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  1. It always sounds funny to me when the BSA mentions to stray away from a military image. After all, that is where their origins begin. Maybe if we'd go back to the tradition, things would might better organized.
  2. I can see that. However, that's a bit of a stretch for carrying an unapproved knife in an outdoor environment. LE would probably chuckle at that one
  3. You really hit the nail on the head. But most of these leaders you'll see running around out there will look at it an say "you can't have those, they're illegal." Just like the ignorance you'll see involving gun control and banning different aspects of them regardless of what they do. Hopefully this removal of a statement in the Guide to Safe Scouting will make more camps follow suit like the one you speak of. It makes me happy to see people gaining some common sense regarding knife safety and "safe blade." I don't think the camps can really enforce those rules though. They may be
  4. I like how this was meant to be a coming of age thing. It brings more traditional approach, and maybe give them a more sentimental/spiritual bond with their equipment. Might help them take better care of their gear. However, I was just using an example of the fixed blade movement in scouting, I didn't mean to get caught up in the details. I believe any piece of steel that has no moving parts are safer, and just overall easier to care for.
  5. Well by my experience, somewhere down the line a stigma was created and everyone soon had then same outlook on it. Sheath knives are bad, they aren't safe and aren't allowed to be carried, etc. While it really doesn't do anything, it seems to be starting the move forward involving camps. This is 100000000% true! We'll just pass them the ideas and they can help us through this process Well it is the symbol of scouting for both boys and girls of Finland, but when looking at something holistically you must consider what the 'coming of age' process consists of. I
  6. There have been changes made to the 'Guide to Safe Scouting,' and the part discouraging "sheath knives" has been removed. Now ScoutStuff (dot) org is selling Helle knives similar to the Scandinavian Puukko designs. Is anyone else excited to see this as a step forward? Being an avid BushCrafter/Survival Enthusiast, and what could be considered a connoisseur of blades, I'm excited to see the scouts carrying better styles of knives. These are better incorporated in the wilderness environment, rather than the folding ones which are more suited to the urban environment. Plus their cheap BSA ch
  7. I really don't like the "Official" scout pants. They don't look sharp, and I don't really think that they're that functional. That's just my 2 cents I like the Vertex Tactical pants, or "Tacti-cool" pants. They're about the same price as Official pants, but they are WAAAAY more functional. The green matches pretty well too
  8. There has never been a male scout uniform shirt that is not supposed to be tucked. That just goes to show how great those designers are at making our uniforms.. Good Job National . NOT
  9. They are made in China, probably made by little Chinese kids in sweat-shops all over their country, just like everything else that has BSA written on it:)
  10. Uniform shirts should always be tucked in no matter what is going on. If you are not doing drill or PT and you are still wearing your uniform shirt, it should still be tucked in. The only time it should not be tucked in is when you are not wearing it
  11. I didn't say anything about "following" the "National standards" did I? I just wanted to see if any troops have set their own.
  12. First you do realize that B-P explicitly stated several times scouting is not the Military, right? Second, all for seeing someone develop a new award. But if your going to call out an organizations uniform standard as not high enough and then intend to implement "shoulder cords" in contradiction to those very standards I think your a hypocrite. I also need to observe that this program is about Knot tying, a skill so basic to scouting that not being able to tie them means one does not advance in rank and you think people should be given uniform decorations for that? Third, If you like
  13. Good for you... but you have practiced those skills A LOT, right? It is hard to practice all of these skills with only one, 2 hour meeting a week and a camp out about every 5-9 weeks, but we do our best. I guess since I am in the new age of scouting, they don't have skill awards anymore (unless I know them by a different name). Can you please explain to me what a skill award is and how it is earned?
  14. Your Troop seems to be lax on teaching the Scout Oath and Law also. Perhaps you should have them implement a new award where they stop you once a month, and have you prove you know what they are, what they mean, and that you actually do try to live by them. Unfortunately, from your comments here, you seem to be sorely lacking in the Courteous part, along with a few others. Young man, being on an internet board, and feeling that you are "immune" to consequences, does NOT excuse the above behavior. Especially on a Scout forum, from someone claiming to be an under 18, Boy Scout, and a
  15. What do you mean you bailed, Base? Anyway, thank you for posting a relevant comment MattR, i appreciate it more than you know.
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