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  1. I understand that this is to be worn on your sash. If you have earned the 76th Bicentenial Award too (which can be worn also) how would one wear both? Where would each be placed? Thank you. WWW, Ron
  2. "for brief time, I think 79 or there abouts to 85? Explorers wore teh tan shirt with green loops. By demand it was brought back." When was this "brought back"? Are you refering to the current Centeninal Uniform?, or are you talking about something else?
  3. This came from a thread where it was discussed the real requirements to be a Den Chief and how that should be communicated. In one of the posts it was mentioned that a Den Leader used their Son as their Den Chief because it was easier for everyone involved. Because it states that the SPL and the SM approve this POR for the Scout, if approval is not given, the DL just "does it", does this count as credit for the POR? Can the SM deny it? Would this be a reason for appeal? It seems there is often a huge learning curve between Cubs and Boy Scouts. Mom and Dad should u
  4. All I was looking for was for Terry himself, or someone else in authority over this web site to confirm that: 1. He was aware of this issue. 2. Either he was addressing the problem or that there was no problem at all, or there is an problem, but here is what to do to avoid this problem. Everyone can voice their opinion as to how good the software is or is not. But the fact of the mater is that no one so far from the web site has stood up and addressed this issue. So, Terry are you out there?
  5. Is there a way that Terry himself can address the list on this subject? While those who have answered the concern mean well, none as far I know, have first hand knowledge of this site or what may or may not be wrong. Just voicing their opinions. So, Terry, What is the deal here? Can you do something that will belay the fears of the folks at Norton and a number of list members please? At the very least address the problem at hand.
  6. So tell the guy to pony up $4,000 and then both of th "Co-SMs" can get a James E West knot.
  7. Well you could take this further. Why have different sashes? Are we not all equal? Some see no difference in "different colored Borders" on a patch/flap and the 3 different sashes. Try talking about doing away with the flaps and using a generic sash or even bolder, just use the standard pocket dangle! The collectors as well as the "Money Changers" at Council (and National) will scream!! Now about the Youth vs. Adult question. Where the reason for the Adult selection is to further support the order. All too often it is a carrot or reward. Some are valid selections, some are nothi
  8. Just got a look (and feel) of the new Venturing Uniform. It reminds me of a fishing shirt. This is more of a action / activity shirt. The "Venturing BSA" is a sewn on patch and the Flag is a real embroidered patch, not the crap on the Centennial Uniform. That is the only positive thing I have to say about it. Who designed it? Nobody I have heard of gave input, was asked for input, or knows of any asked for. As far as can be known, nothing was advertised asking for help. Typical of National. They probably used a focus group of people who know nothing about Venturing or Scouting. Just
  9. I almost forgot this topic/post and now it is active again. Well, I guess I should close the loop on this thread with a report on how things went. My Son talked with his Chapter and Lodge Officers and Advisors and the Bylaws were checked. I also explained that some would not wear something from an event they did not attend. He is fine with that too. Wearing the NOAC Flap is not a problem. He wears it with pride. He receintly sealed his membership by reciving his Brotherhood honor and is active in his Chapter. Thank you all for your advice and opinions. Yours in Br
  10. Well NOLESRULE, your DE is in error. I talked to National this afternoon and basically got the same answer as given on the FB page. They are just "delayed a bit", until when, take your pick: by end of the month or early March. The actual MBs are due into the Scout Shops the first week of March. They are not going away. This program, while a very good idea, should have been rolled out at the end of 2009. There is no excuse for this SNAFU. I just hope there is some leeway for those who are almost finished in December, but need a month more. FYI, there is also talk that both these
  11. While it is a beautiful work of art, I think that it is basically a huge fund raiser. And as for increasing membership in scouting, well remember where this is located, Utah. Not exactly a place that has major problems with membership. With the LDS Church a primary CO there, Wingnut's point does not hold water. Additionally this should have been done by a larger group like the VFW, American Legion , etc. and located in the State Capitol or the National Capitol next to the 50th Anniversary Monument on the Capitol Mall. Where it truly could help/promote scouting. BTW, now that his pro
  12. Just a sidebar about this topic. I recently noticed that some enterprising individual is selling these "Ring patches" on Ebay. The sad part is that the starting price/bid is $3.95 plus postage. I noticed that the first time I saw this, there were a few bids on each of them shooting the price above $6 & $7. I guess there is a sucker born every minute. Too bad these people didn't know about their local scout shop or scout stuff.
