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  1. ehemm.... ON the new shirts.. the Left chest pocket is very very small. I had tried to sew the rank patch on and couldn't fit my hand.. nor my son's into it, in order to hand stitch the rank patch on. So.. we opted to sew the pocket shut.
  2. The council where I took my woodbadge course "NE-I-259" has a woodbadge reunion each year. This was a night of fun, food and fellowship. We had several beadings, a few presentations, Plus - they annoucned the next woodbadge staff.
  3. My course was special for several reasons, the people, the location, the friends I made. However, one of the really nice times we had was the last night at "gilwell". the Staff left us, the patrols were spread out over the camp only a few were close in proximity. We all made plans to meet at a central location after dinner and have a campfire & cracker barrell. After all the songs, skits and talk, Before turning in, we all planned a special bovine surprise for the staff at opening ceremony, we sang the "the song"... we sang it loud enough that the staff, came out of the hall on the othe
  4. Hi Stosh, I think the wood thing is great, who doesnt' LOVE a campfire, but, if the troop is "conservation" minded, wouldn't the personal stove minimize the impact on the environment?
  5. Can ya tell from my name???? ;-) We just had our woodbadge reunion, where the second to be beaded from my course NE-I-259 (sept 2007) was a bear! (I was the first about a month ago... the fourth on track to be beaded in 2 weeks is ...can you guess.. another bear! ).
  6. I had recieved my package in October. I immediatley came up with a plan to go, put in vacation time at work and it actually works out that my son is out of school by then. We have some friends in Colorado, so we'll stay there for a few days, but, there doesn't seem to be any more direct link into philmont except the Train. So, we'll fly to Colorado, then train to the station in Nm, then take the train all the way home! Railing cross country - my son and I did that a few years ago from Colorado and he still talks about that more than the 3 trips to disney! I do wish there were a few more
  7. Hi CNY I actually typed a long response to you the other day, but I typed the incorrect password and..poof. it was gone. Congrats! I completed my ticket and had my beading within a month's time. My Scout Master came prepared with all of the neccessary Woodbadge items for display and recognition. My beading was during my packs blue and gold 2 weekends ago, so I only had to provide a table. My audience was already there. I did invite several local woodbadge freinds and my Patrol mates. This ceremony was very special to me and to share it with my friends and family made it that
  8. I have my pair of switchbacks, my son outgrew his first pair... we did hand them down! The switchbacks my son got this year are different than last years. They're darker, the pockets are shaped a bit different and the material feels a little more heavy. These pants are great for summer and winter. wore them all last summer at camp and I actually wore them a few times outside of scouting as well. My son has worn them to school and doesn't even bat an eyelash, could be because there are 6 scouts in his immediate class!
  9. Aww Thanks Mike!!!! Our B&G is going to Rock!!
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