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(to be sung to the tune of Bear Down Chicago Bears)


Bear down da Minsi Bears

Make every day a step to victory,

Bear down da Minsi Bears

Remember Gilwell Park and its history


We will never ever foget our fascination,

Trying to cope with all the information


Bear down da Minsi Bears,

Make sure they know why you are wearing the crown,

Our pride and joy though others we annoy


Da Minsi Bears, bear down


Patrol Cheer: Oh Bother


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My Scout Executive is a Raven. I didn't even know there used to be a Raven patrol until I met him. That's the patrol that under the old system used to come after the Antelopes -- which are rare as it is.


The poor guy has to sing all by himself and his patrol is usuaully forgotten :( Oh well, Scout Executives become used to being alone very quickly.



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Da Bears, da best. C-23-02


Q. For Man-o-Steel - One of our district professionals is taking Wood Badge right along side all of the volunteers. Do they still have professional only Wood Badge courses?


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The last professionals only Wood Badge Course in the Central Region was the one I took in 1992. Acco has a very good memory. I don't know of any professional only Wood Badge courses in any region since 1992. My theory is that volunteers gave some heat to the professionals responsible for the course.


I do have to admit that some professionals take a lot of heat when they attend Wood Badge with volunteers. As some have noted, not every volunteer likes professional scouters. Within Scouting ranks, from DE to Scout Executive to the Chief Scout Executive, our profession can be much maligned and it does hurt our feelings on occasion. Some professionals deserve the heat -- some are second-rate and their actions or in-actions belittle all of us. That's why I'm harsh with second-rate professionals. I've fired more than one.


On the other hand, when a good professional attends Wood Badge with the volunteers, it can be an incredible bonding and educational exprerience for both the profesional and volunteer. Scout Executives will generally only approve the attendance of an extraordinary professional to attend a local Wood Badge Course. I must assume the DE you speak of is an extraordinary profesional or the council would not take his time and to go the expense of allowing him/her to attend Wood Badge.


I have to admit I'm a little jealous of that DE. Attending EC-468-P (for professional) was a great experience for me, but I value more the three staffs I was on with the volunteers.



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In 1999 two of our DE's took the then Boy Scout Wood Badge course.

I have to say that I was more then a little upset that people who ought to have known better were saying that one of them wouldn't see it through.

Both were female, in fact they both still are?

One of them is my DE.

While it is a fact that Pam is not the "Great White Hunter" type and is more at home at the club then on the Camp site. She was an active participant in her patrol. As was the other young DE.

Our Scout Exec. Was a participant on the course we just had.

While just maybe the course director was a little more careful in making sure that he was placed in a patrol where there wasn't other members with an axe to grind. That was about all the out of the ordinary provisions that happened.

I have spoke with him and the other members of his patrol and it seems that both he and them enjoyed the course.

I am his ticket couselor so that ought to be an eye opener for me.

He is an Owl.

We have a Field Director who didn't and hasn't taken Wood Badge. He needs it in the worlds worst way. All the professional training either didn't take or has worn off.

I don't know what patrol he would be best suited too?


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We have a saying in the profession. If you send an idiot to training, what you get back is a trained idiot. It's like trying to apply R.I.T die to a plastic bag -- the only color that changes is the color of your hands.


I don't know your Field Director, so I can't say whether or not, in my opinion, he falls into the idiot category.


I'm glad to read that your Scout Executive took the training. You'll have fun counseling him on his ticket and he'll learn much by completing it.


Good job.



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R.I.T. die is a fabric color-changer available at your local groccery market for less than a dollar a box/bottle. It comes in powder or liquid form. You throw the fabric to be died in the washing machine alone with the powder or liquid, then throw the fabric in the dryer.


I'm pretty sure you want to change R.I.T. (whatever that means) to R.I.P. which stands for "Rest in Peace" at least in the midwest, that's what it means. No, it's not nice, but that doesn't mean you can't think it.


From what you have told me, both on and off-line, your Field Director is not someone I'd call friend. In fact, from the sounds of it, he and I would have a very unpleasant meeting. I'd walk away with a clear conscience.



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