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  1. I have two different versions of the work book, both versions purchased within the last couple years, they seem identical except for the award costing $8.00 in one version and $9.00 in the other (of note in the $9 version it is crossed out in every single copy and $7.50 written in) I am wondering if there is a newer version as comparing the directions to the map seem wonky round about page 18 when you leave redoubt 3 and start along Mount Joy Ridge. I called the Park but no one was familiar enough with the route the book puts you on well enough to speak to it. They could only say that a n
  2. ~~ I have a few issues with this whole thing Changing the Tiger Image ************************ Awesome, it is about time that this program gets updated, The Den & Pack Meeting resource guide tacitly acknowledged that most Packs run it like a regular Den and do not typically have each Tiger/AP couple host a meeting. But if you say your going to change the image, then publish images of the proposed handbook covers with the natural looking Wolf and Bear and the plush-toy cuddly Tiger have you really updated the "image"? Moving to Adventures ******************** The pres
  3. I don't see why you would be surprised. I'm not Christian, but have a least half a dozen bibles at home, maybe a whole dozen. "Concerned" family members send them as gifts, people trying to convert me send them as gifts, and its just plain easier to politely accept them from the Giddeons (sp?) on the corner at their twice yearly hand out than to have to stop and engage in a theological discussion, especially when neither of us are going to change our positions. Need to be able to "like" the comments, Cause NeverAnEagle's popcorn comment is spot on!
  4. It is the second stage because in June BSA national introduced an increase to the annual insurance rate per member and in September they introduced a second increase related to administrative costs.
  5. I did read the entire "Knot Ninja program" and it is an interesting concept, but as someone mentioned in this thread. It is the youth leadership of your Troops job to impart these skills on the boy. You have indicated that your unit *IS* boy led, and that you in fact are a youth member. Maybe you need to review how your Troops teaching skills as opposed to adding things to the uniform just to reinforce a single, basic skill... Does your troop not go camping enough for these boys to apply these knots on a regular basis?
  6. First you do realize that B-P explicitly stated several times scouting is not the Military, right? Second, all for seeing someone develop a new award. But if your going to call out an organizations uniform standard as not high enough and then intend to implement "shoulder cords" in contradiction to those very standards I think your a hypocrite. I also need to observe that this program is about Knot tying, a skill so basic to scouting that not being able to tie them means one does not advance in rank and you think people should be given uniform decorations for that? Third, If you like
  7. Paracordman1220 said "Not to mention there is little to no enforcement of the uniform standards (To be honest there isn't much to enforce )." I would agree there is poor enforcement, blame the Scoutmasters/Cubmasters. But there certainly IS quite a bit to enforce. Scoutnut mentioned it but did not link it. http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/Media/InsigniaGuide.aspx Then Paracordman1220 said "I see scouts with long feathery hair down to their shoulder and wearing rainbow epaulets." The hair if well groomed is acceptable, we are making confident and capable young men, not clones. I thin
  8. Someone suggested making their own slides and that is always great, bending the tabs works on the BSA neckerchiefs, but for the non-BSA slides try using grip tape (the textured tape on top of a skateboard) it gives the slide a bit more friction while making the opening a little narrow, works like a charm!
  9. I have the same desire as several others, I want to see all the active threads in the last 24 hours or since my last visit not each individual post... This was how it worked on the "old" site.
  10. As mentioned wear the square knot with the appropriate devices for regular wear. Up to 5 medals can be worn at one time for formal moments. I should point out those knot devices are not real fun if your going to wear a pack of any kind, and they have the added benefit of being easy to forget at laundry time. http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33066_Section3.pdf
  11. I am sorry I don't remember which thread or who posted it. But I do remember seeing it here in the last few months. Someone had driectly asked National Venturing Staff about this situation and the gist of it was, that even if one was youth and the other adult, BSA placed married people sleeping in a tent together over generic YPT rules.
  12. Does GSUSA have a rule or is it decided by their councils? I have heard of several male Troop leaders, but I also personally know someone who was denied being a leader for his daughters troop specificaly because he is a man.
