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  1. I found this link on an Iowa Paddling site I keep tabs on (www.my riverquest.com) It is a journal of a young mans trip from the headwaters in Minn. to New Orleans,La.
  2. As a LNT trainer I would suggest either a mound fire(mound of soil on top of a tarp)or a firepan (could be a trash can lid or a feed pan from farm supply store)placed on 3-4 large,dry rocks. Even the established firepit can be used. Some more ideas can be found at LNT.org(This message has been edited by andrewcanoe)
  3. All the fundraising in the troop I belong to that goes into a "Scouts account is for scouting uses only. Why should that change when he leaves? If the scout (or his parents) contine on in the troop as registered members the account stays active and can be used for scouting expenses. This is one of the "written guidelines" that is in our packet given when a family joins the troop.(These guidelines are open to discussion at any adult/parent meeting)
  4. Thanks to all. After a day of reflection I have come to the conclusion that even though the beading is done the work will go on for the rest of my scouting career. After reaching the peak of the mountain another mountain comes in to view and the urge to climb it is stronger that the urge that compeled you to climb the first.
  5. I recieved my beads tonight at the council scouter appreciation dinner. Two other members of my patrol recieved additional recognition, one got her silver beaver and the other received the district award of merit. I guess Eagle really do soar above the rest. Andrewcanoe Eagle patrol C-51-03
  6. I completed my ticket and was signed off earlier this evening. I used to be an eagle... C-51-03(This message has been edited by andrewcanoe)
  7. I am a Co-leader with my wife and another mother as well as a male friend of ours of a S2B group in the town were my wife works at the school. We(My wife and our friend) also are co-advisors in a high adventure S2B group that has members from thoughout the entire council.We have 2 other leaders from elsewere in the council as co-advisors This group,the Adventure Divas, do mostly outdoor stuff that most troops/groups don't get a chance to. We rock climb,canoe,attend orienteering meets and last winter we did the Opik winter camping program at the Northern tier High adventure base in Ely,Minnisot
  8. You should be able to find the answers to most of your questions at the GS council shop or in the GS catalog you received in the mail or will very soon. Your dauters leader should be able to answer some of the questions about the earned patches.
  9. The two units I lead(advise) both have chosen a custom printed T-shirt as a "troop" uniform. One designed the shirt as part of a badge and got to screen print their own shirt at the local trophy/uniform shop. The other unit is a high adventure unit from though out the council and they wanted a common uniform for outings. As a male I am trying to find a dress uniform for council event that is more along the lines of the female leader uniforms in the catalog. GSUSA must think that all males in the organization are on executive boards.
  10. I bought a red wool jacket at the northern tier base last Febuary and found it to be excellent( maybe a little too hot). I believe it was a little more than the price quoted but I bought a larger size. It does not have a lining like the woolrich coats I have seen on other scouters. I found that with a lands end wool sweater under it I didn't need or want a liner.
  11. What do we do for the scout who feels that the ordeal is an embarassing ,humiliating, punishing hazing? I don't think it is meant as such but I'm sure there are others who might.
  12. As far as the OA ordeal as a hazing, my 16 year old autistic son has no interest in doing his ordeal because he feels it is hazing. Do I support him? Hell,yes! As a lodge member do I think membership in the OA is important Hell,yes! Will he do ordeal at his next and last chance? Only time will tell. I'm sure that I could make some arrangement to have him do ordeal in a way in which he is comfortable but won't he be single out by this as well? The results would be the same as a hazing.
  13. Answer to BW: Mistakes Uncle: The guide our group had at Northern Tier last winter advocated the water bottle method to avoid using energy to keep the contents of the bladder warm, but highly sugested using a bottle that had a different shape that the water bottle used for drinking to avoid mistakes in the dark. (this only works if going #1, definitely not advived for #2)
  14. As one who has been the butt of a nasty post I can understand that some people would want to squelch certain posters but I have not and furthermore I enjoy the off beat humor that is often part of the robust elder statesman's posts.(This message has been edited by andrewcanoe)
  15. Steve, The retention of and timely advancement as well as additional training(Lifeguard,CPR,Advanced first aid) would also make you more of a asset to your troop Dave
  16. I think a training course for MB counselors would be greatly appreciated by the adult troop leader that had parents that signed up to be counselors because they had a great knowledge on a particular subject but had no real idea how to teach the subject and end up "giving" the MB away to anyone who comes to them for an hour or so.
  17. The troop that I serve has a policy that checks for fundraisers are made out to the troop and the parents are asked to deposit the cash into their personal account and write a check for that amount to the troop. I agree that an aduit of the troop funds is in order. Our treasurer makes all records available at every commitee and parent meeting.
  18. I follow the same advice that was given by OWL62, During summer camp I hang my uniform up until it is required and at dinner and then wear it for the evening event. I also found a few of the female staff members were doing wash for some of the male staff members and arranged for them to run my uniform through the wash on the day of parents night so I would look clean and fresh when the moms and dads showed up( a few boxes of thin mints that have been stored in the freezer at home can work miracles)
  19. The troop I am involved with has mostly younger scouts so our"high adventure trip" will be based in a county park with daily trips to surrounding high adventure spots for a high ropes/cope course, rock climbing at a state park, hiking at a national monument with effigy mounds and perhaps some canoeing. The main intent is to provide advancement oppertunities for the young guys and something differant for the adults and older scouts who have been alternating BWCA and a trek to Colorado that included a overnite on a mountain. We found we had alot of things in our own backyard that we had been ov
  20. I like to wear a poncho and the pants from my rain suit. At the first weekend of wood badge it rained everytime we had an outdoor activity and the above combonation seemed to work best.
  21. We have had a thread about women in BSA,How about the thoughts of those out there with an opinion on men as GS leaders. I was asked to join both a troop and an "high adventure" interest group in the local GS council to help promote camping and other outdoor activities. I took these invitation as a complement of the BSA program that I am a part of.
  22. No one knows anything about what a chaplin does or how a good Scouts Own is run? I know alot of you fellow scouters are strong in your convictions, how about sharing a topic or story?
  23. The wood badge for the 21st century also uses patrols and tickets. Any course no matter how good needs to change eventually. The new course has many of the elements of the older courses or so I have heard.
  24. Yesterday at the first JLT staff meeting for this year's course I was given the position of ASM/Chaplin. I realize that I must help organize a Scouts Own for the Sunday we are in camp and am wondering if anyone on the forum could give any advice on a good set of guidelines for the service. (I searched back in the archives and found a link to Macscouter.com already)
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