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  1. Eamonn I did not mean to concentrate on the label I just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing too much and you and some of the other posters have answered that question for me. Thank You all so much I just wanted to make sure I am not "robbing" my son of the experience and I really appreciate the input fro most of you Thanks again and Eamonn I love the idea of roots and wings Basement Here is the conversation between me and my son but Ill have to paraphrase a bit since I don't typically employ a stenographer when chatting with my son Son: Dad you know my scout book that I
  2. Any scout can use a wood chisel but only those 14 or older can use a paint roller with extension handle
  3. I have taken a huge step back although I am not taking a year off Believe me I am well aware of the fact that it is his Journey as a former CM and a current ASM and Unit Commissioner my biggest issue is adults forgetting this program is for boys and not for us. I spent a lot of years as a Scout and although I loved every second I am not in any way trying to relive my youth through my son No I am not signing requirements for him in our Troop older scouts do that. He did take his book to those older scouts I just helped him make a list at home of the requirements he had signed off in the
  4. just realized this says my sin crossed over lol I meant son
  5. My sin crossed over from CS a little over a year ago. I was his CM and/or Den Leader throughout his time in Cubs. When he crossed over I registered as an ASM and I stay as active in the troop as I can (weekly meetings, occasional campouts and Ive been a MBC for a few boys in the troop including my son) I never talk to the SM or to the youth leadership about my son I am an Eagle scout and I fully believe in boy-led and I understand the importance of my son being the one to ask for signatures,MBC, scout master's conference etc. Let me give you some examples of the things I have done howev
  6. In 2010 when the Jambo rolls around my son will be a second year Webelos. I am the Cubmaster for my sons Troop a campmaster with the local council an OA member and an Eagle Scout. My wife is our Pack CC. So I guess you could say we are a Scouting family. I know that the GSS says Webelos mya visit Jambo.. My question is has anyone ever done this and what advice could you give me if any. We are thinking of taking a family vacation to VA in 2010 and spending a couple of DAYS at the Jamboree. I never went as a youth and am very excited about the idea of going. I know I can go with the local
  7. We worked on this award with our Wolf Den. It tied in nicely with achievement # 2 in the Wolf book. If you look in these forums there are alot of less than positive posts about the company that offers the award. After reading these posts I think I may do something on my own for the boys rather than send the money to this company
  8. Thanks for the advice I personally would love to camp. However the parents in my Pack are very "suburban" and not interested in sleeping in tents. I have been given a few good ideas from the reply I recieved and we may be looking into staying in unoccupied college dorms.
  9. I am working on planning a Pack trip to Washington DC. Alot of the parents are kind of leary about camping but hotels may put it out of reach for some families financially. Has anyone stayed at Military bases recently. I know it was fairly common practice in the past but post 9-11 and during wartime I wasnt sure if this was still an option any advice would be appreciated
  10. I earned my Eagle when I was 18 If I remember correctly I had my BOR after my 18th birthday. I chose not to have a COH. There were some issues at the time regarding a change in troop leadership that I was bothered.. I chose to stay loyal ,in my eyes, to my SM rather that participate in a COH with someone I had no respect for. Looking back Im glad I chose to do what I thought was right but I also regret not having an ECOH. To this day Ive never even had the eagle badge. I understand these boys opt out for a different reason. I like them felt that the accomplishment was worth far more than
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