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Troop Centennial Celebration - Looking for your insight

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Our troop will be celebrating our Centennial in a few months. I thought I would reach out and see what the community thinks should be included.

1. We are inviting all former Scoutmasters. We only have two more to find that we think are currently alive.

2. We are working to find and invite all living Eagle Scouts. We have 120 Eagles from our troop.

3. We are inviting our chartered partner, the church.

5. We are planning to have a lunch and will develop a program to show off what we can of the past 100 years. This will include speaking parts for the current Scouts and recognition of Scoutmasters, Eagle Scouts, former members, etc.

6. Each currently registered member of the troop will get a special unit number that we will only give to current members and burn the rest of them that don't get given away to members.

7. We are working on a special patch for anyone that wants one - think former troop members.

What have you done for milestone celebrations? What have you seen done, what have you heard and what do you wish you would have done different for yours? Do you have a script you would be willing to share?

We appreciate any insight you can provide us to help us make this celebration amazing.

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Home Troop  did a 60thanniversary (took until 62nd year to get it off the ground).    I think it is very neat that your Troop can work this up.

*News/Media coverage. Print paper, local TV" Human Interest",,,,  Scouting is alive and well, despite reports to the contrary.     * Dignitaries invited. Governor, State Senator, Rep, that sort of person. The will at the least send you certificates, letters etc.  Perhaps a "Resolution"  adopted by the County/City council, the State Legislature?   * Be sure to dig out as much records from the BSA Council. Microfilm, etc. can be found and printed out.  * Any local museum?  Work out a cooperative display?   Local Library Lobby? 

Special Neckerchiefs for the old Scoutmasters.   

Good luck with your next hundred ! 


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Why stop at Eagles? Why not all those who earned 1st Class, Star, and Life while with this troop. Invite every former member. The rosters have to be out there somewhere!

Otherwise, I really like your program.

I think you should then have a sing-off. Scouts from yesteryear could form up in heir old patrols and present a song or skit. That should liven things up!

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Lots of good stuff you've already thought of.

A scout group I'm involved with had their 100 year celebration in 2011. The only thing I can think of that they did also was to pull together as much history as possible and package it together into a binder for people to look at, and be "presented" to the group to keep. Obviously the more recent history was much more detailed, especially as some of the leaders they'd contacted went back 30-40 years.

If getting press involved, it's also important to focus partly on "we're still here and we're still doing it and it's still great" rather than just a wistful reminisce of how it used to be.



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We did a 35th anniversary

Managed to get back 40 or so of the 125 Eagles (at that time).  We recognized a log time SM, etc etc.  Your list looks good.

Tried to keep it relevant for the current Scouts while honoring the troop universal.  We have a troop of +/- 80 Scouts

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My suggestions:

1. Invite all past Scouts, Scouters, and families to attend the celebration.  When I show up at events like Scout Sunday, there are always people who walk up and tell stories about their time as a leader or as a Scout in the pack or troop.  I bet you'll find a lot of people will want to be there.  Get the network going!

2. Setup an exposition/display room.  In wherever you are holding the celebration, fill it up with as much memorabilia as people can find.  We've done this in the troop a few times and people find all kinds of things.  Extend the ask to former members as well.  With a 100 year old troop, I am sure you could fill a good sized room.  We filled a small gym last time.  It will be incredibly impactful to people to walk through a room of memorabilia. 

3. If you've got a pack or Crew at the CO, invite them to be part of the displays and celebration.  Yes, it's the troop's 100 - but it really is a celebration of Scouting at your CO.  Include the other units.

4. In-lieu of a binder that you present to the troop, create a book that can be distributed to attendees.  In the era of digital publishing, it's almost just as easy to take that binder, scan in the pictures and docs, and then distribute that to everyone.  Create paper copies for those that attend.   Distribute digital copies to everyone.  This means that scores of people will benefit from that history.  

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"6. Each currently registered member of the troop will get a special unit number that we will only give to current members and burn the rest of them that don't get given away to members."


Former SMs?  Eagles?

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