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  1. Ships Stores from what I understand has permission to make the items they make but i could be wrong. Maybe its such a small market BSA does not care?
  2. Oh I have paid my $35 to the alumni site. I just hate to say it but my current council is not the best. Maybe in a few more years after the settle legal issues and get more out of debt. National needs to work on its web sites....why cant I have one log in (MyScouting.org) and be able to access things like the alumni site and my other tools like speakers bank and unit commissioner stuff? Just saying....
  3. I know one guy who has earned it and its not in my council. A year ago I personally asked my Scout Ex if we had a committee. He said no. I said ok, let me start one for you. Never heard back from him. I am military and fairly new to the council but I couldnt beleave that a SE would turn down help on something national has put time and effort into. I never earned all 120 something merit badges but I would ahve gladly work on the alunmi committiee just becasue I want to do something different. Oh well. I go abck to FT Bragg NC soo where SEs dont turn down help!
  4. I would love to be close enough to a ship but The councils I have been in really dont have sips in my local town. When I went to seabdage we drove from FT Bragg to Northern FL. and were the only ventures in the class.
  5. way to go. I would love to be a commissioner (my primary job) for a SS ship. I hope to go to seabadge underway when i redeploy.
  6. As a venturer/ dirt scout I am most proud of my sea badge and OGD badge. I dont think BSA (the paid guys) will ever care about such a small group of sea scouts and there badge.
  7. No, I am deployed to Afghanistan right now. I hope to move back to Bragg and be able to go next year.
  8. Youth are inducted in OGD for comepleting the first rank of seascouting, adults simply have to be involved with the youth in some way. When I got mine is 2009 adults simply had to have a pulse. They may have tighten up the adult requirements. if you can ever get to Porthsmouth VA (USCG base) for the training weekend its pretty cool. You get to sleep in the gym, eat in the chow hall and partispiate with your youth in the training. I took my venturing crew 2 years in a row (the only crew to ever go) and my youth loved it. I cant say enough about it. Sea Socuting gets even less love from BSA then
  9. I really dont understand why BSA has to chencge awards they way the do. Some I kind of get like streamlining the cub scouter training awards. Otheres like making the venturing leadership a youth only award I dont get. http://scout-wire.org/2011/10/25/new-youth-only-venturing-leadership-award-qualifications-announced/
  10. Eagle Wow, thats a surprise. Its funny that its not really advertised ie send an email to registered speakers. Then again I am deployed and have not logged into my SB account. They also discontinued the Venturring Leadership award for adults now but again BSA didnt announce anything but only on scoutwire (a professional website) thanks for the info I use to be an Eagle!
  11. where did you see that the speakers knot will be discontinued?
  12. PARSA has a link where you can donate. I assume you can ear mark it for scouting. http://www.afghanistan-parsa.org/healthy-afghan-community/afghan_scouts_program.php I am wokring with "Scouters for Afghan Scouting" to bring scouting to Bagram. At some point we will have fund raiser CSPs if anyone is interested. John
  13. What I dont care for is the lack of notification to the field. I happen to see it on scout wire but no where in the council newsletters I get for 3 councils (my current and 2 others I was in) have I seen anything about the 31 DEC 11 deadline. I dont get why BSA creates all of these square knot awards in the last few years only to take one off the shelf. I was also told about the "Ultimatum". Just bad in my oponion.
  14. qwazse "It's nice to have something that no other adults are getting." Really gwazse you just typed that and think its something scoutlike to say? YOu in it for the bling or for a quality program for the youth? I suspect BSA will not change the knot for a while. If anything a change might incorperate the gray Area award. But the knots are poor in quality. Craig Muray makes better knots http://www.sageventure.com/store/ John
  15. I always looked at the VLA as a venturing specific award not to include other service in scouting but only venturing....Yeah there are other awards out there like a DAM SB etc....but I like the uniqueness of how the award went to both adults and youth. BDPT, Personally I wouldnt use the same nomination for example a DAM and turn around and submit a similar write up for a VLA but thats just me and what the army has taught me when it comes to awards.
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