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  1. I am serving on an upcoming wood badge course with a Sea Scout Leader participant. We give each participant a course t-shirt and hat. We ask the they wear the t-shirt or other scout t for activities during the course. The wood badge admin guide states a participant should wear their official scouting uniform signifying their Scouting position. For this Sea Scout leader that would mean the Sea Scout Whites, Tan or BDU. For those Sea Scouters, uniform experts and wood badgers - what would you suggest this sea scouter wear and what deviations would be aloud? i.e course short and hat.
  2. We have offered the course a couple of times. I'm looking at the syllabus now and the sample one day agenda does go from 9 am to 5 pm with lunch. Hmmm...makes me wonder how we did it in 6 hours.
  3. I appreciate the comments and would like to ask a few questions: Apache Bob - Tis the problem with any database, keeping it up to date. Had you been able to do that, what was beneficial to you as DC with ADMS? Could you download data from Scoutnet to ADMS or upload data to ADMS from Troopmaster/Packmaster for units that had it? AvidSM - Each district in my council keeps their own MB list and counselors are registered through the district charter. Does your council list the counselors by merit badge and if they will only teach to their own troop? I noticed in another thread that t
  4. A lot of districts collect data as it relates to merit badge counselor lists, roundtable attendance, training course registration, etc. To have all this data available in one spot for commissioner's and committee members we have purchased some software to manage this. Not that we have it though I am curious to see if it will become information for information sake or if it really will be useful. So I have some questions. To those districts that don't keep data, is there any particular reason? To those districts that do keep data, what software do you use and how have you found
  5. Dluders, I'm sorry to hear about the request from "Council" to update or resubmit your records. I have been there, done that and solved that. I won't tell you what I think you should do, because I don't know. Because of volunteer/professional dynamics of each council, each are managed differently and anything I might suggest may not work in your situation As such, I will let you know how we solved this issue in the hopes that it might give some ideas for your situation. When I say we/us, I am only talking about my council and its team. "Council" is all of us, not just t
  6. There used to be the leather wood badge name badge holder, but it is no longer in supply. There is a set of plain leather name tags that can be bought through the Scout Shops in the craft section. I know of one patrol that bought these after the course and put their totem on it and then glued the patch on the back as mentioned already. Overtrained Beaver
  7. I accidentally started another thread without realizing this one was here. These are all great ideas and I've heard of some before. Keep them coming.
  8. Another item our Chapter and then Lodge did was to have a sister troop. The idea was to have an election team of OA members from 1 troop to conduct the OA election for their sister troop and vice versa. As it turned out, more youth paid attention at elections and took it more seriously because someone other than their troop members were conducting the elections. This also made sure that units held elections which increased the membership...which increased the fun at activities... etc etc. If your council is too small for active chapters, the same ideas will work in a small lodge. Go
  9. I'm looking ideas for fancy ways to start campfire's. Things like a candle on a piece of wood with a string to pull it under some tinder. Things like that. Thanks for the help.
  10. Well, after leaving this on the shelf for a while ( I know a loooong while) I am getting it going. I had some family issues that kept me away. But I'm back and the target date to go live is April 1, 2007. But I need your help to get there. One of the items will be standardized outline for every course. This will list items like the purpose of the course, materials and resources needed, outcomes, etc. I have some from what my council has already done, but need others to give the site some depth when we start. This is where you come in. I need your presentations to add to the
  11. One day two of Wood Badge you played the "Wood Badge Game Show". One of the sections was on uniforming. You could probably get a copy of the questions and develop more and do a game show of your own. Or make a new one using the questions and Gonzo1 and emb021 suggestions mentioned above. Be creative. But remember, what is your Vision and how will all of this achieve that. Good Luck!
  12. I have never seen a general requirement that Youth Protection training has to be taken by any leader, as far as a national requirement. I make everyone in our unit take it and our church even uses the various trainings, to include youth videos, for training in our church. It is suggested that every leader take it and to that end, some council board of directors have mandated it in one form or another with a tenure requirement. Most I have heard of made a two year requirement so it would coincide with other items like Climbing Tower Certification that have a two year certification. This co
  13. WDL Mom - Lot of great comments from good scouters. You asked about the pack trainer position. This can vary a little by council and district, but basically from my experiance you might want to help the district training team for a couple ( and let them know this) of trainings to see from the trainer side how it is done. Perhaps attend Trainer Developement Training (TDC) and then get a copy of the Cub Scout Leader Specific Training manual. The job just entails mentoring and nurturing new leaders to get trained, whether it is by the Pack Trainer directing them to scheduled training or by th
  14. I don't have a uniform guide handy to say that it is/isn't allowed. I did look quickly on line for the supply catalog under boy scout uniforms and it was listed on the boy's uniform options.
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