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  1. I still have several donor awareness BSA patches from the early 90''s. At the time we didn''t really cover this in the troop. I wish now that we had. In 1998 I went into renal (kidney) failure. In 2000 I was blessed to receive a kidney from a teenage boy who was killed in an accident. Dialysis takes a terrible toll on one''s body and I wouldn''t have been around much longer. PLEASE consider being an organ donor - you CAN save lives.
  2. The Scouts have never shown much interest. I think it's the day after Christmas that gets most of them.
  3. P.S. We went alone with 159 to the battleship 5 or 6 years ago. You're welcome to tag along with us some time also.
  4. We went to the Yorktown in Charleston S.C. last summer. Great trip. They even offer several off ship excursions as part of the program. We took the trip out to Fort Sumter. I've often toyed with the idea of going to the Lexington in Galveston, TX. Never materialized though. The following is a link to the historic naval ships website. It lists all ships offering overnight programs. http://www.hnsa.org/edprog.htm Here is a link to the Gerald I. Lawhorn Canoe base at Camp Thunder. Just across the state line in Georgia. Went there several years ago. River, ropes and rocks - loved it.
  5. IMHO - four days would be too little time to spend on a trip to the Grand Canyon. We're looking at several options for 2009. The Grand Canyon and Washington D.C. being among those mentioned. Planning for a minimum of 7 days though. Might be a few more even. Also working with a budget that will be several hundred per person. Check with Troop 97 they went out west last year. Would be able to give you some good advise on trip planning. If you're going to limit yourself to four days I'd suggest something closer to home. Trips where you're always in a rush don't make for much fun. Say hel
  6. I like the idea of having a set date for camporees. Ours have ranged from September until early December for fall camp and from March to May for spring. Often dates are not known when we have the yearly program preview conference . We've often had to shuffle our schedule around to accomodate the event. We have 16 troops in the district that covers two counties. Sadly 3 - 4 troops never attend camporees or other events. Location has varied from cow pastures, fairgrounds, airports, local and state parks, any of the several council camps, private land beside the river (not cow pasture)
  7. In all the districts that I'm aware of units take turns hosting and running the camporees. It could be an individual unit or a combination of troop/pack/post who runs the show. The host selects the date, location, as well as the events and theme for the camporee. They are also responsible for submitting the patch design. The camporee chairman and the DE get together on the costs and budget, but things stay pretty informal. Lately a camporee costs about $7 per person to attend. Events are run by members of the host unit and Scouters from other units that have been asked to help out or have vo
  8. Since the BOR is complete the Scout is First Class. Do like the others have said and have him go ahead and complete the requirement.
  9. John: My apoligies. My senses excaped me, it is sr540beaver who is a diabetic.
  10. John: My reply to that would be no. I have already stated my intention for this post. My battles in the district and the council are in the past. There are many in the district who have been in Scouting a far shorter time than myself that think they can do the better job. I let them. I limit my place to within my troop by choice. Once upon a time I was everywhere - Wood Badge staff, JLT staff, SLD staff, train the trainer, OA, helping other units, you name it. Then something happened - I got sick, very sick and almost lost my life. That was 10 years ago. I haven't been on a traini
  11. Yes the district chairman "messed up." The date should not have been scheduled for the camporee but it was, back in June. Why wait two months and then decide there's an issue? It appears that neither event will change dates, but the district may force one of them to cancel. An extremely successful camporee in the district is one that has 100 Scouts attending, Cubs not counting. Sorry I don't keep up with the Cubs. There are 16 Scout troops in the district, half with less than 10 members. We are the smallest district in the council. A troop, troop/pack, troop/crew has always h
  12. John: This is simply my view as an outsider. Neither myself nor my troop has any part in this except as a potential attendee at the camporee. We have hosted camporees in the past (1994 and 2004) and I know what was involved in setting up and the running of those camporees as well as others where I assisted.) For the most part my active role in either the district or council has been over for quite a few years. I played my full part on both fronts for several years. The point of my post wasn't to find a solution to this mess but only to express my displeasure over the pettiness and se
  13. Perhaps a little clarification is needed. There is no set weekend for camporees in our district. The host selects the date and it's either approved or not. Other units have virtually no say in the process. Many (like mine) adjust their schedule around the camporee. Other than the 13 affected no other conflict has been memtioned by any other unit in the district. The fall camporee usually is geared much more towards troops rather than packs. There is no such thing as program or administration support in our district. If help is needed it's pretty much asked for on an individua
  14. In June the troop volunteering to host the fall camporee had the date they selected approved by the district chairman. At that time there were no known conflicts in either the district or council schedules. As I have heard via the grapevine, this date was the only one that fit in with the members of that troops schedule. Now it seems that a council training course is also slated to be held the same weekend and an estimated 13 members of the district from several units will be involved in the training course. The issue of the conflict was brought before the district committee. The troop hosting
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