be harmful to your health. Discuss your participation in the program with your family, and explain the dangers of substance addictions.

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Hmmmm, how the world has changed. Twitter/Facebook account? My mom always would ask: "Is what you are doing something that's going to look bad for you if it shows up on the front page of the local newspaper?" Heck, you can be 8 years old and understand how that works. I don't know what one would compare that to in today's electronic world. :)



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