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Who approved your Ticket, who kept tabs on you as you worked your Ticket?

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I'm asking around, want to see how different courses implemented the curriculum.


In my WB course,


My TG had authority to approve my ticket items. Did he discuss them with the CD/SM? Probably. Did I discuss my ticket with the CD/SM? No.


My TG was the one who kept in touch with me (and I him) as I worked the ticket.


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My TG approved my ticket. We told me he reviewed all tickets with the SM & CD. I was assigned a home coach counselor to review my progress & approved the completion of my ticket.


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My TG approved my ticket, theoretically in consultation with my Course Director. My TG also ended up serving as my ticket counselor. I wouldn't say he "kept tabs" as I progressed - more like, I tracked him down to let him know as I completed various portions of the ticket.

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I had a Troop Guide who helped write the tickets, and then was assigned a Ticket Counselor who "signed off" on my items. We never formally met, I passed him the documentation that ticket items were done at Rounstables, District meetings, that sort of thing. I am not sure I spent 30 minutes tlaking to him in the 14 months or so it took to complete the ticket

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My TG approved my ticket; I believe she did it in consultation with the SM & CD.


My TG was also the one to whom I reported my progress. I'm not sure of the usage of the term "ticket counselor"; if its what I think it is, my TG was also my ticket counselor.


She also approved the completion of my ticket, but she didn't exactly "check-up" on me. She would call or email me every 4-6 weeks to be sure I was making progress. My WB21C ticket included steps for reporting progress and defining completion; my TC had me understand that I alone decided when I was complete with any particular step.


While I submitted supporting documentation to my TC, she told me it wasn't really necessary.

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My Troop Guide was the person that approved my ticket and became my Ticket Counselor, but I do believe that the CD/SM did know what was going on. It has been only 4 months since I completed my Woodbadge Course and now I had to contact my Ticket Counselor to email him and let him know that I was done with my ticket. I emailed all of my write-up to him at the same time. So as of last week I was notified by my ticket counselor that I had completed ticket, and he told me that I did more than was necessary for my write-up. Altogether it was the greatest experience I ever had.


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I'm not sure if that is a local thing or not, (Eamonn?). Typically in our council the ASM of TGs helps the TGs in the approve the tickets. The CD may are may not get involved depending on their time and how much they trust the ASM. Usually the TGs do get some help in the process because they are very busy and they are typically the new kids on the block.




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In our course, the Troop Guide is the ticket counselor. He has a ticket buddy (another staff member (ASM,QM,etc) who is available if the TG wants feedback on any of the tickets. Our SM has given the TG has the final responsiblility to approve.(We spend time writing and reveiwing tickets during staff development)

The SM/CD looks at them,makes some comments, but leaves it up to the TG to approve the ticket, The SM does have conversations with the particpants during the weekends to help the process too.

The TG keeps tabs of the patrol members and keeps the SM apprised of the status. The TG reviews the ticket when completed and then informs the SM/CD to schedule the presentation of wood badge regalia


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Before the 21st Century course came along the Scoutmaster or the Cubmaster had the final word at the course on ticket approval.

This changed when the 21st Century course came along.

Now the Troop Guide has the last word.

He or She does work or is supposed to work closely with the ASM Troop Guides.

The other experienced staff members are also on hand to give a hand when needed.

Before the participants leave to go home from the course a Ticket Counselor is supposed to be provided for each participant.

Some Councils do have a Wood Badge Coordinator who works with the Course Director, some Councils leave this to the Council Training Chairman and some leave it all to the Course Director.

Pre 21st Century all changes to a Ticket had to be approved by the Scoutmaster or the Cubmaster.

Now days the home Ticket Counselor can approve changes.

Selecting the right Ticket Counselor for the participant is not an easy task.

A lot of times the person who on the course served as Troop Guide will take on being the home Ticket Counselor.

If there is such a thing as an ideal Ticket Counselor?

He or She will be:

Trained to do the job and understand how the Ticket is part of the course.

