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  1. Calico I have swam the "Killian Triangle" as well. Our small troop would do it as a summer camp tradition. We would normally have 6 or 7 guys do it each year. (70-90% of campers). Back in the day, all you needed was two buddies. One to row and one to man the pole and we would alternate and help each other out. I remember doing it a couple of times one year, but 14 is very remarkable I have not done it as an adult at Woodruff yet. The mandatory practices take a bite out of my afternoon naps
  2. We have used a "Cub-o-matic" machine, small bridge, and even a time machine for bridging between cub scout years. This was done at the last pack meeting of the years. The cubs emerged from the machine and had changed their kneckers and were given the new books for the upcoming rank. Webelos 1 were given another gift such as a "den rope" since they used the same books and kneckers. Webelos II had already crossed over to Troops by this point Rank Awards were presented when earned and usually involved painting their faces with different colors Webelos crossovers are a totally se
  3. We have an active COR and he is our chief point of contact when dealing with the other units at our church, although our unit leaders do communicate well too . He has a yearly town hall meeting for everyone, as well as a key 2 meeting in August to go over the years events with the leadership of the different units. There is one overall committee made up of members from each of the units and the church leadership to organize the infrastructure and joint website.There are various subcommittees that works year round to coordinate our joint activities such as the Great Day of Service, Scout
  4. i have a pair of 5.11 in olive green. I've had them for 6 years and they are still in fairly good shape. I love the all the pockets, one of the reasons i bought them. Certainly worth the investment
  5. I feel very fortunate that i have 37 UC's which only 6 have more than one unit out of the 53 units in my district. Most of them regularly visit their units. Now if i can only get them to input the information into the UVTS It is a lot easier to sign up a commissioner for one unit than to multiple units. When i tell them it is an hour a week, i mean it. Alas, my work is not done as I need sign up a 5 more to cover some new units and to replace some others. Crossover is here and i have my eyes on some ex CC's DL's and CM's
  6. you may be able to order them from national. They appear to have inventory http://www.scoutstuff.org/BSASupply/default.aspx?cat01RTL&ctgy=PRODUCTS&c2=UNIFORMS&c3=INSIGNIA&c4=&LV=3
  7. Our district put togther some Questions to Ask at Troop Visits regardless of the size 1. How often has your Troop achieved Quality Unit status in the last 5 years? 2. How are new Scouts handled? Are they mixed in with existing patrols or put into a new patrol? 3. How many registered leaders are there? What is their attendance history at regular meetings and on outings? 4. What is the boy:leader ratio at meetings and on outings? 5. Do you have an active outdoor program? How many days/year are spent camping? Where? What are the plans for summer camp? 6. What is your philos
  8. Congratulations , The time sure does go by fast Keep up the good work Brent(This message has been edited by Cubmaster Randy)
  9. I also participated in a week long course. As far as our as our patrol project went, after we came up with our idea and got it approved, we requested the items that we wanted from the QM. The QM team got us what they could as far as the items we needed for the presentation. If they could not get us an item, we had to adjust We did not have access to any electronics, so we made do with the resources that we had or could get. We worked on it when we could, mostly in our free time (between taps and reveille when we were not writing our tickets) In hind site, Having staffed a c
  10. After looking at the tall timbers website and the sam houston website, It looks like the division commissioner is a commissioner overseeing several districts. We use the term service Area here and he wears a asst. council commissioner patch
  11. The only required ticket item is to have one on diversity. No, they should not be making it mandatory, but You could always add a 6th ticket item if you want
  12. I have been going to Woodruff since 2003 with the pack and We have been to Woodruff the last couple of years with the troop. We will be there week 3 this year Water level is not be a problem. Even in the middle of the drought,they released a lot of the water from the lake during the winter to do repairs and maintenence, the water level came back in plenty of time for camp. Expect a great experience Expect a busy camp, Good first year program If you have any adult leaders that need SM training, Sue puts on a great course Dont forget to earn your SM merit badge Polar Bear Plun
  13. Yes, I would be upset too, However, Have you spoken with the person you had recruited? Does he even want to do the position that the DC wants him to do? We are all volunteers, but if I volunteer for a job, it is for what I volunteered for. If someone else wants me to do something else, they had better talk with me about what they want me to do instead Have you spoken with the DC after he harvested your recruit? and how that came off to you and how that is not the way to build a team?. I am not familar with the particlulars of the situation or the whoms, so maybe what he thought he was d
  14. You said your son would like really like for you to be his den leader. Would he be open for you to be up front at the pack meetings instead You cannot register for both positions. The only postion you can dual register for is COR , Well Tiger Cub Adult partner too Doing both is another matter altogether. You might feel you are getting pulled in 2 different directions depending on how much your cubmaster relies on his ACM and/or if your ADL is up to par.(This is more for next year as the adult partners should be able to handle the den this year. The Tiger Cub den leaders responsibliti
  15. Actually, The district or council "giveback" item is not required anymore and is totally optional. The ticket items should be geared toward your primary registration.
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