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Have been a Bear. At times Her Who Must Be Obeyed informs me that I still am.

Have been a cuckcoo, English Scout Leader Course at Gilwell in early 70s.

UK, no longer has Patrols.

While it might seem very un-Scout like, I have been known to tease Bob Whites, by calling them "Ankle Peckers" But when your a cuckcoo you have to find someone to pick on.


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My father was in the Fox patrol. I kind of hoped that when I attended Wood Badge Course number Ec-468-P (p for professionals) I was placed in the Eagle patrol.


And not because I was a 13 year old Eagle Scout . . .


I'm proud to sing when the Eagles sing Back to Gilwell.


I'm a graduate of National Executive Institute I #8903(which is now called Professional Development Level I.) It used to be called NLS (National Leadership school.


Whatever national calls the entry-level training of the BSA, I want to tell you about my friend Johnny Day. He was in my class at NEI (National Executive Institute level I) in 1989. He was predicted to be the first Scout Executive of our class.


Johnny is now the Scout Executive in LaCross, WI. If you're in that council, please congratulate him on his accomplishments and realize that you have a heck of a Scout Executive.


And for a fee, I'll tell you what his nickname was during those formative 18 days! Email me offline. It's worth it.


I'm glad I was predicted to be the second in our class to become a Scout Executive. Johnny's on the right path and I hope I am, too.


Of course, the sad part is that there are only 3 out of 38 of us in the class who are still in the Scouting profession that I'm aware of.


The "survivors" are two assistant scout executives and now Johnny as our first Scout Executive. Cheers, Johnny! Now it's up to Steele and Pink!


As long as we get back to our coffins by daylight and/or no one throws water on us or shoots us with a silver bullet, I think we'll last until retirement . . . or one of the previous options.


Pardon my euphoria . . .


"I used to be an Eagle, a good old Eagle, too!"



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I used to be an Owl, a singed feathered owl


A wise ole bird, ruler of the night and without all that bradiggio of the eagles, and a much larger brain than the bob whites


Speaking of birds, my patrol mate put to rest all this sillyness of the "better bird" with the story of the hummingbird and why it does not sing.

On the six day of creation, God made the animals. And all the angels where amazed, especially by the birds who could fly and float like themselves. So they had a competition and the winner of the contest would be given the greatest singing voice. The competition was simple. The birds all had to fly as high as they could. And fly they did, with the eagle out front leading skyward. Flapping as hard and as fast as he could, the eagle outlasted the crows and ravens, the owls, bobwhites and falcons. But still the angels called out, "it is still a tie" and the eagle reached deep inside to pull himself higher, but still heard "it is still a tie". The eagle, exhausted and confused, could see no other competitor, and thinking he was alone at the top, rested... and the hummingbird, who hid under his wing sprung forth to claim the prize.

Well, this was the beginning of the earth, and no lawyers had been created yet, so the angels had to abide by there simple rules and the hummingbird family was given the most beautiful singing voice of all the birds. But the leader of the hummingbirds was so embarrassed at his flocks treachery that he suggested, nay commanded, that no hummingbird would use this gift, for it would only serve to announce to the world the hummingbirds cheating at the beginning. So now you know why the hummingbird does not sing.


I was fortunate to be asked by the antelope patrol to M.C. the campfire. They where in charge of organization. And the campfire had a lot of poking at the different animals, but Bruce asked me to finish up with a closing story. The cooperation between the patrols increased dramatically after that fire.

It was my suggestion at woodbadge to seek the high road. We brought cards that we handed out for "catching people doing something right" as we felt our course was way off base with nasty nonsense. It was so nice to go back to the patrol table with Bruce to find all the cards that where sent back his way for such a great story.


Sorry for the long post.

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