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  1. Our district dinner last year was held the same weekend as my husband had the JLTC developmental weekend. I didn't know he was going to get the District Award of Merit until the awards chair started asking me "odd" questions about my husband. During that conversation I mentioned that I would be coming to the dinner alone because of my husbad's need to be at the developmental. The chair about swallowed his teeth! So, I contacted the JLTC course director, swearing him to secrecy but getting him to tell my husband that attending the district dinner was important. My husband relented, suspec
  2. I agree that the Scout should be working on the new requirements but how do you all handle this situation? I was just at our Scout Shop today and specifically looked at the personal management merit badge book with the intent of buying it since there are new requirements. Guess what? They still have a full supply of the old requirements. If a Scout or merit badge counselor were to go in to buy the book they would get the old requirements. If the expectation is that the Scout will use the new requirements then the curent books need to be there.
  3. The site rex2796 references has excellent information but please be aware that they have NOT updated many of their pages in a long time. Always get the latest information regarding advancement requirements, etc. from BSA. With that caveat, this is an excellent website and I found it to be a useful tool as I was developing my resource handbook for our district.
  4. If you feel you need a separate special needs unit then you should be working with the District Commissioner and the District Executive who have the information on how to start a unit. Also, each Council has a person assigned to special needs issues and have resources available. I did a search on special needs in Scouting to develop some resources for our district as part of my Wood Badge ticket. There are resources out there. I'm sorta with Fuzzy Bear. As someone who works with people with disabilities on a daily basis, I really prefer to see individuals included in existing units.
  5. Eamonn: Not sure what happened to my profile. It was there a short while ago? Anyway, I am District Commissioner. The fires that I am talking about are struggling units,district committee (or lack thereof), etc. Yes, I am busy but I am trying very hard to do my job and not everyone elses. Which seems to be difficult to convince others. I got a call about a SFF meeting and they hoped I would attend. I'm not the chair for that and have no intention of adding another meeting to my plate (just got home from Commissioner Cabinet as it is). I immediately e-mailed the district SFF chair to let h
  6. This thread was spun from another thread.In reading Eammon's post in What to do without a DE it really got me wondering -- How often do most of you have Key 3 meetings and/or contact? Eammon said they meet weekly and talk almost daily. Is that typical, high, low? We went for many months without a DE and are still struggling to get back up to standard since our DE is so new (he's at PDL I right now). The only time we seem to meet is when I insist on a meeting. I try to keep communications going with e-mail but our new DE doesn't have e-mail so that hasn't worked very well. Is there a stand
  7. We did Sea Adventure for our day camp last year. We made memory stones with a sea theme (shells, fish gravel, etc.), made wood lighthouses, had a "treasure hunt" that involved scout skills, etc. Our den "flags" were actually fish windsocks. Each den had a color from the fish that was their nametag and we had neckeerchiefs in that color. It made it really easy to identiry what den a kid was supposed to be in. The kids had a blast. I will private e-mail you some of my stuff when I get a chance. Have fun with it. Our theme this year is safari.
  8. Some of the suggestions to not pay until your checks clear don't really help if your commission is based upon on-time payment. In our council (also Greater Pittsburgh) units get a higher commission for paying their bill on time. If payment is made after the due date then the unit loses 2% of profits. I wonder where the accountant is coming from in this council? Why is the world would they want to pay the expense of writing checks to all the units. That is real money lost. Seems stupid to me.
  9. How much are you charging for your council Junior Leader Training this year? Is this an increase from previous years? How much of your budget is used for staff "goodies" (t-shirts, hats, mugs, other recognition items)? How much do your staff pay to be on staff? Do you have a different staff fee for your youth staff vs adult staff? Thanks for your responses.
  10. Here Here! I sign the petition. I am one of those who has hesitated to post and have also stopped reading many of the posts once Bob and FOG start going at it, which is a shame because both have posted many excellent bits of information and resources.
  11. If your troop had had these plans just for the troop would they have cancelled or moved them indoors? Why not do them in the rain? Webelos II should be preparing for Scouting in all kinds of weather. Sounds like a great opportunity to get a taste of Boy Scouting!
  12. A Scouter friend of my husband insists that the trained patch comes off once you have earned your Wood Badge beads. I say that's not true. What has anyone else heard?
  13. Your council should never give you that kind of answer. Your DE has a supervisor. If you're not getting a response ask to speak to that person and don't take no for an answer. I have the cell phone number for my DE. The fact is he is rarely in the office. The office voicemail system is also antiquated -- they don't get a visual alert that they have a message waiting so unless that actually check they don't know. Also messages apparently are purged automatically if not picked up within a certain period of time.
  14. Adding to what Ed had to say -- yes our Council has done University of Scouting for awhile. However, the numbers are REALLY dwindling. I don't have the current registration numbers but on Monday we were still at less than 100 registrants. It will held on November 8th. Our University of Scouting is held in conjunction with a day-long Den Chief training. There are two different websites -- www.gpc-bsa.org and www.gpcuniversity.org. The first site is our council website with a link to the forms. The second is an independent site with basically the same information, just set up a li
  15. Sometimes I think we go just a bit overboard. Have you tried to get these totems to STAY attached? The leather actually breaks pretty easily. Also the leaders ALWAYS remove the totems at the drop of a hat. Remember this is CUB day camp -- most of the leaders are over concerned parents! Back to my original request. I'm not too concerned about the cost. I expect it to be more than a regular patch but I doubt that the added expense would be more than what is already being spent on the patch AND leather totem. Also, back to the neck issue. I'm open to considering other options. Some of o
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