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    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    Yes, I met some scouts from France a couple of years back, I don't know what branch they were in officially, they self described themselves as "we're like the hippy scouts of France", I think they were non-denominational. Lovely bunch. I guess in France if there isn't a branch that fits what you think scouting should be, you start a new organisation, and all the others just give a gallic shrug. Suing other organisations seems like a much more sensible use of funds than using it to improve your own offering [eye roll]. But them I'm British, so I probably just don't understand, I'd probably stop at a quite loud "tut, or a strongly worded letter that could be summarized as "I say, that's a bit much isn't it?"
  2. ianwilkins

    High Adventure Ideas for 2020

    Kandersteg. If you want to meet lots of scouts from lots of different countries, and have high adventure, this is the place. I haven't been myself, but everyone I know that has been has raved about it. One of my ex-explorer scouts was staff there, a "pinkie", he loved it. Of course, you'll all need passports. And you'll probably have to fly via New York or something. A quick google suggests 12-16 hours on planes and in airports, then it's another 2-3 hours from Zurich to the campsite.
  3. ianwilkins

    Qualities of an Eagle

    I think sharing a similar sense of humour is important in a relationship. In which case, luckily, it seems qwazse and WinsconsinMomma are not in a relationship, as far as we can tell.
  4. ianwilkins

    Alternative Camping Structures

    We have some, well, we call them teepees, because it's easier, because everyone thinks they are teepees, and it would be tedious to explain it to every new person that sees them. We have some lavvus, in modern fabric, they are kind of like a bell tent with no walls, and one central pole. We can sleep up to about 8 in them. In theory you can have a wood-burning stove in them, but we're not usually brave enough to let the explorers do that. I have seen a few groups over here with german black jurte tents, I try not to covet them as I go say hello, look in, and see a kitchen set up on one side, stores next to it, tables and benches for about 25 people on the other, and in winter a fire bowl in the middle. They always look cosy, but I can see it would be a beast to transport, dry, and store.
  5. ianwilkins

    Online Grocery Orders

    Okay, so mostly we tend to do things differently in the UK, so this wasn't cubs but Explorers, aged 14-17. Our last summer camp was in a farmer's field, for a few nights we had them cooking for themselves, with food we supplied, and a few nights because of timings of activities we had a small group of them cooking for everyone else (i.e. making a meal for 50 people). The couple doing all the food shopping did 90% of it online, not only that, they got it delivered direct to site in the supermarket's lorry, so it was all kept chilled and frozen, and was a lot easier! Delivery location was something like "400 yards past New Farm in a field on the left, Somesuch Lane, Corfe Castle, Dorset. Most of the delivery drivers were happy to drive in and back right up to the stores tent. Winner! So yes, for central catering, what an absolute boon online supermarket shopping is.
  6. ianwilkins

    New girls in Scouting

    I believe you. But it doesn't matter really. I just treat all my Explorer Scouts as individuals, and I seem to get by with that, so the more mature get treated in a more mature way, and those that haven't matured yet don't. I treat the exuberant ones different to the quiet ones, etc etc. Much as I assume most of you do with your boys at the moment.
  7. ianwilkins

    I HATE the new YPT rules

    That sounds very, hmm, struggling with a scout-like phrase! That doesn't sound ideal. Good luck with that. We get the same sometimes, the leader you invite along to camp that turns out not to get it, mothering teens that should be being left to get on with it themselves, not teaching, but taking over. It can definitely be...frustrating.
  8. ianwilkins

    I HATE the new YPT rules

    That's the age I went on my first week long scout summer camp, with my parents, dad the scout leader, mum running the stores, and looking after me. My memories of it are patchy at best. I know I knocked around with another couple of leader's kids, and the farmer's field we were in had a damp bit that may have been a pond in winter, and a hollow tree in it. I would guess the scouts were all in patrols, as they usually were, and did all their cooking and stuff themselves, as well as coming together for activities and games and so on. I guess it's possible, probably even, that I wandered over to the patrols, they let me poke the fire, and kept an eye on me. It might not have been the ideal, but it was what it was, it was that or not enough adults to run summer camp. Oh, and lest we forget, Baden Powell took his 9 year old nephew to Brownsea for his experimental camp, though if memory serves, he was designated as BP's "orderly". So taking kids on camp is nothing new.
  9. ianwilkins

    I HATE the new YPT rules

    You're complaining about having an enthusiastic leader?
  10. ianwilkins

    Qualities of an Eagle

    Aye, in both cases some sort of overcoat would have been advisable.
  11. ianwilkins

    Scouting Magazine - betting the farm on girls

    Internally, 4-5 years maybe. Externally, decades.
  12. ianwilkins

    New girls in Scouting

    Bingo! From what I've experienced in the UK, that's exactly how it works. You don't join the football team to play basketball. We get the girls that like the running around and poking fires and camping. Okay, we get a few girls that are being sent by parents because they want their kids to be more outdoorsy, but plenty of boys are sent for the same reasons.
  13. Oh the shame. Corrected in my usage of English by an American. I've let myself down, my family down, and most of all my country. I shall go and write my letter of apology to the Queen forthwith.
  14. Non-sequitur of the week award goes to Eagledad. Congratulations!
  15. ianwilkins

    New girls in Scouting

    So, without discussion or agreement they've assumed you are a pack that will accept boy and girl dens? And I'm assuming you're a pack of boy's dens and it's been agreed that you want to stay a boy's only den pack? Does your CO have any desire to open a mixed or girls only pack? I guess the rep will learn pretty fast that making ultimatums to volunteers can backfire somewhat. Or that maybe they shouldn't assume stuff. That's going to be a pretty unpleasant job, telling the girls that there is no girls pack or mixed pack with you, and they'd need to go find one somewhere else. Pretty unfair of the rep to do that to you.
  16. ianwilkins

    New girls in Scouting

    Sometimes it goes wrong. Sometimes whatever's planned doesn't work. Try to have a plan B up your sleeve. Ian
  17. In the UK: You have girl scouts now? [tries hard not to roll eyes] Yes, only for the last 20 years or so (or 40 years for Ventures)
  18. Gosh! Is scouts still going?
  19. That doesn't sit well with me, it doesn't sound like courage but fear. Still, I guess admitting you're afraid can be a brave thing to do. I would have thought the brave thing to do would be to "do your best" to "help other people". I guess if from your point of view you are not helping by accepting them as they are then logically "help other people" is what you think you'd be doing by excluding them. I think you're wrong, but hey, mine's just another opinion, worth what you paid for it. All grist to the mill, life's rich pageant, etc etc.
  20. Hammocks. Hammocks is the answer. No no, don't mention toilets and showers. To be honest, just about anything can be figured out with a bit of compassion and decency.
  21. Best go full co-ed then. Problem disappears.
  22. ianwilkins

    New Wolf Neckerchief /hats now what?

    Tell them to go look at the scout law again. A scout is thrifty.
  23. Are you saying that scouters should therefore, if you have to accept a transgender child, to actively discourage them from being transgender as it's behaviour that could be harmful? Because doing nothing is accepting what they are, and therefore encouraging, and therefore possibly abuse?
  24. ianwilkins

    Fishing, BSA, and PETA

    PETA been watching too much Finding Nemo? "Fish are friends not food"
  25. ianwilkins

    Scouting Magazine - betting the farm on girls

    Oi! Don't try and blame us!! And on a serious note, thank you for your time helping the young men in your care. You've made a positive difference to the world I feel sure.