  13. Brewmeister, I don't think I stated, or even implied, that openly gay people could not be pedophiles. The point I was making was that it could be anyone.
  14. Brewmeister, if they truly counted Hispanic population as white in that study, then your view makes sense to me. As someone else stated the point I was trying to reinforce is, it is whom you least expect. As to whether the molesters are heterosexual or not, we only know what they identify as when they sign an application. It is not a matter of semantics when you consider that statistics have to be built on what they claim before they commit the crime so you can have an index of suspicion. But as you said; whatever they say they are, they are most certainly evil.
  15. Brewmeister said "Adam opines: >>...you do know that white, hetero sexual males are the most likely to molest children, right? Wow, nice racist toss-in there...it just so happens that pedophilia rates pretty much match the population demographics...making most races equally "likely" to have these criminals among them. I also must've missed the part in this whole discussion where males were having heterosexual intercourse with boys..." First, I thought it would be an obvious inference, but the point I was making was that the exclusion of homosexuals as leaders because of a
  16. Eagle732, a brother firefighter, now I know why I like you Nice job through hiking the AT
  17. "Bluntly put, I would say that permitting certain adults to volunteer in a nonprofit organization (for youth) that does not need, nor require, nor solicit for their help has nothing to do with scouts or scouting." I find it funny that you point out that the organization you, an adult volunteer for is for youth as it is some kind of issue for homosexual adults. Maybe you are insinuating they are pedophiles, you do know that white, hetero sexual males are the most likely to molest children, right? As to not needing their help, I am in a Council woefully underserved in the Commissioner
  18. Not one person has said anything about the boys being excluded. All this discussion is about what BP said 100 years ago with his words as dogma, but not his sentiment. Scouting is a movement, it changes over time. BP changed over time, from a decorated war veteran to someone who advocated for peace after the horrors of a World War. If he were alive today, would he rather boys who could benefit from the program be excluded or would he want them as scouts? What someone else believes or does not believe, should not scare you. What matters is that they are a good person, and I have met a
  19. As a retired Paramedic I see the benefit of both languages on one form. The care giver and the person filling out the form may not share a language, but this lets them convey vital information. As a Scouter in New Jersey, I see the benefit of making Scouting accessible to everyone. As a grumpy old man, well, I will get over it
  20. Regarding your question "I *think* at a show and sell, that I wouldn't want to have a $1 option as people who might have spent $10 for a tin of popcorn will opt for the $1 instead and you need to sell to 10 people to get $10 rather than one person to get $10. Any thoughts on this?" Someone already mentioned the possible health dept. concerns, but it is my understanding that BSA expressely forbids this, although it may simply be my Council. I tend to believe National because they came out with a $10.00 8-pack option, which I am guessing in reply to the exact frustration you were voicing!
  21. Not getting into the whole "should they be allowed" debate, just making an observation... Only 4%... What was the percentage of the African-American population in the 1960's... It is not about percentages, it is about PEOPLE! As to women in the OA, my understanding is males involved in venturing may continue OA participation (just like they may continue Boy Scout Advancement) in the Crew, but they may not be voted into the OA. It is a Boy Scout program, NOT a Venturing program. If I was looking for parity in anything, it would be Eagle Scout, not OA membership. Now that I have o
  22. Does anyone use the kits from this website? http://www.switchempatches.com/rank.html They look interesting... Thanks, Adam
  23. Adam S

    NYLT Patch

    I staffed the NYLT course back in 1987 and 1988, and took Woodbadge in the last few years. The course content was shockingly familiar to me, and almost identical for the 4 younger Scouters who participated in the current vintage of NYLT. I personally know someone who has received their fourth bead for being CD of NYLT, I am not sure how I feel about this. With the course being so similar I suppose it makes sense. Include the fact that we run NYLT far more often then we run Woodbadge. (Our council runs four Troops of NYLT per year and "half" a Troop of Woodbadge as we split the course wit
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