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  1. To all those Scouters who responded to my initial request for assistance, I want to thank each and every one of you for making the time to provide feedback which will no doubt help our Scouting organization. Rather than respond to each message, I only want to say that all of your comments have been forwarded to our Scout Leaders for review. Our Scout leaders were most impressed with the idea of top-down uniforming standards. Starting with the Scoutmasters, Assistant's, then Senior Scouts and so forth. Although they have a set of policies posted including one for Uniforming, no one tho
  2. I am a Scout parent whose son has worn the proper Scout uniform for over five years. Over the past several months, most of the other 25 Scouts have chosen to wear whatever they want at Troop meetings and now Court of Honors. At our recent Court of Honor, over half had their shirts unbuttoned and out. If you or I had been in charge, we may have sent the boys home. I even suggested having the non-uniform Scouts sit with their parents on the other side of the room, and allow uniformed Scouts to sit together on the opposite side of the room. Their Scout pants have now become anything up to an
  3. I'm not following your question. The individual we plan to give this new title to became an Eagle Scout in 1977, then from 1978 until 2006 became an adult leader holding positions including Committee member, Committee Chair, ASM, and finally Scoutmaster the past eight years. His business has interfered with his time requirements as Scoutmaster and has stepped aside. We identified a new Scoutmaster who can commit the time required for a Scoutmaster. The Scoutmaster will use these Emeriti as an Advisor only as he can only commit a few hours a month if that. We did not want to demotivate him
  4. We want to recognize and honor certain "retired" Scoutmasters who still want to contribute to the Troop when they can. This role would be an advisor to the Scoutmaster based on their long experience as a Scoutmaster. They would retain honorary privileges for outings, meetings, etc., but without direct responsibilities. The patch design we are looking for is similar to the current 3 inch Scoutmaster patch, but would have the word "EMERITUS" stitched in green thread at the bottom of the patch. The size and color would also match the current SCOUTMASTER patch lettering. Does any Troop ha
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