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  1. My first car was a 1969 Chevelle SS396. Solid white exterrior with solid black Interior. I bought it after I graduated from high school.
  2. I was only in Cub Scouts for one year as a youth so I have few memories there. As an adult leader attending summer camp for the first time in 1989, being tapped out for OA in 1990, taking a contingent to NOAC in 1994, working on the kitchen staff at camp during OA functions and attending Woodbadge. What really ties all of the activities together are the outstanding people I have met over the years, many of which have become lifelong friends. I think that, is the greatest experience I have had in scouting. Bob
  3. On oaimages.com it's listed as eS1999. That is an event patch and not an issued flap.
  4. Everyone has stated valid reasons why scouting is seen as not cool by many. I think a better question may be, what are we going to do about it? I think that scouting must be promoted to young families first and foremost. We need to show young parents the benefits of having their sons in scouting at the earliest age possible. We need to promote scouting at all churches and schools at every opportunity. Bring scouting into conversations with other adults every chance you get and talk about what you're troop or pack is doing. If it can be established early on to young boys how much fun scouting
  5. While there is probably nothing wrong with reciting the Cub Scout oath I don't see any need to. When I was a Webelos den leader from one of our firet meetings we were reciting the Boy Scout oath, law and outdoor code. I felt that since Webelos is a transition between Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts and as I recall, knowing these were part of the requirements to earn the arrow of light, it should be part of what they learned at our meetings. I could be mistaken on the AOL part it's been several years. But I do remember that knowing these are part of the requirements for Tenderfoot rank.
  6. Not only would I not allow their registration to be paid for by the troop, I would not allow them to be on our troop roster if they are inactive. If at some point they choose to become active again it's not a big deal for them to reregister. Having said that,before I jumped to any conclusion about these people I would make sure that they were not doing things behind the scene you may not see, like working on the SME committee or something like that. Bob
  7. I've bought several scout patches on eBay in the last few years. Like probably most people I only collected patches from events that I had attended. Somewhere along the way I thought it would be nice to get a complete collection of flaps from my OA lodge. Then a complete collection of patches from each OA conclave my lodge had attended. As of now those are the only collections I actively persue. I have paid a lot for a few pieces. But if you have ever tried to get a complete set of any collectable that other people also persue, when a rare piece comes up on eBay or else where, that you have ne
  8. A Timex Ironman watch I bought in 1995 and have worn to work every day since. I've never even replaced the battery though I have gone through about 5 bands.
  9. You may want to go to: http://campfirecafe.com/ these people cook over an open fire with very good results. They also have a show on RFD-TV that illustrates their methods and the grill they use. Bob
  10. troopmom, this probably won't help in this instance, but when I was committee chairman with our local troop we had a few problems on campouts. Out solution was to have the PLC formulate a written desciplinary policy for such behavior that everyone associated with the troop knew about. The scouts and parents knew that it was not flexable. While it did not end the problems all together it did reduce them substancialy. As I recall it was a three strikes policy. I belive the first infraction resulted in missing two weeks of scout meetings, the second a longer time away and the third being kicked o
  11. I have worked as an electrician and lineman since quitting college in 1973. I am currently working as an electrical and instrumentation superintendent on construction projects at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. This work keeps me away for up to 2 1/2 months at a time. With my present work schedule I have not been able to work with Boy Scouts in the past 6 years.
  12. A few years ago our camporees were becoming dull with the same events year after year. It was our troops turn to host the next one so the troop committee started holding planning meetings about 6 months before the date of the camporee. We discussed the problem with always having the same events and how some troops seemed to spend a lot of time at troop meetings practicing for the events. What we decided to do was to have all the events be secret and just publish what the theme would be. When we announced our plan at the district roundtable some of the scoutmasters were not happy with it at fir
  13. I can't say why Disney won't release Follow Me Boys again but I can say why original copies are so expensive. There are a lot of people that collect original Disney movies. As with any collectable if it is all original including the packaging and few copies are still around it commands a higher price. While I do not collect Disney movies I did want a copy of Follow Me Boys and purchased one off EBAY for $75. You can find one on EBAY for less if catch one that was a rental and does not have the original clam shell case. OILMAN02
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