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more rules for eagle projects+

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BadenP: "The saddest part is there doesn't seem to be one person at National being considered for CSE that has a clue how to fix anything. Incompetence surrounded by the incompetent. Time to bring in an outsider with some common sense who can clean house at National."


Hmmmmmm? Perhaps if Mitt Romney doesn't win the election........

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Jut gotback from spring camporee,showed new tools rule list to several Troopleaders and District personnel. They all think I waspulling a late April Fool's joke on them. Several said, "Just another rule fom National to ignore"


What are we teaching Scouts? Maybe it's time to start a BP Scouts troop in my area.


ps, the lashing outlook platform at the camporee was 6.5 feet tall, but the saftey officer insisted it was "4 feet"

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Reading this thread was more fun than reading Merlyn in I&P.


Some sketch comedy troupes have great material right here.


I'd be busting a gut for hours ... if it wasn't for the fact the folks on the National Council are true believers in this hokum.


Mark my words, the day is coming: Mandatory tour plans for any service project.

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This keeps falling off the facebook or gets hidden or deleted when it gets too many negative comments I think.


the big questions

are these rules or guidelines

do they apply to all of scouting, cubs, boy scouts, advancement, merit badges,

do they apply to service projects troop wide, or for/with community groups, or just to eagle projects.


I think some of the rules are absolute hogwash

and reminds of the other post here

"when the rules become the joke."

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