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  1. I use a tuna fish can with both the top and bottom cut out. It makes a great ring to place a pie tin or cake tin on.
  2. When I was a Scoutmaster, I always told the youth in the troop that each choice they made had consequences, the consequences could be good or they could be bad, but they made the decision. The younger scouts always asked what that meant, and I always explained the good and bad consequences of a decision. The older scouts had it figured out and would live with their decision and not complain. David
  3. National has come out with a 2010 Centennial Commissioner's patch set. Unit, Asst. Dist. Comm., Dist Comm., Asst. Council Comm., Council Comm. I purchased some of the new patches. They are sharp. David Harrison
  4. Badger, The woggle tied for a participant of 21st Century Wood Badge is a 3 pass woggle. The woggle shown in pictures, patches, and pins is the leather woggle presented to one after completing their ticket which is a two pass woggle. David Harrison
  5. If a NYLT Scoutmaster has met the requirements to be presented a 4th bead, then the 4th bead should be presented to them before the start of the NYLT course, not at a Wood Badge event. If someone who has earned a 4th bead, is working on a Wood Badge course as a Asst. Course Director, then they should wear 3 beads, not 4. In regards to other NYLT staff earning a 3rd bead, this would be the Asst. Scoutmaster responsible for program. (The one working with the youth staff on the course.) If the 3rd and/or 4th beads need to be ordered, I would talk to the Professional Staff Advisor, and have tha
  6. In doing a google search on each congress person, I found that all 26 are democrats. Not one republican signed. Dancin
  7. When the Scoutmaster chooses a Den Chief with the Cubmaster, they both must take into consideration the maturity of the youth, how the youth deals with adults, deals with younger youth, and the type of dedication they have to the program. To place a youth into a position that is not meant for them, is setting them up for failure, not success. I have seen Eagle scouts who do not have the maturity level that second class scouts have, so rank shouldn't be an issue. The true issue is what the leaders feel about the youths different levels. David
  8. Additional information from Publication 526 Travel. Generally, you can claim a charitable contribution deduction for travel expenses necessarily incurred while you are away from home performing services for a charitable organization only if there is no significant element of personal pleasure, recreation, or vacation in the travel. This applies whether you pay the expenses directly or indirectly. You are paying the expenses indirectly if you make a payment to the charitable organization and the organization pays for your travel expenses. The deduction for travel expenses will no
  9. BadenP is correct on his assessment of a 501c3. In regards to the deductibility of a camp fee. If you are on duty 24/7 at camp it is not considered a vacation so the fee would be deductible (ie: if you were to travel to the National Jamboree as a leader, you are on duty 24/7 and your fee would be deductible. We had a case where a troop asked for donations to purchase a new troop trailer and the letter stated the donation was tax deductible. I informed the SM that unless the donation was made to the church and the church purchased the trailer for the troop, any donations made by businesses
  10. Tflytyer, You left LHAC just about the time I was becoming active. I went to Cub Trainer Wood Badge in 1993 and Boy Scout Leader Wood Badge in 1995. I was asked to serve on Wood Badge staff in 2002 and again in 2004 and was a course director in 2006. One person you might remember from the shoreline district, Sue Jacobs went to 21st Century Wood Badge in 2002 and recently staffed a 21st C course in 2008. She staffed a Cub Trainer WB course in 1995 or 96, but if she hadn't taken 21st Century WB, she would not have able to staff last year. Of the 30 people in the council who had gone to Bo
  11. I received an e-mail from Brad Farmer, the Central Region Director indicating that there are changes coming as of October 1. Bob Mazzuca will take a be leading the national dialogue about the BSA. Assistant Chief Scout Exec. Wayne Brock will take over the day to day operations. Brad Farmer will become ACSE for Development and Alf Tuggle will become ACSE for Resources and Strategy. All the Region offices will close as of 12/31/09 and be relocated to Irving. The Regional Directors will be relocated to Irving by November 1, David Harrison
  12. If you look on scoutstuff.org you will see national sells centennial loop and also green, blaze and orange. Orange for Varisty Scouting, blue for Cub Scouting, and green for Venturing. The centennial loops are a different item. David Harrison
  13. I just received a memo from national that as of January 1, 2010 the registration fee will be $15.00 instead of $10.00. The last fee increase was in 2003 when it went from $7.00 to the current $10.00. David Harrison
  14. We went to Laurl Caverns with the Jamboree Troops after the 2005 Jamboree. I would recommend two adults with each group. One in the front and one in the rear to keep the scouts moving. The one in the front can keep the scouts from getting in trouble. The guides are there to do just that! Guide you! Just my two cents. David Harrison (This message has been edited by a staff member.)
