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more rules for eagle projects+

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The FB responses are not running in Irving's favor. I wonder just how Social Media savvy they are? Things like this can brew up into a massive PR storm pretty quick these days. All it takes is one national radio host or widely read blogger to point people at it and they could be in for a deluge of "what's wrong with you people?" comments. I suspect the demographic that isn't already unhappy with the GGG issues won't be real happy about the excessive nanny-stating. Way to misunderstand your target market guys...


Until BSA can get a handle on their risk management process, I don't think it's a good idea for them to call attention to this stuff with the general public.


I'd suggest that when you're in a hole you should stop digging, but I wouldn't want to imply they're using a verboten post-hole digger or anything.




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Interestingly, this weekend we were working with one of our Scouts on a Eagle project. (The only safety incident to report was that of a 16-y.o. Scout using an ax in an unsafe manner. Remarkably, we simple-minded non-professional safety folks had the presence of mind to stop him, address the problem and continue with the work.)


So anyway, one of the dads is head of industrial safety at a large mill. I figured his opinion on the new rules would be interesting so I showed him a copy of the policy.


"This is great!" he said.




"Oh, yeah, it's terrific. I may use this at work."




"I really like the chart. It's a good way of laying this out -- easy to understand," he said.


"I'm talking about the actual rules," I said.


"Oh. No. That's the stupidest d--- thing I've ever read. No paint rollers? Really?"



So kudos to the BSA graphics department. Great job folks!

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Scouts of any age can climb on a pioneering tower 5 feet off the ground, but only adults can work on a platform 4 feet off the ground. This must make sense to someone.


Appreciate the person on FB who noted that Cubs now can't use hand saws. Insane.

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I was following the BSA comments page and they were noting how companies are not working on roofs without a harness. I know that one requirement is driving roofing costs here ..err through the roof..


They need to develop a logical safety guide for working with tools.


The vocational argument by BSA is bunk. Can't use a leaf blower but can weld? Solder a copper pipe? Drive a boat?


This is developing into a HUGE blunder by Irving. As the discussion continues no doubt soon it will enter the media conscientiousness and be a PR disaster.



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Let's put together a comprehensive list of all activities BSA has restricted or banned with this list:


Cubs working on Pinewood Derby cars with saws of any sort.

Cubs will encounter difficulty on Wolf Ach. 5e, Bear Ach. 20 and Webelos Craftsman (which requires saw use).

Cubs and younger Scouts will be unable to use a 2-wheeled cart at summer camp to haul gear and food to their campsites.

CITs at summer camp will be unable to cut the grass or blow away leaves from around the pool, rifle range, etc. (They're under 16.)

Young OA members will be unable to dig holes for fences at summer camp.

Cub Chariot Races will be prohibited - after all, what are they except wheeled carts?

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"Appreciate the person on FB who noted that Cubs now can't use hand saws. Insane. "


What, another directive bars Cubs using handsaws? Not the one referenced by the OP as a Cub is a Youth up to 14.

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The safety committee would have gone insane at my son's Eagle project. They removed a wood and shingle roof off of a pavillion and replaced it with a corrugated steel roof on a new and stronger wood frame........and they were at least 10 feet off the ground!!! They used circular saws and drills! Oh my. We even had a couple of Cub Scouts using paint rollers to repaint the uprights. Man, I'm glad we didn't get busted and the Campfire USA camp now has a functional structure they can again use for program.

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Now I see why CSE Mazzucca has decided this is a good time to retire. National has been left with some real problems, Made in China uniforms, the Megacouncil Debacle and now these ridiculous rules. Next we may find out that getting the Summit ready for 2013 Jambo has created a multi million dollar debt that will need to be paid off. Still why should I be surprised he did the same thing as SE in the council I served as a DE. The saddest part is there doesn't seem to be one person at National being considered for CSE that has a clue how to fix anything. Incompetence surrounded by the incompetent. Time to bring in an outsider with some common sense who can clean house at National.

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