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  1. I would like to see the average for an entire 12 months. That would take out any highs or lows and give a more accurate number.
  2. Would these not be the highest numbers or close to it for the year? It takes into account new scouts over the summer and fall. After rechartering the more accurate numbers will be available hopefully.
  3. I see many LC mergers in the next few years due to low enrollment and financial pressures. Maybe at this time the whole over compensation of SE's can be addressed. Not holding my breath though.
  4. Wow. That is crazy salaries for a non-profit. I agree that maybe 75k might be low in some markets. I was thinking of my area.
  5. What is a fair SE salary? Many councils in my area pay 200k +/- plus benefits. This is excessive when Scouting is in decline and councils are strapped for cash. I propose 75k and good benefits. If you care about Scouting you will continue in your position.
  6. I think 5,000 youth should be the min number for a council. They always say you need 1,000+ scouts to make a financially successful summer camp go. With technology there is no reason why 2-4 councils per state would not be reasonable. DE's could work from home near the area they serve.
  7. My LC put out an update video last week saying year over year the number of scouts is up. No numbers were given. Does this mean they have 100 more scouts? They went from 15,000 to 6,000 over 5 years. They always make everything upbeat and positive which is good but sometimes you have to be honest and let the facts be known. I suspect if you dig deeper they are in trouble with losing members and charter partners.
  8. The LC that made the video had a link to the agreement form. It said it is mandatory to do FOS, popcorn, flowers and any other fundraiser at the council level. Camping is allowed at other council camps though. including for summer camp.
  9. This same LC hinted that ALL units may be council chartered in the future. A leader asked about switching charters as they found a new CO and the SE said absolutely not, council chartered is the only option for UMC units.
  10. My LC just did a zoom meeting and stated that ALL UMC units will be council chartered, NO EXCEPTIONS. They feel that this is the best way to move forward. Lots of resistance on the zoom meeting. Do not think it will go well.
  11. And so it begins. The exact appeal many have said will be a sticking point. I wonder if US Trustee will file the same appeal? Another bankruptcy related note, I have noticed all LC's in my area pushing the Jamboree very hard. Wonder if national sees it as a cash cow? Past ones were not given this much attention. One last note LC hiring is in full swing. My LC has added 10 FT positions in the past few months, many new ones they have never had before. They are at 40% membership from 5 years ago. How do they fund all this and still have a bankruptcy contribution?
  12. The LC's in my state are very optimistic of the future. They are hiring employees like crazy in the past month of so. Of the three councils I checked like 15 FTE's were added in the past month. Many were vacant positions but some are new ones. Seems like some may provide oversight to UMC units maybe. Either they know something or are going all in to try and increase membership.
  13. I saw that too in one version of the plans. Not sure if it is in the current one.
  14. I really think BSA running out of money before this is final is a big issue. If they burn through 8-10 million a month on average that was suggested not including bankruptcy costs, 83 million will not last long. Rechartering will help and surely HAB's made profit but in the end this could drag on for some time even if the plan is approved. I wonder how much the BSA foundation has available to loan national? This could buy time.
  15. What do you think it costs to operate National for a month? 5 million? Under normal conditions not bankruptcy.
  16. Has anyone else noticed a LC hiring boom. I checked three area LC's and in the last month they all hired staff. Like 15 FTE's between the three councils. Many of these positions were left vacant for years and some are new positions. Some positions seem like a response to UMC unit oversight by the council and the need to monitor all units more closely for YP standards. I feel like the council's have a sense the bankruptcy will go through and they are going all in to try and maintain and increase membership.
  17. I think the time frame is longer than weeks. Months or longer due to all the parties that have to come to an agreement on different issues. Surely there will not be 100% agreement on any changes made. We have definite progress but I really begin to wonder if BSA will run out of money before this is complete.
  18. They left an option out. #4 disband the troop and scouts wanting to continue can join nearby troops. At least in my area you could find another troop within a 20 minute drive. This would be an option especially for the small, struggling troops. It would be a hard option but one that at least allows the scouts to continue. And it saves the troop from option #3 which most seem to dislike.
  19. I agree with your comment that is almost has to have to do with Purdue. My question is can judges talk about similar cases to each other legally? What if she knew what the likely outcome of Purdue is and is waiting to be 100% sure before she rules. Everything I have seen where following the court she has been very professional and I am sure she realizes this case could end BSA depending on the outcome.
  20. If that is the case, how long will that take? The BSA will most likely be out of money by then. Why not a status conference and explain the reason for the delay. Maybe BSA would change the plan to BSA only to get this finished faster. There are serious doubts about third party releases and not the best idea to include them.
  21. I think this next round of rechartering will really tell us the future of the BSA and if it will be able to get through this. As others stated definitely too many councils. If you have less than 5,000 scouts a merger should take place. Most of these small councils are hurting financially so I feel it is just a matter of time before a merger happens. In my experience money or lack of it drives mergers.
  22. We need to make Scouts BSA more affordable. With some LC charging fees on top of national it can get expensive to be a scout. Eliminate the excess ie national and excessive LC staffs.
  23. Why do we need a National Council? It takes so much money and you do not see much at the local level. Replace it with a board of SE from each council who make and vote on standards. That is really all that matters is minimum standards across the county. With technology meetings could be zoom with a yearly in person. Have separate sub committees for projects. All LC would have a say in the BSA and its future. HAB could be turned over to LC or form a separate non profit for each. They make money and can be self sustained. We could make Scouting much more affordable for all.
  24. I think as everyone knows there are issues with the plan. LC and CO releases being the most important. Also many other details, non settling insurers, CO'S not on board. My question is what is going on behind closed doors at the National office? They have to be really worried that this plan could fail and the BSA would too.
  25. Could national survive until the end of the year? There will be rechartering money but if this drags on with more legal negotiations the legal fees will be huge. I would think whatever is to happen in the ruling, sooner is best to let it be known. Even if rejection at least they can attempt to make changes and get something that works. Obviously the plan will not be approved without changes to the plan or it would have been approved by now.
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