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  1. The 2019 South Country Philmont map shows a spring near the Whistle Punk Camp. We hiked through the area in 2016 and did some trail work near there. A moist area bug dope might be a good idea.
  2. That is the date we started in 2016, got thunderstorms on most afternoons. Only saw one cinnamon bear on the trek and more mini bears than we cared to count.
  3. We make a Philmont Trek every 3-4 years otherwise we shake and bake our own here in Alaska. Summer 2018 is a 50+ mile canoe paddle down the Stikine River. -Phil
  4. We got a slot! Crew 721-? Phillip Martin ASM Troop4 Ketchikan, Alaska
  5. Due to the geography of south east Alaska our chapter holds its own Ordeals and the service project is done in the community. 2014 working with the city public works using hand tools we clear cut Alder trees in a area equal to a football field to allow the young conifers that were getting shaded out a fighting chance. The Alders were run through a chipper and the material was used by the city. 2015 we serviced the local rifle range, removing 10 cubic yards of trash and bringing in 20 cubic yards of D1 gravel. 2016 it was the US Forest Service's turn repairing a trail that had been
  6. Nanuck Lodge #355, Headed to Section W1N Conclave next weekend
  7. One we tried last year that was wildly popular. A cast iron cooking contest last year's ingredient? Bacon, entree or dessert. Unlike the TV show version the troops were informed well ahead of time to allow for research and development of their entries. The main judge was a Coast Guard cook with no connection to scouting, yet. From the reaction we will be doing that one again and the list of possible ingredients is both interesting and growing. btw the Camporee is planned and run by the local OA chapter.
  8. We did a Spring break Abaco Bahamas sailing adventure this year, here is a few of my tips based on lessons learned. For those that do not often travel out of country with scouts be sure to have the reservation name(s) the same as the name on the passport. The guide recommends 120-150 in spending money, it misses that a good portion should be small bills. 3-4 carabiners color code with strips of electrical tape for easy identification needed to attach nalagene bottle to the lifelines and to identify what mesh bag with the snorkel gear is yours and a couple extras in case one goes sw
  9. Crew Advisor for Crew 721-A, the scouts chose Itinerary #11 for 61 miles this time around. In 2012 a older, larger in size crew chose #26 for 81. (We actually did 91 after a map reading error.) I'm liking the idea of a slower pace and a less miles. -Phil
  10. My main GPS is a Garmin Etrex 20 and my iPhone is a backup. The good ole map and compass are along with and get used to double check the GPS readings and to keep those skills sharp. I have two mapping programs Expert GPS and MotionX-GPS. The main reason I selected them is simple. They both have topographic maps for Alaska in 1:25K. I have been using Expert GPS for a number of years now. The basic version is free but I have the home version. With home version you can create waypoints and routes then upload them into a GPS. After the camp download and save tracks and new waypoints as gpx
  11. Summer Camp near Juneau, Alaska, then the next week 33 miles on the Chilkoot Trail.
  12. Look here for the ceremony http://www.siouxbsa.org/tetonwanalodge/news/oaceremoniesresources
  13. What can the Patrol/Troop do better? Followed by How can you help to make that happen?
  14. Same jacket here http://www.northerntiertradingpost.org/boy-scout-jacket.html is $140.00 AK-Eagle
  15. I may stir up a bit of angst with this answer but here it goes.. The best way to move is not at all unless they are in a dangerous spot or to make more comfortable. Splint the break, prepare to treat for shock, then send a couple of people for professional help and let them bring a team that has the equipment to move the victim safely. Moving yourself you risk further injury to the victim and possible injury to those attempting the self-rescue. AK-Eagle
  16. OGE if you chose the same touring/charter company as we used in the beginning of June do not sweat it but be flexible. They are good people working in impossible conditions. AK-Eagle
  17. We leave in two days, the weather forecast looks great! AK-Eagle
  18. Last time I was in Philmont was June 1980 crew #617 on a less rugged trek, seems like a lifetime ago. The camp list is; HQ House Canyon Old Camp Ponil Pueblano Black Horse (layover) New Dean Harlan Cimarroncito Upper Clarks fork HQ via Tooth of time Thanks for the help AK-Eagle
  19. Crew 608-W going on itinerary #26, I liked that online registration it seemed easy.
  20. The kind of video that just happens to get shown at a ECOH?
  21. Way back in 1988 or so I was the Aquatics Director for Camp Masonite Navarro. We did the mile swim in a river that was dammed off to form a lake. During one of the mile swim sessions I was in a rowboat monitoring the swimmers when one of them swam up to me and grabbed the transom of the boat. "I'm about to have a seizure." He then proceeded to have a Petit-Mal seizure his arms clamping him to the boat. After it was over he asked if he could get paddled back to the dock, I obliged. After the mile swim was over I had a discussion with the camp nurse about informing me about what medic
  22. Where on the river where you? Back in the day I rode that water more than a couple of times. Ak-Eagle
  23. This is a bit out of your 500 mile range but we depart on Wednesday. Will let you folks know how it goes. http://www.fs.fed.us/r10/tongass/districts/pow/recreation/rogs/sarkar_canoe_rt.shtml If the link fails do a internet search for Sarkar Lakes Canoe Route AK-Eagle
  24. For those of us that are musically challenged there is an app, free no less for the I-phone called Bugle Calls courtesy of the US Army.
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