  15. What would make me increase my FOS donation? Being asked. I had lunch with our new Scout Executive and during our conversation, he asked me about my donation. I said I would give the same as last year and he asked if I could raise it by half. I did, and since he has been here, he has engaged volunteers 150%. David Harrison
  16. The council Jamboree committee just interviewed for 3rd Asst. SM for both troops and one of the young men was 16 1/2 and a junior in high school. We told him of the committment that has to be made and that if a sporting event or band came up, he would have to miss it, because he was an adult, and he agreed to it. We did tell him that if he didn't make the total committment, then we would replace him.
  17. We used Quicken for the Troop checkbook and excel for the scout accounts. Both work great. David Harrison
  18. Sorry it took so long. I used to be a FOX, and a good old FOX too! And now I'm finished FOXING, I don't know what to do. I'm growing old and feeble, and I can FOX no more. So I'm going to work my ticket if I can. Back to Gilwell, Happy Land, I'm going to work my ticket if I can. Dancin Fox C-CS1-93 C-15L-95 C-07-02 Troop Guide-Beaver C-03-04 Senior Patrol Leader C-12-06 Scoutmaste (Course Director) C-31-08 Mentor
  19. When I retired as Scoutmaster the adults in the troop gave me a desk clock for my desk at work. It has a small plauqe on it with my name and the troop number. The current and past Eagle scouts got together and gave me a plaque with each Eagle Scouts name and date they earned their Eagle. I have it in my office at home. David Harrison
  20. I am Council Commissioner and my grandson is a Wolf Cub in the local pack. I was his Tiger partner last year. When going to his den meetings and pack meetings, I dress in street clothes. When the Blue and Gold Banquet comes, I go in my uniform. I am introduced to the crowd as the Council Commissioner. I told the pack committee when I registered my grandson that my job as Council Commissioner was large enough that I couldn't take a active role as a leader and I would be there to support their program in any way I could, but cannot register as a leader. David Harrison
  21. As a former Wood Bade Course Director, I would be proud that any Wood Badge Staffer who took on the position of NYLT Course Director would wear 4 beads. I know what it took to put the course on and what it takes to put on a NYLT Course. The teaching given to the participants in NYLT is on a parallel with Wood Badge and I feel that staffing NYLT is training and training is what it's all about. David Harrison
  22. When I was a Scoutmaster and went to roundtable every month, it seemed like all we did is sit and listen to the Roundtable Commissioner or listen to announcements. Even as a seasoned leader I still learned when the roundtable was run as a Boy Scout Meeting. We had an opening, skill time, a game with a purpose, Scoutmaster's minute and a closing. What was neat is that sometimes I heard an opening or closing I hadn't heard before and could use to help the PLC put new things in the meetings. Sometimes a skill or a game that would work with the troop. Those roundtables I learned from. Talki
  23. Fast Tracks (It's new name) was a pilot program used in the Central Region to help with retention of Cubs. The premise was that using the home based program, cubs would drop out as their parents did not always have the time to work on their advancement with them. By bringing the advancement back into the den, the den leader could work with them, thus earning more advancement ended up with higher retention numbers. In the data I've seen from the Central Region office on the program, is has been a success. David Harrison
  24. One thing we have to remember is that the only adult position available to someone under 21 years of age is Asst. Scoutmaster. Thus, if you are under 21, then you can not serve on the Council Exec. Board as this is a registered position in Scouting. There are two positions on the Exec. Board that youth can fill. The Lodge Chief and the President of the VOA for Venturing. Money does not have anything to do with serving on the board, but talent does. There is someone that is the VP for Program, VP for Operations, VP for Finance, VP for Endowment, Treasurer, VP for Camp Facilities, Secretary
  25. When I went to the Jamboree, I bought a SlumberJack. Nice, but cost was around 90 to 100 dollars. I have since started to go camping with my son and my grandson (not my son's boy) and I bought them cots from Wal-Mart for 30 dollars. They are like the new army cots and seem to hold up well. David Harrison
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