  13. Sounds like a Soap Opera in the making. Looks like you need to find yourself a new unit. Good Luck!
  14. The old Campaign hat is a classic! One of the traditions that the UK and other like countries had was adult leaders wearing a hat plume or "brush". The color would stand for what position you held. All Green for SM, All Red for ASM, etc. From what I was told BP himself had his own custom hat plume of three colors. Too bad those have faded away. They looked great on the old "Lemon Squeezer". ;o) Eamonn, do you have any info on that? Did you ever have a plume/brush to wear? Most of the Scouting world had these at one time EXCEPT BSA. BSA never went with them for some reason
  15. With all this great "factual information" going around I thought I should warn everyone to "blouse their boots" because it's getting deep in here! On second thought, just raise your left hand as high as you can, to save your wrist watch! ;o) When someone provides facts, not rumor or opinion, or here say, I will listen. Until then, it's all an urban myth. You all have fun playing "what if".... Did you hear that Marion Barry is the next Distinguished Eagle Scout!!! I heard it from a friend of a friend whose cousin shared a cell with him! It must be true!!! LOL!!!
  16. It amazes me to see how many times people who are so focused on being right that they either ignore what was said before, or totally misstate it. Female membership in the OA is not allowed until 21 years of age (becoming an adult in the OA's eyes)regardless of what Leadership position held, ASM or otherwise. So until the OA changes this policy, IT IS A MOOT POINT. As for the idea of a 18 year old female being an ASM. First of all, we have to get off what is good for "her" and focus on what is best for the boys. Being a Leader in the BSA is a privilege, not a right. She may be qua
  17. So, back to the original thread. Lacking any hard evidence other than the old "my friend heard this from someone who heard...." this whole subject is nothing but a urban ledgend. A tired one at that. Who ever is behind this should have waited a bit longer, say about March 31? It would have gone over easier then! The only thing that was proven here is that a lot of people will "jump" at the littlest thing! BTW, Mr. Bob, did you meet Elvis at NOAC too? I was "told" that he was part of a Dance team with Bruce Lee and DB Cooper.;o)
  18. Did you notice what these Yahoos are wearing? It's too bad that National is not as zealous in protecting the use of our uniforms as they are in "protecting copyrights" , and shutting down small companies. National should file a motion forbidding them to wear BSA uniforms. Maybe try dusting off the regulations that state that National owns the rank and insignia and throw that in for good measure. The worst that could happen is that these Yahoos get some free publicity.
  19. The person in question probably also thinks that scoring in competitions & grades in schools should be eliminated too. Can't have any hurt feelings now. Ask this person if we should eliminate MB and ranks from Scouting too because Johnny would get razzed because he doesn't have as many MBs as Mike or because Johnny is just a First Class while Steve is Star. You should tell the person in question to get a life. Hopefully they get a clue before this affects the unit.
  20. There is always eBay. I have seen numerious WB items at all times there. As always on eBay the price varies with the person, description, and time of auction..... Good luck!
  21. Does anyone know the details about this patch? I wonder if this is one of those items that the local Council will control/issue.... Are there requirements for this patch? Youth only? How long can it be worn? etc. Looks like those with more than a few knots will be a bit "tight" for space on their uniform. Looking for actual information, please provide sources. Thanks.
  22. So, what is the history of "Camp Bonner"? Who was "Bonner"?
  23. I am looking for references to where it states what pocket flap an OA member in good standing may wear. My youngest Son just went through his ordeal last weekend and has shown a lot of excitement in being a member of the OA. He has said he wants a "cool looking" pocket flap to wear, but that the current flap leaves a lot to be desired. He showed me a photo of a flap that caught his eye. Its a "trader flap" issued for NOAC back in 2003. Not that valuable/collectible, and not hard to obtain. I am planning to get it for him and have it sewn on his uniform just prior to the next COR whe
  24. What you are suggesting is similar to the "PAST Council President" patches and other national office patches of the same type. I don't know if those are even made anymore (they even had collar devices/pins for the old dress uniforms). Can someone tell me if there is actually a registered position of "Past Council President"? It would seem to me as relevant as a "Scoutmaster Emeritus" patch. Just my 2 cents.
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