Understand that the Ticket is the participants Ticket and that he or she owns it.

Be someone local, who understands what is going on locally and is easy to get hold of if need be.

Have time to meet with and work with the participant.

Have a understanding of the position and the section that the participant is serving in and their role in Scouting.

The home Ticket Counselor does approve that the ticket has been completed within the time limit.


If problems arrive??

As a rule the Course Director is the person to contact.

When the home Ticket Counselor gives the final approval, the Course Director should be the person who contacts the participants Council and notifies them that the participant has completed the course.

Different Course have different ways of managing how the certificate and Wood Badge regalia reach the participant.

Some courses do not include the costs involved and go back to the participant and ask for him/her to pay for the regalia.

When I served as CD, I ordered all the certificates and regalia before the course started.

When a Ticket Counselor contacted me to let me know that someone had completed their Ticket, I contacted my Scout Service Center. The registrar updated that persons training record on Scoutnet, someone in the Service Center printed the persons name on the certificate. I then contacted the participant and found out when and where they were going to have their Beading Ceremony. I asked who they wanted to present them with their beads? I then made sure that the person they wanted to do the presentation had all the regalia and the certificate in time for the ceremony.


We didn't have any problems with any of our Ticket Counselors on the course I directed.

In the past we have had Counselors who have gone MIA. When this happens the Course Director can ask someone to step in and take on the job.


Many moons back, I was working on my Cub Scout Trainer Wood Badge Ticket.

As a ticket item I had planned to do something at Pow Wow. As it happened Pow Wow that year was canceled. There was a chance that it might be canceled the following year. I was worried that if this happened my ticket would be not be able to be completed.

The old Cub Scout course was offered by the Region. I needed the approval of the Cubmaster to change the ticket. Being as I'm in the NE-Region, which covers the Transatlantic Council, she was somewhere in Germany changing the ticket was a real headache.


I'm not sure I'd use the term "Keep tabs"?

I know I kinda encouraged the Troop Guides on the course to encourage the members of the patrol they were working with to really think about their tickets, making them take time to grasp what their Vision and Mission really were and set goals that were worth while and did stretch the participants. My hope was that the Tickets didn't become just a list of everyday things that would be done anyway.

When the course was over I did make copies of all the tickets. Not to be nosy or make any real judgment on them. (What was done was done and no matter what I thought the Tickets had been approved)

I did notice that all the tickets from one patrol were just not good. It became very clear that the Troop Guide just hadn't got it.

He was from another Council (Ours is a cluster course). I waited a few weeks and went for a drink with him and when I talked to him about this, he still just didn't understand this vision and mission thing.

I met with the ASM Troop Guides and She said that she had really tried to work with him, but kept getting no where. She put it down to him thinking that because he served in Venturing that he thought he was some kind of a rebel??

I did contact the Training Chair from his Council and had a word with him, I also contacted the guy who serves on our Area Committee and made the suggestion that he not be asked to serve on a Wood Badge course again.

I did notice that when the time came for his Council to host a course he was named as a Staff member.

Sadly the course never got off the ground due to not enough people signing up. -I had nothing to do with that!! (Honest)


My hope would be that the person who serves as the home ticket counselor and the participant form a relationship that goes far beyond the ticket and that the counselor is someone who is willing to take the participant under their wing for a very long time.




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As a TG I had primary responsibility to review, approve and follow up on participant tickets. Having said that, I made it a practice to discuss modifications or changes with the ASM and CD prior to approving.



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When I took the course in '03, our TG's took our tickets to see the ASM-TG wizzard. She approved/denied tickets. The TGs were our ticket counselors


When I served last year on staff, TG's did the same thing and the wizzard had his hand on every decision...and wasted a lot of time. Us TGs are the counselors


This year on course our TG's do everything, and they've spend a weekend together to figure it all out in advance. The ticket won't hurt as much as it once did I hope. The TGs are also the counselors on this course.





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